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June 5, 2018

With 12, iOS gains Snapchat-like camera for texts, but with Memojis instead of AR

by John_A


Messaging is evolving from thumbed-out text messages to visual communication from built-in cameras inside everything from Snapchat to Facebook Messenger. And now Apple is joining the trend with a handful of camera-focused updates for iOS 12. The Apple Messages app will soon have a built-in camera with filters, stickers, and Memoji avatars, Apple announced during WWDC on June 4. The latest OS will .

While Apple Messages isn’t (yet) gaining the augmented reality masks, the changes feel similar to Snapchat and Facebook Camera. Visual communication has been on the rise since emojis, but it’s a trend that’s accelerated because of the visual tools inside social networks and messaging platforms. A study by Facebook last year suggested that those who use forms of visual communication rate their conversations as “great” more often than non-visual communicators.

Apple Photos


The iOS 12 update to Photos is also partially focused on sharing. After the update, Photos will suggest photos to share with friends. The app will use factors like facial recognition to suggest sharing photos with the friends you spent the day with, all inside a new section Apple calls For You. 

On the receiving end of a shared photo? Photos will soon suggest images to share back. The share back suggestion comes from photos or video of the same event, Apple says.

The search inside Photos will also see enhancements. Inside the search tab, the app will soon suggest Events, People, Places, Groups, Categories and recent searches before you type into the search bar. If the category suggestions aren’t enough, the search bar will also allow users to search for multiple terms at once.

The photo announcements come from the opening keynote of WWDC — Apple will likely dive into more detail and share additional features for the new operating system during the weeklong event designed for developers. The new mobile operating system will roll out this fall, while developers can get their hands on a beta version now.

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