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Rufus Cuff wants to dominate the wearable market and your forearm

We told you to put on your disappointment pants for the Galaxy Gear 2, but for the Rufus Cuff we suggest rolling up your absurdity sleeves. Seriously, given its three-inch screen you might just have to. This wearable boasts a built-in mic, a camera, a speaker, web browser, voice control, GPS and full access to the Google Play store — if the Cuff sounds like a smartphone that straps to your wrist, well, that’s basically what it is. It connects to your Android or iPhone via Bluetooth for mobile data, making calls and sending texts, but it’s running a full version of Google’s mobile OS and can hook on to WiFi if you’re in a cellular dead-zone or if your phone’s battery runs out.

While the gizmo doesn’t exactly look practical (we’re pretty sure that it won’t play nice with the cuffs of a slim-cut oxford), as of this writing it’s has raised over $150,000 of its $200,000 IndieGoGo goal, with a handful of days to go. If you dig the idea of strapping one of these monstrosities on your wrist, all it takes is a $249 pledge.

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Source: IndieGoGo


OnePlus One phone and its swappable covers leak out in new pictures

Former Oppo exec Pete Lau announced his plans to make “the perfect smartphone” a few months ago, and now the OnePlus One is almost here. Its launch is scheduled for April 23rd, but Android Authority points out these pictures posted on a forum that claim to show press renders of the device itself and “StyleSwap” covers that will let owners customize its looks. Not-so-shockingly, what we’re seeing looks a lot like the Oppo Find 5, although the only question left is whether they’re authentic or just a fan’s creation. We’ve already gotten a sneak peek at the CyanogenMod software it will run, and we know how much it costs, but official word on everything else will have to wait until Wednesday.

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Source: Android Authority, OnePlus BBS


Play: The frantic, fun and infuriating Trials Fusion

Some games are so challenging, frustrating and physically draining that your controller could easily explode against the nearest wall at any second. Trials Fusion is one of those games: A repetitive, soul-destroying platformer that’ll have you playing the same level for hours on end, all in the hope you’ll shave mere milliseconds from your previous best. However, it’s only from the epicentre of this nightmare, through the tired workings of your callused, nail-bitten hands, that one experiences true gaming gratification. As with other games of this genre like Super Meat Boy or the Super Monkey Ball series, to name a few, the premise is devilishly simple. You must successfully navigate an obstacle course in the least possible time, mistakes not recommended. As its name suggests, Trials Fusion is based on the sport of motorcycle trials, with some motocross mixed in. Just it’s more arcadey, and probably harder.

Stop, go. Lean forward, lean back. These are the tools you have at your disposal, and combined with the game’s realistic (or should we say predictable?) physics engine, all you’ll need. The baby of a long line of trials-based titles, Fusion introduces a basic trick system for use on special, stunt-orientated levels that add a little variety to the classic game mode. Track challenges, too, give you other objectives to focus on when racing the clock has you burnt out, but don’t take that to mean they’re easy. Variety’s no bad thing, but fundamentally this instalment is the same as every other Trials game before it, which is awesome. New tracks, better graphics: Sold.

Fusion doesn’t tamper with the formula of its ancestors for good reason, but that probably means you’ll either like it, or you won’t. Tracks get much longer, and much harder, pretty quickly, and there’s nothing new in Fusion that’ll prevent a casual gamer from succumbing to the grind. Only the truly committed will be rewarded with the euphoria that is nailing a perfect run and climbing the leaderboards while your friends wallow in anonymity. But, with this comes the promise of fruitless evenings, sleepless nights and premature aging.

As much as we’re suckers for classic Trials gameplay, there are some notable issues with Fusion. The game’s menu screens are a jumbled, awful mess, fand 3D models on the bike selection screen take almost as long to load as levels do (Xbox One digital copy). Then there’s the lack of true online multiplayer. Sure, the leaderboards give you one way to compete against the world, but the side-by-side supercross racing of Trials Evolution is nowhere to be found. A similar and supposedly better “Competition” mode is due to fill that void within the next few months, but that doesn’t excuse its absence at launch. Until that arrives, though, you’ll have to rely on the level creator and community-generated tracks to hold your attention outside of the main game.

Anyway, enough from us. It’s halfway through the bank holiday already, and you won’t make any impact on the leaderboards enjoying the sun with family and friends. Clock’s ticking…

Trials Fusion is out now for PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PCs.

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Google Trends email alerts will guarantee you never miss another cat meme

Google's logo dominates an office

You can always swing by Google Trends if you want to gauge the popularity of a given search, but visiting that website every time can be a hassle. Thankfully, there’s now an easier way: Google has added a subscription option that sends email notifications when there are changes in the interest levels for most searches, including hot searches, specific topics and the top US charts. If you want to see how long an internet meme survives or find out when your favorite team is creating a lot of buzz, you just have to visit Trends’ subscription area to get started.

Google Trends in email

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Source: Inside Search, Google Trends


AllCast’s screen-mirroring magic arrives on Amazon’s Fire TV App Store

Been putting off sideloading AllCast’s SDK to your brand new Amazon Fire TV? Well, friend, your procrastination has paid off. Now, all you have to do to install the casting and screen-mirroring app is download it straight from the Amazon App Store. So long as you also have AllCast installed on an Android device, you can beam photos, videos and music from your phone or tablet to Amazon’s set-top box. Plus, you can use the app to view images and videos saved on Google+ and Dropbox. If you don’t plan to pick up a Fire TV (waiting for the second one, eh?), you can still use AllCast with a number of other devices, including Chromecast, Xbox One, Roku, Apple TV and a smattering of smart TVs.

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Source: Koushik Dutta (Google+), Amazon


EFF and Sunlight Foundation come together to build Contact-Congress

If you’ve never contacted your congress person then you might not realize how difficult our politicians have made it to get a hold of them. There are 535 members of the House and Senate all whom have some arcane contact form on their websites that obscure their direct email address. It’s inconvenient for a single person to write a letter to all their elected representatives. But for organizations looking drive letter writing campaigns it’s a nightmare. Individuals wont want to visit three separate sites as part of a push to pass or block a piece of legislation. And while there are services out there that can automate part of the work by routing messages to the right email addresses, they charge thousands of dollars a year for access to their tools and databases.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and The Sunlight Foundation saw the need for a better solution and asked the open source community for help. After just a couple of days of marathon coding, the advocacy groups had their answer: Contact-Congress. The idea is to allow easy mass messaging of members of congress through a simple form. The core of the system is a database of email addresses and contact forms that have been hacked together from the various sites for elected officials. And that database is open to be used in other ways, beyond simply sending out form letters from an angry electorate.

But, Contact-Congress isn’t really the end game. In fact, it’s not even the final product — it’s merely the open-source backbone of what will eventually be numerous projects. The Sunlight Foundation will be folding parts of this new project into OpenCongress, it’s public website loaded with information about members of the House and Senate. Voters will be able to visit the site, see their congressman’s voting record and from the same page send them an email telling them why they think it was the wrong decision.

The EFF will offer two tools: Action Center, their own messaging service that will be built around its pet projects, and Congress-Forms, a sort of middleman for those that want access to the Contact-Congress database without having to do too much tinkering in the source code. There may even be an API in the near future that developers could easily tap into from their existing apps. Though, if you really do want to poke around at its insides, you can download the open source software from Github right now.

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Source: Motherboard, VentureBeat


Color Cables: Glow in the Dark, Charge & Sync Cables Review


You may have caught our preview post of a great Indiegogo campaign that caught our attention, and the kind guys over at Color Cables sent us a few review units over to check out.


Let me set the scene for you – it’s 11pm, the baby is asleep in the cot and the 10% battery remaining warning has just flashed up on your device. You need your charger but it’s pitch black; can’t turn the light on to find the charger cable for fear of waking the little one it’s taken oh so long to get to sleep. Here’s where Color Cables steps in!

Harnessing the light it has absorbed during the day from sunlight and also artificial light, the Color Cables emit a glow, easily illuminating them in a dark room.


The cables can charge and sync a variety of different devices depending on the connector you purchase. Micro-USB, 30-Pin, and Lightning connectors are all available to cater for the range of latest devices.


The Color Cables are extremely well made and feel very solid, with the connectors slotting easily into the device and fit snug. I’ve used some very bad cables where the connectors hang halfway out of the port and feel very flimsy; the Color Cables do not disappoint in their build quality.


The cables come in a range of different colors and lengths at varying prices, but all offer the charge and sync feature, as well as harnessing light to offer a glow. The Color Cables do not work out of the box, and that’s understandable given they have to harness the available light in order to then emit it when it detects darkness. It took around 48 hours for it to absorb sufficient light to work, but I had to move one of my other chargers since it never glowed presumably because it wasn’t getting the necessary light during the day.

Overall, the cable is a simple but great idea that is executed extremely well and they function exactly as you would expect the Color Cables to, offering accessibility without compromising charge time or functionality.

If you like the look of the Color Cables then be sure to check out their website. Stick around at AndroidGuys as we’ll be giving some of these charging cables away over the next few days.

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Irish school children are building worlds for the Oculus Rift

If games, wildlife documentaries and virtual strolls in the park aren’t enough to validate virtual reality for you, try this one: educational motivation. School children in Ireland have been using a open source version of Second Life to learn coding, 3D modeling and to create virtual spaces of recent field trips. Their most recent project: recreating the monastery of Clonmacnoise and exploring it with an Oculus Rift. Technically the Rift isn’t part of the classroom’s normal operations — the founder of the MissionV virtual reality platform the school is visiting brought it with him on a recent visit — but it did give the students a new perspective on the world they had built. “Whoa,” one student exclaimed, looking at the classroom’s recreation of Clonmacnoise’s McCarthy Tower. “That is humongous.”

“The children spent two weeks building the model and were intimately familiar with the layout of the site and buildings as the appeared on the PC monitor,” MissionV founder and CEO James Corbett explained. “But the full realization of the scale and perspective of what they built only dawned on them when they were immersed in this reality.” Having a virtual presence in the model actually changed how the children learned about it — and the promise of being able to play in the world they built was bound to be a heck of a motivator, too. It’s still too early to say if VR will become a common tool in education, but it’s still a blast to watch these kids romp around in a world of their own making. Check it out in the video below.

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Galaxy Note 4 Gets Talked About! Amazon Phone Actually Looking to be Real! – The ManDroid SHow


It’s Friday…or Saturday! Time to talk about some of that Android stuff we all love to talk about. The Galaxy Note 4 gets mentioned, as well as the Amazon phone that I guess is going to be a thing. If it’s at all like they claim it will be, then maybe it is something to look forward to. Enjoy the show!

News Topics
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 gets talked about
Amazon phone images
Android stock camera app added to the Play Store
Chrome Desktop Remote

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Dell: The Power House Of High Quality Laptops

Technology has always been a boon for mankind. It has kept on developing and has provided myriad useful products to the world till date. It has effectively made things achievable and available for the people which were once thought to be impossible. Furthermore, it has stretched out its roots to both technical and non technical sectors of the society. The current scenario shows that it has become the vital part of the social life and one people are now highly relying on this facet.

Needless to mention, most of the belongings either for residential or commercial are the outputs of technology. Precisely, it has provided ultimate comfort and convenience to the people.  One of the amazing discoveries through technology has been the computers which truly changed the definition and speed of analyzing the factor. No doubt, this discovery turned out highly prolific to the people and has undergone various updates and developments as per the requirement.

The effect of technology has also kept on reflecting during the developing stages of computers. The bulky and huge formats of these machines were soon replaced by compact and comparatively lighter working systems. And then additionally, more “compressed” systems emerged which were more handy and most importantly portable. These have been known as laptops which have gradually replaced the tradition of mainstream computer systems popularly known as “desktops”.

 Nevertheless desktops are still in high use today, but laptops have taken over the trend. They are not only sleek, trendy and stylish, but at the same time, they are highly useful to give a consistent flow to your work whenever and wherever you like. They always provide you the service either you are at halt or on the move. You could always rely on these compact machines when there is something urgent or pending regarding your tasks. For this reason, these machines have been heartily accredited by the people across the globe.

Various brands rolled into the market for providing their computing machines to the people. Many of them have ruled the market worldwide for years due to the excellent configuration and better service of their products. You can just expect for something special and majestic from them every time. One of such brands known for its opulent range of computer systems is Dell. Based in Round Rock, Texas, United States, Dell has ever been providing its flawless services to the world.

This is the world renowned brand known to provide effective computing solutions. The company has well managed to grip the market through its varying range of highly configured laptops. Take a look at some of the spectacular ranges of laptops “powered” by Dell

  • Dell Inspiron- This has been purposely designed for the budget conscious people. But at the same time Dell has not compromised with the features and specifications such as an astounding high RAM, Intel’s latest processer, latest OS along with a touch screen! The system is well organized to handle everyday tasks. This highly featured laptop is available with a screen size up to 15.6 inches.
  • Dell Inspiron R- These ranges of laptops have been specifically designed for multimedia lovers. It can be said as these categories of laptops are an upgraded version of Dell Inspiron with whole lots of advanced features and options. The specifications like Intel’s i5 processer,  Windows 8 OS, touch screen and great HD resolution makes this laptop extremely preferable.
  • Dell Ultrabook- They are specifically designed to be extra thin and very powerful. The response time of these ranges of laptops is within seconds hence it is quick in performance. Additionally, the battery back-up of this version of laptop is surprisingly high from its counter parts.
  • Dell Gaming laptops- Stress out yourself from your work and rejuvenate yourself with exciting and thrilling games on Dell’s Alienware range of laptops. These laptops have been specifically designed to accomplish all your gaming needs as and when you like. You would surely like the interfacing playing on these laptops no matter whether you are a beginner or an expert.

These are some of the best laptop versions manufactured by Dell. However there are more prolific laptops by this brand. One of the best parts about the brand is that you could also avail the very useful Dell laptop discounts and you could get the laptops at discounted rates. Check out the link to get more detailed information for various other laptops of Dell in detail.

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