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April 4, 2014

Meet AutoCast, the all-in-one Chromecast app you’ve been begging for

by John_A

AutoCast   YouTube

You know those conceptual dashboard apps we’ve covered here? The stuff that would make our mornings and work environments so much more awesome? Well, we’ve just discovered a new Android app that handles all sorts of amazing tasks and tools.

Created as a Tasker plug-in, AutoCast gives users casting control over audio, video, images, playlists, web pages, and even notifications. Indeed, you can set this up to work as an all-in-one resource and dashboard for tons of needs.

Want to play YouTube videos? Fine. Want to search by voice and tell the player to skip ahead 70 seconds? So be it. Want to watch a movie and receive all of your Android notifications in the bottom right? PRESTO!  This app is all about customizing to your liking.

Features and concepts shown in the video:

  • Slideshows and videos playing back to back
  • Watching a video while listening to music in Google Play Music
  • Watch Flickr slideshow
  • Cast any web page you like (provided the site allows it)
  • Alternate home screen that shows your own photo and info
  • Search YouTube from the home screen via voice
  • Casting from Dropbox, VIMEO, and other sources
  • Multiple users editing a single image
  • Create a remote control screen on your Pebble whenever a YouTube video is being cast
  • Set up a home surveillance system
  • Automatically play cartoons in the morning

The developer hopes to see mass adoption and development from others, something we don’t think will be a problem. Personally, I would love to see a website or community dedicated to creating and sharing recipes in a manner not unlike

Apps shown in the video

How will you use AutoCast to enhance your Chromecast experience? If you’ll excuse me, I have a Jarvis to build.


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