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June 4, 2018

OneLogin Efforts in Enhancing Cloud Security

by John_A

Manufacturing companies in Canada and US are facing challenges in managing the roles of the diverse portfolio of users and applications. They are also experiencing difficulties addressing the evolving security that comes with expanding user access. Outlined below are critical factors information technology and security teams require to look at when coming up with an access management plan.

Third-Party Risk

Companies have invested in virtual working systems allowing employees to access information from any location. Supply chain partners use their accounts to get the entity apps, data, and networks. Managing the complex systems tend to be difficult. Organizations should maintain a strategy for distributing application permission and access. They ought to note the costs and likelihood of potential security threats.

Key to Digital Transformation

Producers should have a cost-effective and secure strategy to connect the growing numbers of applications and users. Increased user access can lead to business agility. However, if not well implemented, it can have negative effects such as security risks like critical systems disruption and data breaches. Studies show that compromised or weak user credentials are other alarming issues an organization needs to consider.

Cyber Attacks Cost

Manufacturers handle sensitive information like business plans, blueprints, schematics, and partner agreements. Cyber attackers target such firms putting the companies at risk of losing vulnerable data. Reports confirm that manufacturers experience the highest phishing attacks in the sector. A single identity data breach in the industry can cost the company a fortune.

Cutting Operational Cost

The high identity management cost is bogging down manufacturers. System users are likely to forget passwords, leading to low productivity. The IT department has to keep on resetting their passwords, hence slowing down operations. Managing a large number of external users means more disparate directories, complex identity management methods, and complicated application rollouts. Manufacturers need to acquire an Identity and Access Management (IAM) system to cut the operations cost.

Manufacturing companies ought to invest in a solution that supports their diversity, complexity, and scale of their users and applications. OneLogin is a reputable firm known for delivering security apps to manufacturers. It provides real-time Active Directory integration, single sign on (SSO), and multifactor authentication (MFA). Users of these services sign in to their portals once per day, and they can access it from any location without logging in again. OneLogin offers access to both cloud and on-premises companies.

About OneLogin

OneLogin, Inc. is a virtual Identity and Access Management company. It tailors its services to fit the needs of organizations. The IAM provider aims at using Identity and Access Management to secure devices and apps for user access. In addition, OneLogin aims at increasing user efficiency through SSO (single sign on), and multifactor authentication (MFA). The organization has launched products like Open Source SAML Toolkits to boost security measures. It integrates with various cloud apps like RemedyForce and Workplace by Facebook.

OneLogin was established in 2009 by Thomas and Christian Pedersen in San Francisco. The founders were previously working on Zendesk, an on-demand help desk app, before starting OneLogin. Zendesk customers were experiencing productivity and security challenges moving to virtual operations. The Pedersen’s got the idea of establishing an identity and access management solution company to help such clients.

In 2010, OneLogin was officially launched. Brad Brooks was appointed the CEO of the firm in 2017. Since its inception, OneLogin has won the trust of numerous security-conscious enterprises worldwide.


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