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Google Wallet Adds “Orders” in Latest Update [Download]

It is that magical day of the week when we usually see some Google apps get updates. Sometimes they are just bug fixes and other times you get a completely overhauled app. With today’s Google Wallet update you get a whole new feature that should help out many people who order things and use Wallet to pay for them.

Google Wallet updateInside the Google Wallet app you and activate a new “Orders” features. Once activated, it will allow you to see your various orders and see the shipping details of each. It cross syncs into your Gmail account and will pull the order receipts for you. Google has also set things up with various U.S. shipping partners so that when an update to your package is pushed, you will get a notification through Wallet.

Google Wallet Update Download Google Wallet Update APK Google Wallet Update APK Download 

Looks good to me. As always, the update is rolling out over the “next week” and is only for Android 4.0+ (US Only). If you don’t want to wait then you can always head over to GappsEarly and grab the apk right now and side load it.

Google Wallet – Play Store

Google Wallet APK location –

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Apple now warns users of in-app purchase settings in iOS 7.1

Apple now warns users of in-app purchase settings in iOS 7.1

Sure, Apple’s legal scuffle over in-app purchases made by misbehaving youngsters has ended, but the firm’s added a precautionary measure to avoid additional costly mishaps. Among other changes included in iOS 7.1, Cook and Co. snuck in an alert after micro-transactions that tells users similar payments can be made for the next 15 minutes without entering their password. Of course, the notice also directs the wielder of the iOS device to adjust the restriction if it’s not to their liking. The 15-minute policy is far from new, but the message is likely a welcome — albeit tiny — addition for parents with shopping spree-prone offspring.

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Engadget HD Podcast 389 – 3.12.14

If the Titanfall release had coincided with the start of March Madness, there probably wouldn’t have been a podcast this week. As it is, we had to tear Richard away from his Xbox One to help Ben review the HD details that have been pouring in. There’s a constant shuffle of content, ISP deals and updates to go through, as well as a certain monstrous LED-lit HD display to ogle. Your hosts leverage their experience and know-how to help speed you through the week’s news, leaving some extra time to watch some TV. We hear Neil deGrasse Tyson and Seth MacFarlane’s reboot of Cosmos has gotten some great buzz and rated an introduction by the POTUS. As always, there’s plenty of HD to go around, so head on down to the streaming links to join us for this weeks episode.

Hosts: Richard Lawler, Ben Drawbaugh

Producer: Jon Turi

Hear the podcast:

05:35 – Department of Justice comes out against Aereo’s TV streaming in Supreme Court case
09:41 – Aereo’s internet TV service in Denver and Salt Lake City shuts down today
11:07 – Aereo’s not for sale … not now, anyway
13:18 – Dish wins all the wireless spectrum in the FCC’s latest auction
16:01 – Vudu will soon let you send movies to your Chromecast
18:19 – Chrome beta for Android lets you send web videos to your Chromecast
19:35 – Apple TV update hides unwatched channels with ease
23:14 – Jacksonville Jaguars get the world’s biggest LED-lit HD displays, little else
27:55 – Sharp’s near-4K TVs are now available, starting at $2,500
29:03 – Verizon and DirecTV’s internet TV hopes perk up thanks to Dish, Disney
35:51 – ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ TV series is a Netflix original — but only outside the US
39:41 – BBC makes popular TV channel ‘online only’ to cut costs
43:19 – Got Comcast? You can watch House of Cards without a Netflix subscription
45:39 – Netflix reportedly reaches another Comcast-style agreement, but with a Norwegian ISP
47:31 – Amazon Prime Instant Video adds Orphan Black as a streaming exclusive
50:05 – Cosmos debuts tonight with a special message from Barack Obama
52:06 – Must See HDTV for the week of March 10th: Cosmos, Vice, F1 and Titanfall

Get the podcast:

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Contact the podcast:

Connect with the hosts on Twitter: @rjcc, @bjdraw

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Threes! addictive number game available on Google Play

The popular addictive number puzzle game Threes! has been released for Android on the Google Play Store. Threes! involves matching numbers in a puzzle which will be sure to test your mathematic skills.

The App has been ported from iOS by Hidden Variable Studios and remains the same price at $1.99. The developers of Three! published the following infographic showing the various statistics of the game that give an interesting insight into the popular puzzle game.


The current high score for Threes! is 808,989 from user chu121su12 so if you think you can beat that, click on the link below and grab your copy of Threes! now.

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Fiverr arrives in gorgeous new Android app experience

The team over at Fiverr have just released a great looking new App for Android which will allow users to browse gigs anytime, anywhere.

If you’re not familiar with Fiverr, it’s a place where talented users offer their services with anything from designing graphic logos to promoting your social account, starting at five bucks!

Fiverr for Android is part of our ongoing commitment to bring you the best Fiverr experience possible. Mobile will continue to be a major priority and this is only the beginning of the great things to come.

Up until now, the mobile experience of Fiverr on Android was pretty bleak and non-enjoyable, but with the dedicated App this is all about to change. You’ll be able to search the marketplace for gigs, and also receive real-time notifications for any messages that are received from your buyers/sellers.

Check out a video of it in action below.

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Pioneer Working on Aftermarket CarPlay Compatibility

Pioneer Electronics, a company that manufacturers many in-car electronic systems, is looking into the possibility of implementing CarPlay compatibility with both its existing and future products. The news comes courtesy of a Pioneer customer service representative and was relayed to MacRumors via a reader.

Introduced in early March, CarPlay is Apple’s iOS vehicle integration system that allows an iPhone to take over the in-dash display of a car, providing Siri-controlled voice access to features like Maps, phone functions, messages, and music.

While the service initially debuted solely in new cars from Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo, it appears CarPlay could be introduced into a wide range of existing vehicles through Pioneer, which offers aftermarket navigation and audio systems for cars.

Because Apple has thus far only announced CarPlay partnerships with specific car manufacturers for new 2014 models, it has been unclear whether the service is compatible with older vehicles. CarPlay does, however, work in conjunction with BlackBerry’s QNX Car Platform, which is used to power many existing in-car infotainment systems installed in a wide variety of automobiles, suggesting aftermarket solutions are indeed a possibility.

Mercedes-Benz, one of Apple’s official CarPlay partners, has also indicated that it is working on aftermarket installations, but Pioneer’s potential solution is more promising as it would be available in a wider range of existing vehicles.

Apple has officially announced deals with several different vehicle manufacturers including Honda, Ford, GM, Jaguar, and Hyundai, in addition to Volvo, Ferrari, and Mercedes-Benz, but it appears the company is also striking deals with accessory manufacturers like Pioneer, suggesting CarPlay could be widely distributed to vehicle owners over the course of the next few months.

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[Op-Ed] Android’s Next Update Should Focus On Gaming

Google’s next Android update should focus more on gaming. Android is an open source operating system (OS) that is based on Linux. The great thing about open source is that it is free and any one can enhance the OS. Android is an OS meant for mobile devices but lately it has been used to create consoles.

Ouya One of the most famous of these consoles is the Ouya. It was funded by the public through kickstarter and is android based. It is not 100% Android and for good reason. The people behind Ouya knew this and enhanced Android so that it can be souly focused on gaming. One of the short comings of this is that there is no Play Store. That means the games you already own might have to be bought again for the Ouya. Madcatz M.O.J.O is another Android based console that runs 100% Android. However this brings short comings because Android is meant for a touch screen interface.

Netflix once said that they want to become HBO before HBO becomes them. Netflix has been #1 at what they do but they know full well to stay on top you have to keep moving forward. That is how they beat Blockbuster and that is how they are beating television and cable networks. So who has the ability to beat Android? Definitely not Apple. Yes I had to say that. The OS they have to look out for is Steam OS (Steambox). Even though it is still in beta the Steam OS is on its way to change the gaming industry. Steam OS is a Linux based OS that is made with its sights solely on gaming. Steam OS was made to take out the middle man so that games can run in theory smoother. The only reason I bring up the Steam OS is because the mobile hardware is slowly evolving to becoming like PC. For example Nvidia’s next generation chip is based off their PC chip system. So much so that they ran a full PC game on one of their demo tablets. So even if the Steam OS is not ready now it will only be a matter of time.

Even though Android has made small improvements in the development toward gaming, none have been a big leap. Sure we can play games with a USB controller attached to any Android device running 4.0 and above. However that is a small step toward the right direction. Android has a chance to be a lot more than just for the mobile market, but Google has to make that choice before someone else makes it for them. With Google picking up Green Throttle, it is looking like they are already moving in that direction. I certainly hope something happens soon.


The inventor of the web wants you to help create an internet bill of rights

Web We Want's philosophy on internet rights

The web has changed a lot in the 25 years since Tim Berners-Lee first proposed its underlying technology, and not entirely for the better — censorship, reduced net neutrality and surveillance are very real concerns. Berners-Lee and a host of partners are fighting these threats by launching Web We Want, a campaign pushing for an internet bill of rights in every country. The initiative asks you to start a discussion about the web you’d like to see, and to draft a matching set of rights. It’s also fostering education efforts, offering small support grants and rallying groups at critical moments. There’s no certainty that Web We Want will make a tangible impact, but it should provide a stronger voice to advocates of a free and open internet.

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Microsoft’s OneNote may come to the Mac this month

OneNote for Windows 8.1

Microsoft’s OneNote app has been available on mobile, Windows and the web for quite some time, but Mac support for the note-taking software has proven elusive… at least, until now. Both The Verge and ZDNet hear that OneNote will be available for free on OS X later this month. Microsoft would also release a free desktop Windows app (the Windows 8-native app is already gratis) to better support its own platform. Both versions would include new features, too, including a Clipper service to save web content and a desktop variant of Office Lens’ document scanning. We’ve reached out to Microsoft to verify the claims. It’s easy to see why the folks in Redmond might expand OneNote’s ecosystem, though. The app is facing stiff competition from Evernote, which is available on most modern platforms — Microsoft would simply be countering a rival.

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Source: The Verge, ZDNet


Google Wallet’s new ‘Orders’ feature lets you track online shipments

Google Wallet's new 'Orders' feature lets you track online shipments

Nice to see Google is keeping the regular Google Wallet updates coming. A few weeks after introducing loyalty card scans, the company is adding a feature called “Orders,” which lets you track your online shipments using Google Wallet’s iOS or Android app. In particular, you can view receipts for purchases you made online, as well as check the shipping status (Google says it’s made arrangements with “primary package carriers in the US”). The roll-out appears to have already begun, though it could take a while for the update to reach some devices — yours truly, for instance, is still waiting.

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