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May 8, 2014

New Video for Phonebloks Shows Us Modules Not just for Phones

by John_A


Phonebloks took the community by storm when the concept was displayed in a video that circulated throughout the internet. It is a beautiful concept of not having to upgrade your entire phone, and only just upgrading the parts you need. This is made possible by the modules that act like LEGO pieces, so if your WiFi antenna breaks, you can just detach it and attach a brand-new one. Project Ara is Google’s take on the concept, and hopefully we will see something innovative come out from them, but in the meantime, let’s dream about the Phonebloks concept not only existing in the phone world.

The video below shows us the Phoneblocks concept being used with common household appliances. Say you need some added storage for your smart appliances, you can easily accomplish this by attaching a new module to one of those appliances. This is where the people behind Phonebloks want to take the technology, and I fully agree with it. To expand the concept to multiple pieces of technology can only be beneficial to us tech enthusiasts. So check out the video below and let us know your thoughts about it.

Source: Android Police

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