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June 1, 2018

Nvidia could debut GTX 11-series graphics cards this summer

by John_A

A posting for this year’s Hot Chips conference strongly suggests we will see Nvidia’s latest GeForce 11-series graphics cards debut this summer. The listing indicates that Nvidia’s Stuart Oberman will be introducing a new “mainstream graphics card” at the conference, and given Nvidia’s track record, it’s likely we’ll see the cards debut ahead of the conference.

According to WccfTech, Nvidia typically releases some information about upcoming graphics cards in advance of Hot Chips and using the conference as a platform to expand on what we already know about the upcoming graphics cards. So, it’s likely we’ll see some official announcement this summer, in addition to the information we’ve already been able to gather about the upcoming GPU series.

Detailed specifications of Nvidia’s rumored next-generation graphics card, the GTX 1180, have appeared online already at the TechPowerUp GPU database — giving us an in-depth look at the capabilities of the upcoming card. The listing is likely an engineering sample, and therefore subject to change by the time consumer hardware is released, but this gives us our best idea yet of just how powerful the card might be.

Nvidia has expanded its lineup slowly but steadily over the years; the last time it debuted a new graphics card range was the Pascal lineup in 2016. It’s been rather successful, despite problems with pricing and availability over the past year. But progress marches forward and we expect Nvidia’s next generation to debut in the coming months, with the GTX 1180 at its head.

We’ve already seen hints of the “Volta” generation with the Titan V enterprise card, but consumers will be looking for something more affordable and down to earth. Although it may debut under the “Turing” banner, the GTX 1180 will be a top-tier graphics card when released and is likely to be much more affordable (despite rumors to the contrary).

In the TechPowerUp database listing, the GTX 1180 is said to be based on the GV104 graphics chip, which is built on a 12nm process. It features 3,584 shader units and 224 texture mapping units — a noticeable increase over the GTX 1080’s 2,560 and 160 respectively. The core clock is said to be 1,405MHz at idle, boosting to 1,582MHz as required, though as enthusiast site WCCFTech highlights, clock speeds are the most likely aspect of this graphics card to change by its release, especially when you consider third-party overclocked versions.

In terms of memory, the GTX 1180 reportedly sports a little more than 16GB of GGDR6, the newest generation of graphics memory. With a claimed memory clock of 1,500MHz (12,000 MHz effective), it delivers a bandwidth of 384 GBps. That is 64 more than the GTX 1080.

One of the most impressive aspects of this card is its power draw. It’s said to require just 200 watts — more than the GTX 1080, yet significantly less than AMD’s last top-end cards, the Vega 56 and 64, which pull upward of 300w in some settings.

No release date or pricing data has been revealed for Nvidia’s next-generation graphics cards as of yet, but with Computex swiftly approaching in early June, we may learn more or see an official unveiling of the cards then.

Updated on May 31: Added latest info about Nvidia’s potential release window.

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