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Get This Look: Sixth Sense


We’re huge fans of changing the home screen around a bit and creating a new user experience for our Android. So much so that we present our ongoing series of Get This Look posts. In a nutshell we show you a new layout, app, widget, or icon set for your Android handset and tell you which apps you’ll need to mimic the feel.

Some of these are a little easier to create than others and many of them can be tweaked to no end. The following details are but the ingredients to which you can create your own delicious Android dish; your results will vary. Which is awesome! If nothing else, this is a great way to discover new apps, widgets, icons, and more!


Sixth Sense by Greg Mapes

Why we love this look:

Quite simply, it’s because it helps deliver the new clock widget that comes with the HTC One M8. Instead of coughing up a couple hundred dollars for a new device you can install these at no cost at all. Not that we don’t recommend that phone; she’s a beauty with brawn.

You can download three different versions of this widget; black, grey, and white. Note that while this only works with Zooper installed, it does play nice with a number of launchers. Your widget size setting may vary depending on what sort of grid layout you’re using so play around a bit!

What you’ll need:

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Tech21 Impact Shell: HTC One (M8) Review


Today the nice folks at Tech21 have graced us with a their new Impact Shell for the all new HTC One M8.  The case comes in three different colors: black, red, and purple and cost about 35 dollars.  I know what you’re thinking, “35 dollars, that’s alot of money for a case”, however Tech21 has proven time and time again that their products are worth the cost, as seen in the S4 case review. Without further adieu lets break it down:

The Good:

  • Case feels great and looks great without adding bulk
  • All buttons and ports are easily accessible
  • The case is lightly opaque (see through), if you like that kinda thing
  • Offers some grip, so it’s not going to slide around much

The Bad:

  • 35 bucks!


Overall, the case doesn’t attract any pesky dust particles and it slides easily out of my pocket without getting hung up.  The best thing about the Impact Shield is the size of it.  It fits the One like a glove and hardly adds any bulk to the phone.  The Impact Shield is a must have and if you just picked yourself up a new HTC One M8, 35 dollars is a cheap insurance policy to keep your device looking good and protected.

If you’re still debating about getting an HTC One, cruise over and check out our review here.  If you already have your’s check out the gallery below of the Impact Shell.



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Roku 3 update lets you search for movies and more with a smartphone

Roku 3 update lets you search for movies and more with a smartphone

Roku baked its comprehensive search feature into its mobile apps last month, but only folks who used it with the firm’s HDMI Streaming Stick have been able to enjoy life without wielding a remote to hunt and peck for letters. Starting today, however, more of the outfit’s hardware is getting some love: an update is trickling out to Roku 3 devices that’ll enable the search feature with the apps. Since the company expects the software rollout to wrap up by April 22nd, it may be a while before your own box gets updated. Other Roku models are expected to snag the upgrade in the following weeks. Until then, you can use the clicker to hunt for content by actors, directors and show titles. Like an animal.

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HotelTonight app now lets you preview room availability seven days ahead

HotelTonight’s namesake feature is also holding it back: You can only book a room beginning at 9AM on the day of check-in. If you’re planning to arrive during a major event, say, in Los Angeles during E3 or Rio during Carnival, landing without a confirmed room can add to the already stressful travel process. But the folks at HotelTonight have a good idea of whether or not you’ll be able to find a room, and the team’s now ready to share that info with you. Now, when you open up the iOS app, Look Ahead will let you preview room pricing and availability for the next seven days. The app will even give you a heads up if there’s an event in town, so you can be aware of higher than normal rates, or opt to change your plans to avoid the crowds. Look Ahead is available today in Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington, DC. You’ll need to have an iPhone to take advantage, but expect the feature to hit Android soon.

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Google’s Project Ara developer conference is live, watch it here

Google’s modular smartphones have come a long way since that kooky Phonebloks concept video went viral last year, and now the company’s digging deeper than it ever has before at its first Ara Developer Conference. Couldn’t jump on a flight to Mountain View? Never fear — Google is streaming it, and you can watch the whole thing right here. Here’s the rub, though: as the name implies, the event is meant to get would-be module developers familiar with the process of designing and making physical bits that pop into a phone that seems yanked from the pages of a pulp sci-fi novel. That means it’ll be a perhaps a little heavier on the technical detail than one might like, but we’ll be keeping out eyes and ears open for all the spiffy details you should know about.

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Play: Blizzard’s easy going collectible card game, Hearthstone

Blizzard’s best-known for its RTS franchises and insanely popular MMORPG World of Warcraft, not to mention the Diablo series. With fans of the publisher’s prior work kept sated and docile by sequels and expansions, Blizzard’s turned some of its attention to other genres, like the early stage MOBA Heroes of the Storm, and the card-based game we’re talking about here: Hearthstone. Hear the words “card game,” and it’s hard not to think of the deep mechanics of Magic: The Gathering that may appear inhospitable to newcomers, like starting to watch LOST half-way through the third series. One of Hearthstone’s main strengths, however, is accessibility.

Basically, there are two types of cards, representing spells and minions that fight for you. Stronger cards — like bigger, badder minions — cost more resources (called mana) to play than lesser ones, and resources become more plentiful each turn, creating a nice crescendo effect as games naturally progress towards a conclusion. During duels, you also take on the persona of one of several hero characters from the Warcraft universe with a persistent, low-cost ability. Each hero starts with 30 health points, so lose those, and it’s game over. That’s all you really need to know to get going, and matches take roughly 5 to 10 minutes, too, giving it that pick-up-and-play vibe, making it a great time killer and easy to revisit. A single-player campaign is also in the works.

It’s simple to get your head around, and there’s fun to be had right from the get-go, but it doesn’t take long to understand specific strategies and card combinations to make you feel satisfied you’re “getting it.” You can take it as seriously as you want, though, from playing the stock, hero-specific decks against the computer or human opponents, to crafting a custom deck and attempting to climb the ranks. There’s also an entertaining game type called Arena, where you build decks by choosing one card at a time from random sets of three, then battle others who’ve gone through the same process. To play a round of Arena though, which lasts until you lose three times, you need to spend in-game or real money (gasp!).

Yes, Hearthstone uses the dreaded free-to-play model, with extra card packs also costing cash, in-game or otherwise. We’d argue you shouldn’t be put off by this, though. The easily achievable daily challenges keep this editor’s Hearthstone account healthy enough, and you can earn cards for your collection by leveling up heroes and slaying foes in Arena mode. Many have gone out of their way to prove you don’t need to pay to win, either, creating formidable strategic decks using only basic, free cards. The game’s recently exited an extensive open beta period, meaning Blizzard’s happy with the current state of card balance. And, further to the Windows and OS X releases, an iPad client has also started rolling out to select territories ahead of a wider launch, so now is as good a time as any to see if Hearthstone’s your bag. And why not, it’s free?

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MLB 14 The Show: The Joystiq Review

The term “simulation” is appropriate for MLB 14: The Show, but not just because of its beautiful presentation, a defining trait of the series that’s become a benchmark for other sports video games. Rather, MLB 14: The Show earns its simulation stripes by continuing the series’ tradition of challenging players with mechanics and statistics that mirror the real sport. While MLB’s gameplay has changed little this year, no matter what option players select for pitching, fielding and hitting (we’ll get to that later), they will fail or succeed as regularly as athletes do in the big leagues.

Yet much like the faithfully-recreated and wildly differing batting stances of hitters in the game, MLB 14: The Show truly makes its mark in the baseball sim series by being one thing: dynamic.

Click here for more

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The Galaxy S5’s fingerprint reader can be fooled by fake digits

Fake fingerprint used to fool the Galaxy S5

It looks like the iPhone 5s isn’t the only smartphone whose fingerprint reader can be fooled by fake digits. SR Labs has just posted a video (shown below) showing that Samsung’s just-launched Galaxy S5 is susceptible to the same trick: as long as you have a good photo of a latent print (such as one from the touchscreen), you can create a mold that passes for a real finger. The lab also claims that Samsung’s approach may ultimately be less secure than Apple’s, since you’re not forced to enter a passcode under certain conditions (such as a reboot) and can use the fingerprint to make PayPal transactions.

You may not have much reason to panic, though. As with the iPhone, the GS5 vulnerability requires the skill, resources and time to create a fake finger. The odds are low that a street thief will get past your phone’s defenses, or that a talented hacker will get in before you’ve had a chance to remotely wipe your content. PayPal also tells us that it’s easy to block any unwanted payments, since the fingerprint isn’t linked to your account. Even with these caveats in mind, SR Labs’ demonstration remains a friendly reminder that biometric security isn’t foolproof — if intruders are determined to get at your data, there’s a good chance that they will.

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GOLD BOX DEALS: Save up to 65% on Kingston memory cards, USB drives


Need to pick up a new memory card or USB drive? You’ll definitely want to check out Amazon’s Gold Box Deal for today, April 15. The online retailer is offering discounts of up to 65% on Kingston products in that space. We’ve pulled out a few of the deals to highlight what’s available but, rest assured, there are plenty of other promotions. Hurry, these are only offered for one day and expire at 3AM EST/12AM PST.


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Microsoft Launches ‘Office 365 Personal’ Plan for One Mac and One iPad at $69/Year

Microsoft today started selling its Office 365 Personal subscription, a less expensive version of Office 365 that targets individual users. The cloud-based subscription service provides access to online versions of Microsoft’s Office productivity suite, online storage in OneDrive and a block of Skype calling minutes.

The new personal option allows subscribers to connect one PC or Mac desktop computer and one tablet, including the iPad, to the online service. It will cost $69 per year or $6.99 per month. Customers who require more connections can sign up for the Office 365 Home plan, which is geared towards families with support for up to five desktops and five tablets.

The new Office 365 Personal plan is available for purchase at It also is available at Microsoft Stores and through Microsoft’s online and retail partners. Microsoft also offers Office 365 business plans, which are priced by the number of users and are designed for real-time, online collaboration using the Office 365 suite.

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