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July 29, 2018

What you missed this week on

by John_A

Reviews, contests and more!

accc-7-28.png?itok=CwO4qWSVHere’s the thing about the future of streaming video: If you’re only doing it on a TV, you’re already behind the curve. I say that being a relatively old guy (as in older than 20) and being someone who most often does the cord-cutting thing on a display of no less than 43 inches.

My kids, meanwhile, watch anything and everything, whenever and however than can. On a phone. On a Fire HD tablet. On a (much better) iPad. On Roku. On Apple TV. On Shield TV.

The point is they switch from one to another as if there are no mental barriers for doing so. And for them, there aren’t.

So it’s been fun watching them over the past week with the new Lenovo Smart Display. They’re used to having Google Home(s) in damned nearly every room of our house. And the Amazon Echo Show is usually in sight, too. But Google definitely brings something more to the table. Especially with live TV and the built-in integration of YouTube TV. (Providing that you’re a subscriber, of course.

There will be plenty more on both Android Central and regarding not just the Lenovo Smart Display, but all the (lowercase) smart displays. It’s that important of a new category. Now Google and its partners just have to sell it.

Read the full review of the Lenovo Smart Display

Here’s what else you missed this week on

  • Inside? Outside? Upside down? Where’s the best place to put an over-the-air antenna?
  • Speaking of OTA TV — can you run it and an internet connection on the same line of coax?
  • We’ve got a winner for our Amazon Fire TV Cube giveaway.
  • And we’re now giving away a Mohu Blade antenna and AirTV OTA streaming tuner!
  • The Tablo OTA streaming tuner has added 5.1 surround sound.
  • An oldie but a goodie: The Apple TV Aerial screensavers are gorgeous on Android TV.


  • The hardware you need
  • All about streaming services
  • What channels are on which service
  • FREE over-the-air TV
  • How to watch sports
  • Join the discussion

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