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June 6, 2018

Yamaha’s Adventure Pro is a rugged tablet built for off-road navigation

by John_A

Yamaha not only took the wraps off an entirely new off-road utility vehicle in the form of the Wolverine X2, it also revealed a powerful new navigation system that promises to give riders the ability to explore the backcountry like never before. This new device is called the Adventure Pro and while it is built on the Android operating system, it features a number of unique capabilities that could make it a must-have for anyone who owns an all-terrain vehicle.

Developed in conjunction with GPS-manufacturer Magellan, at its core the Adventure Pro is a 7-inch Android tablet that has been modified to survive in the outdoors. For instance, the device’s case has been ruggedized to the point that it can resist mud, dust, dirt, and rain, while the screen has been upgraded to allow riders to interact with it even while wearing gloves. As you would expect, the tablet also comes equipped with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Yamaha and Magellan have given the Adventure Pro a set of nice features that allow it to integrate nicely with any UTV, but particularly the Wolverine X2. The tablet comes with a mount that attaches to the dash of the vehicle and it can quickly and easily be wired into its electrical system to keep the onboard battery fully charged. The device also serves as a fully customizable dashboard, giving riders diagnostic information about the performance of their vehicle, including monitoring engine temperature, battery voltage, four-wheel drive status, and much more.

But the Adventure Pro’s primary functionality is to serve as a GPS navigation system. To that end, it comes preloaded with more than 100,000 off-road trails spread out across the U.S. and Canada, with Mexico expected to be added in a future update. Users also have the ability to plot their own routes, add waypoints, make notes, input points of interest, and even include photos of the things they find along the trail. Those routes can then be uploaded and shared with friends and other Adventure Pro users online at the Yamaha Adventure Pro website.

As part of the collaboration, Yamaha and Magellan have created a unique feature for the Adventure Pro that is only available on this GPS device. Dubbed “Timing Mode,” this option allows users to create their own routes with the tablet saving their exact times for completing the course. That information, along with any vehicle internal data, is stored in a route file, which in turn can be shared with other users, challenging them to complete the same route in a faster time. The Adventure Pro is smart enough to automatically detect the start and finish line for these courses and will start and stop the clock as needed.

Because the Adventure Pro is a full-featured Android tablet, it can also run all Android apps. That allows users to install Netflix, Facebook, Waze, or any other software they like. And since its included vehicle mounting system makes it a breeze to take the device in and out of a UTV, the tablet can be used in other vehicles or taken inside to connect to Wi-Fi for downloading updates, sharing routes, checking weather, or just surfing the web.

The Adventure Pro costs $750 and is available now. Visit the Yamaha Motorsports website for more information.

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