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November 17, 2015

OnePlus Android Marshmallow update is coming in Q1 2016

by John_A

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Seems like today is a good day to announce your plans for an Android software update – after ASUS announced their plan, OnePlus has chimed in to say that their OnePlus Android Marshmallow update is coming in Q1 2016.

Detailing their plan, OnePlus says OnePlus 2 owners can expect their update to Android Marshmallow to include the standard API for fingerprint scanning that Google has cooked up, getting rid of the method that OnePlus included in OxygenOS at launch.

For the OnePlus One, OnePlus will be releasing a Cyanogen OS update in the Q1 window, but won’t be releasing an OxygenOS update until “time allows” – that’s kind of a bummer for people who have come to love the even more stock feeling of OxygenOS.

However, that’s not as much of a bummer as owning a OnePlus X. Despite being OnePlus’ latest device release, the OnePlus X wasn’t given a timeline in OnePlus’ forum post, with the only promise of this being “we will update you on a time frame at a later time”. At the very least, OnePlus is on the case, so keep your eyes and ears open for more news in the near future.

What do you think about OnePlus’ strategy for rolling out Android Marshmallow updates? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: OnePlus via The Verge

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