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May 19, 2014

Whisper app now includes related posts, still keeps your identity anonymous

by John_A

​Whisper, the anonymous secret-sharing app, now delivers a more personalized experience — but don’t worry; your identity will still be hidden. To show you relevant posts without revealing who you are or using your phone’s address book, the Whisper team redesigned the app to show related content after you submit a new secret. In other words, the app isn’t personalized to display confessions from people you know, but instead it delivers content related to your own anonymous secrets. Additionally, the app now sorts Whispers by location, so you’ll be able to zoom into general (not super-specific) areas to see what users are talking about.

This is admittedly a pretty smart solution for personalizing an app that is identity-free by design, and it has the side benefit of encouraging users to share more. According to Whisper CEO Michael Heyward, only 50 percent of users who post secrets will see related content, and lurkers who are only there to browse will never see any. The update is already available at the App Store (see source the link below), and it will arrive on Android in about two weeks.

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Via: Re/code

Source: Whisper (iTunes)

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