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May 8, 2014

Here’s how to to get that Harman Kardon sound on your new HTC One

by John_A

The recent introduction of a special edition One M8 by Sprint, which features some sound-enhancing software from Harman Kardon, had a few owners of HTC’s flagship feeling slightly neglected. Thankfully, nursed by the beauty of Android’s open ecosystem, the great minds over at XDA Developers have figured out a way to get the Clari-fi sound feature up and running in just about any US model of the new HTC One. Not surprisingly, you’ll need to root your M8 in order to make this happen — as always, do this only if you feel comfortable with a bit of unsupported tinkering.

After gaining deep access, some files will need to be downloaded to and installed on your device as part of the process. And to assist with that, our friends from The Unlockr have written a detailed tutorial to help install Harman Kardon’s audio goods on your very own HTC One. If everything goes according to plan, you should be able to hear what all the fuss is about the next time you boot up and play some tunes. Because sound does matter.

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Source: The Unlockr, XDA Developers

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