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Floop the pig in Card Wars: Adventure Time [App of the Day]

You guys ready for a mathematical and rad game today? Today’s App of the Day comes to us from Cartoon Network’s popular cartoon Adventure Time. Based on the episode of the same name, Card Wars lets players take on various characters from the Adventure Time universe in a wild, always different experience.

card-warsYou’re in command of a deck of customized cards with warriors, towers, spells, and creatures at your disposal. Win a game or two and you’ll soon be unlocking new cards and even better boosts. And, of course, you can floop the pig! Floop it all, the Cool Dog, the Immortal Maize Walker, and Wandering Bald Man!

Play as Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Flame Princess, BMO, and more as you work your way through the Land of Ooo. Watch out, one false move and you could be sipping from the Dweeb cup!

Some of you might balk at the $3.99 price tag however we can assure you it’s a quality game. Pretty much everything we’ve seen from the Cartoon Network label has been solid; this one has very high replay value. Like Adventure Time itself, Card Wars works well for children of all ages and even adults. OK, especially adults.

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Nuance Debuts Dragon Dictate 4 for Mac With Transcription Capabilities [Mac Blog]

dragondictateNuance, known for its speech recognition software, today unveiled version 4 of its Dragon Dictate software. The speech recognition software is designed to allow users to dictate text and control desktop and web applications via speech.

Version 4 of the software brings better accuracy with improved speech recognition technology and reduced latency due to better memory management capabilities. It also includes Nuance MacSpeech Scribe features, offering users the ability to transcribe text from a pre-recorded audio file, combining both voice recognition and transcription.

Dragon Dictate for Mac also now includes powerful features from Nuance MacSpeech Scribe – creating a single voice offering that can not only transcribe your own voice, but can transcribe text from pre-recorded, single-speaker audio files in many different formats, such as .mp3, .mp4 and .wav.

This new transcription capability is fast, accurate and easy and is ideal for writers, students, educators, field workers, business executives or any user who needs to access content from a single speaker’s voice such as a podcast or other distinct audio formats. For instance, teaching assistants and students can record lectures at close range and turn them into text, and field workers can now transcribe recordings of their interviews directly from their digital recorder or smartphone.

Along with dictation speeds that are up to three times faster than typing, the software also provides full text control in Gmail, Apple Pages 4.3, and other software.

Dragon Dictate for Mac, version 4 is available from the Nuance website for $199.99.



iOS 7.1 Update Due ‘Any Day Now’ With Support for SXSW App

ios_7_iconApple’s much-anticipated iOS 7.1 update could come any day now, according to new information from John Gruber of Daring Fireball. Gruber has heard that Apple has plans to release an iOS 7.1-reliant app that will stream the iTunes Festival performances at SXSW, and as SXSW will begin on March 11, iOS 7.1 will need to be released to the public ahead of that date.

Apple’s first iTunes Festival in the U.S. starts a week from today at SXSW in Austin. Apple is going to stream the performances to iOS devices using an app, but I’ve heard from a little birdie that the app requires iOS 7.1 (which explains why the app isn’t out yet). That means iOS 7.1 should ship any day now.

iOS 7.1 has been in testing since mid-November, and has seen five different developer betas thus far with the last beta coming on February 4. The operating system update includes a number of visual tweaks, including revamped shift and caps locks keys on the keyboard, refined icons for the Phone, FaceTime, and Messages apps, and a new look for several aspects of the Phone dialer.

Details on features in past beta releases can be found in our previous beta posts: Beta 1, Beta 2, Beta 3, Beta 4 and Beta 5.

A mid-March release date for iOS 7.1 is in line with several previous reports that have pointed to a March launch for the operating system. Apple has yet to seed a Golden Master build to developers, however.

Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, and London Grammar kick off the SXSW iTunes Festival with a performance on March 11 that begins at 7:30 PM CST.



Encrypted Chat App ‘Cryptocat’ Launches on iOS [iOS Blog]

Open source web and Mac application Cryptocat is now available on iOS. Designed to allow secure online chatting, the app encrypts chat messages to allow users to have single and group conversations that are secure and unable to be intercepted or monitored.


Everyone’s favourite privacy-loving cat is now on iPhone! Get an encrypted cat in your pocket, have private chats with friends any time.

Easily have group conversations with your friends without fearing monitoring or interception. Cryptocat is free, open chat that aims to provide an open, accessible Instant Messaging environment with a transparent layer of encryption that’s easy to use.

Unlike other secure chat apps, including Confide, Cryptocat does not require usernames, email addresses, or accounts to use, with users entering a one-time nickname to chat. There are also no buddy lists or account history, making conversations ephemeral.

According to the developers, Cryptocat is a native iPhone application that uses iOS APIs rather than web cryptography, but it is designed to work seamlessly with other Cryptocat clients. Along with an iOS app, Cryptocat is also available for the Mac and as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Cryptocat was originally announced for iOS in December, but the app was initially rejected by Apple, a decision that has since been reversed. According to the app’s developer, who spoke to The Verge, the issues with Apple have been resolved.

“There was some very important help given by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and we ended up scheduling a conversation with Apple, and after a while Apple was very gracious and understanding,” he said. “I couldn’t be happier with Apple right now.”

Cryptocat can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]



Pretend it’s 1994: music videos now available on Xbox One

Music videos on Xbox Music for the Xbox One

The days of true music television may be long gone, but Microsoft has just introduced the next best thing. Xbox Music on the Xbox One now offers more than 92,000 music videos; if a given song has a matching video, you’ll see that instead of having to settle for plain old audio. You can also browse music videos if you demand visuals for every track. If you’re looking for something to do before the Xbox One’s big update hits — or just want to indulge in some TV nostalgia — you can check out the Xbox Music update today.

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The hoverboard has arrived (video)

Let’s just hope some Chinese company thinks it’s real and “copies” it to make one that actually works.

[Thanks, Noah!]

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Qualcomm betting on octa-core tech and better LTE radio in China

Despite Qualcomm’s odd stance on octa-core and 64-bit in the past, the company has clearly changed its mind since last week’s launch of its Snapdragon 615, which includes both features. Qualcomm’s marketing VP Tim McDonough, who briefly spoke to us after his meeting with Oppo at MWC, admitted that this new chip is partly aimed at the ever-demanding Chinese market.

“It’s very interesting. Consumers in China want octa-core. It’s very high on their list; while in the US and Western Europe, it’s totally other things that consumers want,” the exec said. “So we’ve really recognized that if that’s what Chinese consumers want, that is what our Chinese customers, our OEMs want, and Qualcomm has to care for that need; so that’s what we’re doing.”

“Consumers in China want octa-core. It’s very high on their list.”

Of course, Samsung and MediaTek are already well ahead in the octa-core game, whereas Huawei, AllWinner and Qualcomm will be joining in later this year. In China, it’s really MediaTek that’s posing the biggest threat to Qualcomm with its cheaper and quicker-to-make turnkey solutions, not to mention its upcoming 64-bit chip and its first LTE-enabled chip. While Qualcomm’s own octa-core offering won’t arrive on devices until Q4 this year, McDonough’s confident that his company still has the upper hand with its branding and LTE know-how.

“I think part of what’s really advantageous to us is that customers that believe in brand really believe in Qualcomm,” the exec said, when asked about how he’d tell his Chinese clients to pick Qualcomm over MediaTek. “If you were to look at the preference for our brand over our competitor’s brand, it’s sometimes six to one, so that they know that end users that are savvy, that are doing their research before they buy a phone — it is a big purchase — [there is a] six-to-one preference.”

McDonough added that with Qualcomm already on its fourth-generation LTE technology, it’ll be hard for others to catch up from a technology standpoint, especially when most of them “haven’t really shipped anything yet.” For the one unnamed company whose LTE chipset is featured on a recently launched Chinese phone, Qualcomm was quick to debunk its claim of having the same LTE performance. In its own lab test, Qualcomm claims its Gobi modem had 25 percent more LTE throughput while using 25 percent less power; and unlike the other device, the Gobi never stuttered while streaming 4K video over LTE.

“So when you’re an OEM and you want to take advantage of the growth on LTE, we’re the tried and really proven provider for that,” McDonough continued. “Whether it’s doing that in China with the Chinese carrier, whether it’s really your opportunity to say that this SKU that I’m building works in China, because it’s Qualcomm that has all the modes and all the bands. I can ship it into Southeast Asia; I can ship it into Europe; I can ship it into the United States. It’s really unlocking business potential.”

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Roku’s new Streaming Stick works with most TVs, drops price to $50


When Roku released its first Streaming Stick in late 2012, it was a tough sell. It cost $99 (as much as the highest-end Roku box), only worked with TVs that were certified as “Roku Ready,” and it didn’t even ship with a remote. So the god-father of set-top streaming boxes went back to the drawing board for the 2014 version of the Roku Streaming Stick, which abandons its reliance on MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) for standard issue HDMI. It also comes prepackaged with a remote, though it lacks the motion control and headphone jack you get on more expensive models. For the internals, the company essentially crammed the Roku 1 into a dongle format — and that includes its wallet-friendly $50 price point. While it’s not quite as cheap as the Google’s streaming stick, it does play host to a plenty more content sources. Whether or not PBS, Showtime and over 1,000 niche channels of video programming is worth the extra $15 is depends on you.

Other than form factor, the only difference between the Roku 1 and the Stick is that the latter ships with the latest versions of Roku’s apps, though, those will be coming to the full sized box in the near future. That means you’ll be able to cast photos and videos directly from your phone. Alongside the 2014 edition of the Streaming Stick, the company is launching a revamped mobile app. The most immediately obvious different is the UI, which puts stark purple line drawings on black background. More importantly though, it puts the platform’s universal search at your fingertips. So, rather than having to look at your TV to browse through the results, you can pick out the best place to watch Sherlock for free with just the tap of your touchscreen.

The new Roku Streaming Stick will be available in April either direct from the company’s site or through the usual retailers (like Best Buy) for $50.

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Gorilla Gadgets extended life battery (6500mAh) for Galaxy Note 3 review

Up for review today is Gorilla Gadget’s 6500mAh extended life battery for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Packing more than twice the capacity of the normal battery experience, we found it delivered accordingly.

The first few times we used this battery we noticed that it was slowly sipping away, even better than we expected. After a few depletion and charge cycles, however, things seem to right themselves. In essence, the battery drains at roughly half the speed of a standard Galaxy Note 3 unit.

LE8A2547The battery, for all practical purposes, weighs twice as much as the original model, too. And, while we’re on the subject, it’s about twice as thick when you’re all done.

The Gorilla Gadget 6500mAh battery came with a matte black case to cover the back of your Galaxy Note 3. We found the case picked up smudges, oils, smears, and other markings much quicker than normal. It didn’t make it slippery, mind you, but it was not the prettiest of sites. We’re not sure about how the white looks but suspect it might be the same.

As one of the biggest drawbacks for any extended life battery, you’ll not be able to use your typical accessories. Car docks were out, for the most part, as were carrying cases, protective shells, and others.

We also appreciate that we were able to keep our NFC functionality as that does come inside of the battery. While it’s not something we use every day, we do miss it when it’s not around.

At only $24.99 we find the Gorilla Gadgets battery to be well worth the money. We’d like to see other color options for the rear shell but it’s not a deal breaker.

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Apple’s CarPlay Works Alongside BlackBerry’s QNX Car Platform

Apple’s newly unveiled CarPlay iOS vehicle integration system, which allows an iPhone to take over the in-dash display of a car, has been designed to work with BlackBerry’s QNX operating system. The QNX Car Platform powers many in-car infotainment systems and includes a mobile connectivity framework that supports many mobile development environments, including iOS.

In a statement made to Lucas Atkins of N4BB, BlackBerry’s Paul Leroux confirmed that CarPlay works alongside the QNX systems installed in many cars.

Connectivity to smartphones and other mobile devices is a key strength of QNX Software Systems’ platform for car infotainment systems, and many automakers and tier one automotive suppliers use our platform to implement smartphone/head-unit integration in their vehicles. We have a long-standing partnership with Apple to ensure high-quality connectivity with their devices, and this partnership extends to support for Apple CarPlay.

CarPlay, which requires an iPhone to function, can be likened to Apple’s AirPlay, mirroring the iPhone’s display and functionality to the existing in-car infotainment system.

Since CarPlay was announced yesterday, multiple manufacturers, including Volvo, Ferrari, and Mercedes-Benz have shown off vehicles with CarPlay integration. Other manufacturers, such as Honda, Jaguar, Hyundai, and more, are expected to launch vehicles with CarPlay support in 2014.


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