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March 26, 2014

JLab Audio $5 Grab Bag’s Return! Take a Chance, Get Great Gear

by John_A

JLab Audio Grab Bags $5JLab Audio is a company that has a lot of fun doing what they do. They create great products at prices that you can afford. They offer portable speakers, ear buds, headphones and a few other odds and ends. Regardless of your needs in audio, they probably have something you will love.

JLab is running a fun little grab bag offer on their site that we thought you all might be interested in checking out. For $5 per bag, no more than 3 per-person, you can order a grab bag for your self. The concept is simple, they grab something off their shelf, pack it up and ship it over. You have no idea what might be coming. However, you do know that that value of the item will be more than the $5 price tag. It could be a NEW set of JLab ear buds (retail range 19.95 to $50), The Crasher Bluetooth Speaker (retail $79.99), The Bouncer Bluetooth Speaker (retail $129.95), The Bombora Headphones (retail $69.99) or a number of other items.

Each grab bag purchased will have one item inside and once your order has been placed, you can’t cancel it. Shipping is a flat $2.50 per bag order. So for $7.50, you could come out with some pretty great gear.

Head on over to the order page and take a chance. I might just have to go grab my 3 bag limit and hope for another Bouncer in the mix.




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