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July 10, 2018

Mod In A Box: MrMobile Tries (To Love) The Moto Z3 Play

by John_A

Any phone that takes you from sunrise to sunset without dying is a pretty solid phone in my book. So when I came home from a day of Google Maps navigation, hotel hunting and shooting endless photos (while Instagramming my every meal, natch) I expected my Moto Z3 Play to be mere moments from auto-shutdown. But while its Moto Mod was indeed just ticking over to zero as I walked in the door, the Z3 Play’s onboard battery was still sitting happily at 80%. I was minutes from bed, but I could have gone another whole twelve hours if I’d wanted to.

That’s the magic of the Moto Z3 Play: with Motorola’s new (and IMO, overdue) strategy of sticking a battery mod right in the box, it’s the new phone to beat for endurance. And it packs almost all of the features that have for years made Motorola my go-to example for “how to do Android the right way.” So why aren’t I more enthused about the Z3 Play? Well, as usual with Motorola Z-series phones, the answer comes down to: a little bit of overpricing; a little bit of underperforming (specifically in the camera); and a little company called OnePlus.

Check out MrMobile’s Moto Z3 Play Review in the video above, and be sure you’re subscribed to the YouTube channel; I’ll be coming to you straight from Motorola’s headquarters in Chicago with whatever the company’s announcing August 2! I don’t yet know what it is — but I’ve got a feeling you won’t want to miss it.

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