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Seiki’s U-Vision HDMI cable arrives today to transform your HD video into 4K


We saw a brief demo of Seiki’s U-Vision HDMI cable back in January at CES, and now the $50 cable is officially on the market. When connected to your fancy 4K TV, the chord promises to up-convert HD content from your cable box or Blu-ray player to Technicolor-certified 4K Ultra HD. It’s also capable of transforming 720p content to 1080p, all while using adaptive sharpening and noise reduction to keep the picture looking its best. The demo we saw at CES was pretty clean, but the reel didn’t give us the opportunity to really put it through the paces — something we’ll definitely be looking to do now that it’s available. If you want to give it a try, you can pick one up today at Amazon, Newegg and Fred Meyers stores.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S5 won’t be considered a medical device in South Korea

Samsung’s shiny new Galaxy S5 packs quite a stats monitoring punch with the help of S Health. While the FDA has approved the software companion for the US, it seems the same label won’t be applied in South Korea. The app does meet the criteria laid out by the regulations, but the governing body cited the confusion that could surface from classifying a consumer device like a smartphone as a medical gadget as the main reason for the denial. In order to clarify the formal requirements, regulators will rework to the law to be more precise in its parameters. S Health was approved as a “cardiology signal transmitter” by the FDA in the States back in January and originally debuted alongside the Galaxy S III in 2012. Back then, it monitored glucose levels, blood pressure and body composition via a Bluetooth-equipped scale. However, those functions weren’t a part of S Health when it finally debuted stateside on the GS4 — despite another lot of health-minded accessories that were available abroad.

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Source: Yonhap News (Korean)


Dyson issues recall after bladeless heater starts a few ‘contained’ fires

As if a legal battle with Samsung wasn’t bad enough, Dyson has to put out a fire within its own walls now. The company’s issued a voluntary recall for the heater versions of its Air Multiplier fans because a few have short-circuited and caught alight, as spotted by Reuters. The entire sales run (around 1,000,000 units, as Dyson tells it) will be recalled after reports that four of them malfunctioned, resulting in “contained burning” inside the machines. For its part, the outfit says that there haven’t been any instances of injury or property damage; it’s simply being proactive to get this straightened out as soon as possible. How soon? Well, Dyson promises more info within 24 hours. We’ll update this post as new details arrive.

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Lepow Moonstone 9000 review

Up for review today we have the Lepow Moonstone 9000, a portable battery backup solution for Android and other smartphones. As the name implies, this guy packs 9000mAh worth of juice in a very cute and convenient form factor.

Measuring nearly 3.5-inches in width and depth, the Moonstone is roughly 1.5-inches in height. It’s small enough to toss into a backpack or purse but with enough juice to get you through a weekend. The model we tested was sapphire blue; it comes with a folding, felt carrying case and flat ribbon micro-USB cable.

Strangely, our review unit came with a handful of other oddball accessories, stickers, and gifts. We’re not sure if this comes with every Moonstone 9000 or if it’s part of our review kit. Nevertheless, none of them were overly useful and the whole lot felt like something you’d get from a claw machine game. If you happen to be so lucky, you can look forward to a rubber cord wrap, plastic headphone wrap, screen cleaning tool, tiny stylus, and other “goodies”.


The Moonstone 9000 offers two USB ports for charging, one being 1.2A and the other a 2.1A. The two ports are marked with lightning bolts with the former having one and the latter having two.

We were able to charge up a Tegra Note 7 from completely dead to roughly 60 percent over two hours. Considering the tablet comes with a 4100mAh battery, this was a little slower than we expected from the 2.1 output. For phones of around 2000mAh-2800mAh, the charging time should be about two hours – give or take.

We like the fact that this portable guy comes with his own carrying pouch and USB cable. While it’s not the fastest of charging cables it’s convenient nonetheless.

The overall feel of the power bank is one of quality if not a little slippery. There’s an indicator button/light to let you know what sort of juice is available. Nothing feels generic or cheaply made here and it’s nice to see how much life is left in the block. The blue is the right shade so as not to feel overly masculine or feminine.

If you’re looking for a convenient, portable power solution, the Lepow Moonstone series is a great place to start. The Moonstone 9000 has a suggested $120 price point – far too high if you ask us. In looking around, we noticed others reporting it for roughly $40, a much more practical price.

We should point out that we’ve run into issues locating the 9000 model online but no problems in getting the 3000 and 6000 lines. With that in mind, we’d have no problems recommending the Moonstone 6000 at $20 or so.

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MyCastScreen Brings Informative Home Screen to Chromecast TV’s

Google’s Chromecast device is a heck of a simple way to bring great content to your TV with very little effort. While it is great to cast Plex, Netflix, Photos and videos off your device and even play a few simple games, there is still a lot more that it is going to be able to do. While many of us love the home screen when nothing is casting, you know, the one with all the photos, there are time we wish that could be changed. Well, there is an app for that now, sort of.

MyCastScreen isn’t so much a replacement home app like you would think on Nova or Apex launcher. It is just another app that casts to your Chromecast, but it gives a bit more information in a pleasant card style look.

MyScreenCast for ChromecastThe app is super simple to set up and use. Once purchased, it does cost $0.99, you will input a few variables to your liking. You set your Weather and Traffic zip codes for the cards you see to the middle left and bottom left. You can then set a custom RSS feed URL for a live streaming feed of news. It is set to Reuters by default.

MyScreenCast App MyScreenCast App 

The app won’t do you a lick of good without a Chromecast of course.

MyCastScreen offers just a little bit of stuff, but clearly needs some more work. For instance, the Clock, Weather, Traffic and News buttons that state “On” can’t be turned off. At least I couldn’t. I also had to clear the app after disconnecting to get the cast button to reappear in the top right corner.

It has potential. If the buttons worked to disable the four items at will and if you could set up more than one feed that would be great. The developer mentions that custom background images, hiding/rearranging sections, image slideshow widget, stock ticker, custom refresh times, extended weather forecasts and more are on the way. I would like to see some AllCast/DayFrame style integration where you can choose the photo sources for a custom photo widget.

For $0.99 it is worth checking out. Especially since it sounds like the dev has some good plans for it moving forward.

Get it on Google Play

Great find Google TV Friends


Rovio’s Angry Birds Epic is a Bird Brained RPG Game [Video]

Angry Birds Epic RPG by RovioTen days ago there was a teaser video released by Rovio that alluded to a Angry Birds Epic. They said it would be the “the most epic soft launch ever” and has since launched in Australia, New Zealand and Canada on iOS devices. The new release takes the Angry Birds to a small island where they will face off against the sinister piggies in a turn-based RPG.

A fantasy piggy island where silly costumes were fashionable, and weapons were—how to put it?—different.

It doesn’t look all that bad really. The trailer of the gameplay doesn;t offer up a heck of a lot in terms of story line or progression. It just shows off some 3 v 3 battles with weird weapons. Take a watch.

No word yet on when Android will put into the mix. We assume their should be a soft launch for in the works as well.

Source: IntoMobile


LINE’s internet calling service goes live on Android, starting at 2 cents per minute

LINE Call's initial launch markets

If you’ve been waiting to give LINE’s Call service a try, now’s your chance — so long as you live in the right country, anyway. Those using LINE’s Android app in Colombia, Japan, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Spain, Thailand and the US can dial most any phone number at rates that might well beat what their carriers would offer. Americans get one of the best deals: their calls start at 2 cents per minute using prepaid credit, and they can pay 70 cents per month for an hour’s worth of talk time. The Chinese will get a similar bargain when Call reaches them in the near future, and LINE-to-LINE conversations are always free. There’s no iOS support yet, but we wouldn’t be shocked if the corresponding app update arrives relatively soon.

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Amazon’s streaming device is reportedly a dongle with gaming support in tow

We’ve been hearing rumblings about Amazon’s set top box plans for quite a while now, and according to the folks over at TechCrunch, that gadget more closely resembles Google’s Chromecast. The possibility of a USB-style product should come as no surprise given the popularity of the aforementioned $35 option and Roku’s recent release. In addition to the dongle form factor, the report also suggests that the device will feature support for streaming PC games in order to compete with the likes of Xbox, PlayStation and Steam for all types of living room content consumption. The gaming aspect is said to closely resemble a service like OnLive, which allows cloud-based streaming. Details are scare in terms of titles, but the library has been tipped to include “top-tier games” beamed from Amazon at 30fps. This reported union of the online retailer’s set top and console plans comes just days after a controller broke from cover and weeks out from a report that gaming plans were alive and well.


Source: TechCrunch


Larger iPhone 6 May Cause Massive Spike in Upgrades, Lure Android Users

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 is widely rumored to include a larger display, which could encourage a significant number of users to upgrade in 2014, according to analyst Brian Marshall of ISI Group, who released a note to investors today.

Echoing past iPhone 6 rumors, Marshall suggests Apple will release two versions of the phone, one with a 4.7-inch screen and one with a 5.5-inch screen. The launch of two phones, both of which offer a total redesign of the existing 4-inch iPhone 5s, could spark a massive upgrade cycle.

Apple’s current installed base is estimated to be at 260 million users, and ISI Group calculates that half of today’s iPhone purchases are made by upgraders, users who are upgrading their iPhones from an existing iPhone to a new version of the product.

ISI indicates that while the upgrade rate (percentage of installed base upgrading devices in a given quarter) was at 10 to 11 percent in 2011–2012, it has now dropped to approximately 9 percent because users have fewer reasons to upgrade with the iPhone 5c and 5s not introducing any significant design changes.

Peak quarters have seen upgrade rates of 12 to 14 percent, and ISI expects a similar upgrade rate during the second half of 2014 when the iPhone 6 is launched, resulting in a higher number of sales. An iPhone 6 with an increased screen size may also lure customers who have switched to Android from the iPhone because of the latter’s lack of a large display.

“Large-screen envy” is prevalent among the iPhone installed base and we believe a ~5” form-factor iPhone would spark a massive upgrade cycle as well as many “Android switchers” returning back to the iPhone (we refer to this as the “mother lode” of all Apple upgrade cycles).

Citing both “large-screen envy” and “pent-up demand” ISI Group suggests the new iPhone 6 models could result in an extra $3.00 earnings per share following release in the second half of 2014.

Higher demand for an iPhone during a redesign year is not unreasonable, as it has now been two years since the 2012 introduction of the iPhone 5. While the iPhone 5s included multiple internal improvements and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, it retained the same 4-inch display and design of the iPhone 5, as did the iPhone 5c, which was just a repackaging of the existing model.



Apple Drops Windows 7 Boot Camp Support in New Mac Pro

boot_camp_iconApple’s Mac Pro only supports installations of Windows 8 or later with Boot Camp, according to an updated Apple Support document that lists versions of Windows compatible with the 2013 Mac Pro.

Boot Camp Assistant on the Mac Pro also specifies that it only includes support for Windows 8 or later, as evidenced in a screenshot from Twocanoes Software (via MacWindows) indicating that users are not able to install earlier versions of Windows. The 2013 Mac Pro is the first Mac that does not include support for Windows 7 with Boot Camp 5.

It is unclear why Apple has chosen to drop support for Windows 7 on the Mac Pro, but it could be a sign that the company intends to discontinue support for the operating system in future Macs given its advanced age.

This decision may not sit well with users, as Windows 8, released in 2012, has not been particularly popular. As of this month, Windows 8 and 8.1 only represented 10.68 percent of total worldwide OS market share, while Windows 7 represented 47.31 percent. Combined, Windows is installed on 90.84 percent of the world’s computers.


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