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Pebble’s smartwatch appstore finally comes to Android

iOS users had a bit of a head start in receiving access to the new Pebble appstore. Thankfully, the Android crowd won’t have to wait for this feature any longer, since what’s known as Pebble 2.0 is, at long last, available on Google’s platform. Sure, it took weeks and weeks of testing, but Pebble promises it was all for the best and expects its smartwatch owners to be delighted by the changes. Aside from the long-awaited appstore, this Pebble for Android update also features a completely redesigned interface (pretty similar to the one found on iOS), a new locker for apps and notification improvements. You’ve waited long enough, though — so go on, grab the update and deck out your Pebble some more.

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Watch a man get stunned by the Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone (stun copter!)

You’re gonna want to steer clear of this CUPID. The Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone, or “stun copter,” can deliver 80,000 volts of pure projectile terror directly into the skin of an ill-intentioned hoodlum. This is serious business for Chaotic Moon, the folks behind SharkPunch and the Pizza Hut touch table. The Austin-based design studio created the flying machine as a tech demo, but CUPID could be quickly brought to production whenever a personal security or law enforcement client sees fit. This prototype unit is based on a Tarot Hexacopter, originally designed to carry a digital SLR for video and aerial photo shoots. With a Phazzer Dragon on board, however, a few modifications made this an entirely different beast.

The objective here isn’t to have a copter autonomously wandering city streets, detaining suspects until the police arrive (though the device could theoretically handle such a task). Instead, due to legal requirements, the drone is operated by a pilot, who flies the craft manually, with a second person tasked with triggering the stun gun. Eventually, such a device could be used to aid police in subduing a suspect until officers are able to arrive on the scene. An embedded camera provides a live video feed to operators, who can evaluate the situation before deciding to strike. Since a public park demonstration would likely result in some pretty stirred-up locals, Chaotic Moon invited us up to its Austin offices for a closed-door session during SXSW.

Intern Jackson Sheehan volunteered to be CUPID’s first human victim, and after a quick vitals check by an on-site paramedic, he was cleared for duty. The affair lasted just a hair over five seconds — the device can stun several times in up to 10-second bursts, but the company’s attorneys mandated that Chaotic Moon co-founder William Hurley (@Whurley) manually pull the plug after half that time. Sheehan was clearly subdued by the drone, falling onto safety mats against his will. He stood up shortly after, and was on his way after the paramedic removed the barbed leads from his back. We caught the whole ordeal on camera, of course; the video is embedded for your viewing pleasure just below.

Sarah Silbert contributed to this report.

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785 Movies to buy for under $10 in the Play Store

We all like free. Free music, free games, free apps, free movies and almost anything else free. We also like good discounts and good deals. While we can’t always have things for free or for super dirt cheap, there are still some things to be said about bolstering your movie collection for a decent price. In case you are unaware, Google is currently celebrating the Play Stores 2nd birthday branding change. While it isn’t bringing in $0.02 purchases or a extremely discounted apps or games, it still has a fair share of offerings that are worth a look.

Earlier we share that Tom Hanks classic movie Big was free and was the HD version no less. That sparked a look at the birthday page and look around at some of the other areas that Google links into special deals. On the official 2nd birthday page there is a variety of things to look at, but if you head into each section you will get lists of things on special. In the movie tab there are 785 movies for under $10 to own, not rent.

Google Play Store Birthday Movie DealsDon’t be fooled by the price tag listed on the movie listing page though, that is still the rental price. You will need to click on each movie to find out the pricing deal. For instance, The Croods is $8.99, Hotel Transylvania is $7.99 and Turbo is $8.99. There are some older great in there like Friday for $6.99, Full Metal Jacket for $6.99 and the Never Ending Story for $6.99.

Head into the Birthday Deals Movie Promo page and take a look around.


Ten One Design Pogo stylus review

Need a stylus for your tablet or smartphone? You’ll want to check out the Pogo stylus from Ten One Design. It’s a solid, simple design that feels like a quality device in your hand.

While it’s not all that difficult to make a generic stylus, it’s harder to create one that looks elegant or professional. Forget those little nubby things on a keychain, this stylus deserves to be looked at.

We tried the Pogo stylus on a Galaxy Note 3, Tegra Note, and other devices, each with the same result. None of our smartphones or tablets had any issues recognizing the tip. We did not have to press hard nor did we detect any variances in sensitivity. Drawing and doodling applications worked well as we could push a little harder for a wider brush and then pull back slightly to keep a finer point.


The stylus comes with a pocket clip that allows for portability but is not required. Indeed, those who keep their tablet at the desk can opt to remove the clip for a more flush stylus experience.

On the complete opposite of the stylus you find replaceable tips. Should you break off of wear down the tip you’ll be back in business in no time.

The Pogo stylus retails for $19.95 through the Ten One website; additional tips can be purchased in a two-pack for $7.95. Our suggestion is to also check Amazon as there’s plenty of Ten One accessories and Pogo Stylus options at low rates.


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Samsung debuts Milk Music for Galaxy owners [App of the Day]

Samsung recently announced an application only for ‘Galaxy’ owners. It’s a free radio service without any ads; Milk Music is Samsung’s way of replying to Apple’s iTunes Radio. The app is available for download in Google Play Store and it’s compatible with the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Note 2, and Note 3 at the moment.

According to Samsung, the reason its called Milk Music is because it’s fresh and organic. Below are the features of the app, have a look:

  • Stumble across new hits and old favorites with a turn of the dial.
  • Music plays instantly, as you scan through stations.
  • No registration or set-up required.
  • Customize the dial to show only genres and stations you like.
  • “My Stations” collects all the stations you love and those you create into a single station that’s easily accessible on the dial.
  • Fine-tune stations based on popularity, novelty and song favorites.
  • Listen to over 200 genre stations, curated from a music library of over 13 million songs.
  • “Spotlight” offers a curated selection handpicked by music tastemakers and influencers.

The application is powered by Slacker.The streaming is unlimited, but later down the road, ads will come back because that’s a limited time offer. Also, Samsung might bring tablet support soon as well.

Do you have a Galaxy? Let us know what feature you liked the most in it.

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Sony’s upcoming Alpha 7 and 7R updates will speed up your photo shoots

Sony Alpha 7/7R camera

Sony’s Alpha 7 cameras shook up the photography world by offering full-frame shooting in a small body, but they also have their fair share of quirks, such as slow startup times and sub-par JPEG images. Some of those problems may vanish very soon, though, as Sony plans to roll out big firmware updates for both the Alpha 7 and 7R on March 19th. The two cameras should start faster, and they’ll also get a nebulous “image quality improvement” — hopefully, that means better JPEG output. The upgrade will also unlock more features when using the PlayMemories Mobile app to control either camera, and there’s better support for a recent 70-200mm telephoto lens. We’re not seeing any attempts to speed up the Alphas’ sometimes pokey autofocusing, but the updates should still help early adopters who’ve had live with some noticeable flaws for the past few months.

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Dell’s Precision M2800 workstation is for prosumers who need performance on the cheap

We know, we know: we’re a consumer electronics blog. We get it. But when a workstation is cheap enough that even the most amateur of amateurs can afford it, it may as well be a consumer device. Today’s specimen is the Dell Precision M2800, a 15-inch notebook that starts at $1,199 — an aggressively low price for this class of product. In particular, specs include a Core i5 or i7 processor, a 2GB AMD FirePro W4170M GPU, up to 16GB of memory and up to 1TB of storage. As you can imagine, though, Dell had to cut corners somewhere, and that “somewhere” was clearly the display; for $1,119 you get a fairly low-res 1,366 x 768 screen. You can upgrade to a 1080p panel if you like but even then, a sharper 2K display is simply out of the question. If that’s a dealbreaker, you might want to check out the Precision M4800 instead, which can be configured with a 3,200 x 1,800 screen (albeit, for nearly twice the price). Otherwise, if all you really need is the horsepower, the M2800 will ship sometime this spring.

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This music service wants to be the first on Samsung’s smartwatches

7digital's music store in the UK

7digital really wants to put its music store on Samsung’s new Gear smartwatches. Really badly. Need proof? The company has announced plans to release a hybrid shopping and streaming app for Tizen devices in the second quarter of the year, and it’s eagerly highlighting the app’s support for wearables — at last check, Samsung is the only major firm producing wearable Tizen gadgets. The music provider isn’t being subtle about its intentions, then, even though it’s not making any official connection between its software and the Gear line. If nothing else, 7digital would be a logical fit for the hardware. The company has a history of being the first to offer music services on young platforms, and it was the backbone for Samsung’s Music Hub. Don’t be surprised if you can buy a hot new song from the Gear 2 on your wrist this spring.

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AT&T’s Galaxy S5 gets FCC approval, just like you knew it would (update: T-Mobile too)

AT&T's Galaxy S5 gets FCC approval, just like you knew it would

Samsung already made it clear that the Galaxy S5 would reach AT&T when it launched globally in April. Still, it’s nice to know the flagship is on track for an on-time arrival, right? The 5.1-inch phone just surfaced in a fresh set of FCC documents, which show a GS5 variant with AT&T-friendly LTE bands (2, 4, 5 and 17) and support for ANT+ sensors (handy for wireless heart-rate monitors and the like). Predictably, the phone also includes GSM, GPRS, EDGE and UMTS, for when you can’t manage a 4G signal. That still leaves lots of questions — how much will it cost? How good is this thing? — but we suppose we’ll just have to wait until April 11th to find out.

Update: Sure enough, a T-Mobile version of the GS5 has also surfaced at the FCC.

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Source: FCC (1), (2)


‘Milk Music’ launched by Samsung, offers free radio for Galaxy Users

Milk Music ad-free free streaming radio form SamsungNot that long ago we heard talk that Samsung was going to be bringing a streaming music service to their device. The service was to be called ‘Milk Music’ and would find its way to users who have and use a variety of Galaxy series devices. Samsung has officially announced the service and have released the app to the Play Store.

The new service is free for users, and for a limited time will be ad-free as well. It currently offers more than 200 ad-free radio stations and 13 million songs. It is fully customizable. You are able to “fine tune” your streaming station experience by popularity, novelty and song favorites.

“Milk Music introduces a fresh approach to music that reflects our innovation leadership and our focus on creating best-in-class consumer experiences,” said Gregory Lee, president and CEO of Samsung Telecommunications America and Samsung Electronics North America Headquarters. “We’re offering consumers amazing, rich music experiences built around what matters most to them and their lifestyle.”

The Milk Music app is on the Play Store, but is only available for a select list of Samsung Galaxy devices.

I find it interesting that none of the Galaxy tablets were listed in the Press Release.

It will be available for the Samsung Galaxy S5 when the device is launched. If you meet that criteria and want to give it a shot then hit up the Play Store badge below. Let us know what you think of it.

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