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Bill Gates is launching a multibillion-dollar clean energy fund

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is set to reveal a massive clean energy project on Monday, during the first day of the United Nations climate change summit in Paris. According to Reuters, which originally reported the news, the French government has confirmed that the ex-CEO-turned-philanthropist will launch the Clean Tech Initiative, a push to commit countries to double their budgets on clean energy tech research and developments by 2020. But Gates won’t be working on this multibillion dollar fund alone: The US, Australia, Canada, France, India, Indonesia, Norway, Saudi Arabia and South Korea will all be backing the plan, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters.


Mozilla doesn’t need Google’s financial support to keep going anymore

FireFox_OS_TA (1)Mozilla has previously relied on deals with Google to keep the company floating, but it looks like that’s changing. Google paid Mozilla to set Google Search as the default search engine in Firefox, but thanks to some other deals with companies like Yahoo, Baidu, and Yandex, Firefox is moving towards a less Google-influenced future.

Yahoo will be responsible for the default search queries in the US, while Baidu will handle things in China and Yandex handles Russian traffic. It’s probably better for the global internet to keep everything from going through Google by default, but with Chrome still eating up a ton of the desktop browser market and many users opting to use Google anyway, it’s hard to see this move affecting Google too much.

The Google/Mozilla deal accounted for about $330 million last year, which made up almost all of the organization’s revenue. They didn’t disclose how much the new set of deals would give the company, but Mozilla is positive about revenue for next year.

source: Cnet

via: Engadget

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[Deal] Save up to 50% off SwiftKey keyboard themes for Black Friday

swiftkey megapackIf you picked up a cheap new phone for Black Friday, you’re probably going to want to get some new apps and things to customize your phone with, too. To help you out, SwiftKey is running a special by marking down themes for their fantastic keyboard by up to 50%, and they’ve introduced a few new bundles to get several themes for cheap prices.

These new theme packs include some old school SwiftKey themes, some Material Design themes, and a massive pack of all 75 themes that are on SwiftKey’s theme store. Most things are close to 50% off, with the Everything pack running just $15, but the smaller packs are a little cheaper and cost just a few dollars.

If you haven’t already tried out SwiftKey, hit the link below to get started.

source: SwiftKey

Play Store Download Link

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Get one year of unlimited cloud storage from Amazon for just $5

Amazon has a lucrative offering on unlimited cloud storage, which is a part of their Black Friday deals. For just $5, you get one year of unlimited cloud storage, which includes photos, videos, and documents. That’s not all, if you wish to store media content only, the price drops to $1 for one year.


Many users of Microsoft OneDrive might find this deal very attractive. This is because Microsoft was providing unlimited cloud storage to Office 365 users, which it recently downgraded to 1 TB. Meanwhile, the free tier gives you only 5 GB of storage before you’re asked to upgrade. Google Drive allows users to store 15 GB of files before slapping a price tag.

best cloud storage apps for androidSee also: 10 best cloud storage apps for Android10

The explanation given by Microsoft for removing its unlimited storage perk was that a few users were taking advantage of the unlimited storage perk to upload entire movie collections, among other things, thereby using nearly 14,000 times the amount of space consumed by an average user.

Coming back to Amazon’s amazing $5 deal, the regular price of their unlimited storage tier is $54.99. A solid $50 in savings, thanks to this Black Friday deal. Talking about the $1 deal, apart from unlimited photos and videos, users can also store up to 15 GB of documents under the plan.

Amazon’s exciting offers on cloud storage are bound to expire soon, so we suggest that you grab them while they are hot.


Analyst expects Xiaomi Mi 5 in January, Lei Jun already using the phone


Xiaomi’s long awaited Mi 5 flagship is now expected to be launched in January next year.

Fans of Xiaomi’s flagship Mi series smartphones have been eagerly waiting for the successor to the Mi 4 for months. While rumors have been ripe throughout early 2015 that the Mi 5 would arrive towards the end of the year, and we nearly thought them to be true, Xiaomi ended up announcing the Redmi Note 3 and Mi Pad 2 during their event held on November 24.

A few details about the release of the device were revealed in a recent interview with Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi. Jun said that Xiaomi’s development time for their flagship Mi series phones is between 12 to 18 months, which is slightly longer than the yearly refresh cycle followed by most of its competitors. Jun added that the phone would be “close to perfect” when released, using the best components selected after lots of research and tests. The CEO of the ~$50 billion company also revealed that he’s currently in possession of an Mi 5 prototype, that he, unsurprisingly, considered to be amazing.

Pan Jiutang, a reputed Chinese analyst who predicted the specifications of the Huawei Nexus phablet, says that the Mi 5 would be unveiled to the world in January 2016 and go on sale in February, specifically after the Spring festival in China. Jiutang made a post on Weibo talking about the aforementioned. He also mentioned in his post that Xiaomi is stocking up on the Mi 5, which is an indication that the company expects huge demand for the device and wishes to sell as many units as possible.

According to previous rumors, the Xiaomi Mi 5 is said to come with a 5.3-inch Quad HD (2560 x 1440) display, 4 GB of RAM, a 16 MP rear camera, 16 or 64 GB of internal storage, and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 quad-core chipset. A 3000 mAh battery might be a part of the spec sheet well. There’s no word on pricing, but consider a ballpark figure of $400.

Are you excitedly waiting for the Xiaomi Mi 5? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Lenovo teams with Razer on gaming PCs

When you think of gaming PCs, Lenovo probably isn’t your first choice. It has gaming PCs, but it’s often far more tempting to either go with a game-centric brand or build a system yourself. Lenovo may have a way to improve its reputation, though. It’s partnering with Razer on special editions of its Y series devices that pack both the performance you’d expect from a gaming rig as well as Razer’s signature design cues, such as multi-hued Chroma lighting. The first confirmed project from the two is the Lenovo Razer Edition desktop you see here (due for a full debut at CES in January), but there are promises of “multiple” products and joint development of new technology.

Source: Razer


[Deal] Intel-backed Basis Peak is $127 on Black Friday


The Basis Peak, which launched earlier this year, is an all-in-one device. Backed by Intel, Basis created an activity tracker that includes smartwatch features. The Peak analyzes activity and sleep, monitors heart rate, and displays notifications from your phone. It was initially priced at $199, but the company has since lowered that to $149. Now that Black Friday is here, the Peak’s price is even lower. You can get the smartwatch-like activity tracker for $127.

Both the Matte Black and Brush Metal models are discounted for Black Friday while the Titanium model is still $299. Being that the Peak is more of a smartwatch than activity trackers from Fitbit and others, the temporary $127 price is pretty good.


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[Deal] Save on these Quick Charge 2.0 chargers from Tronsmart


Nothing is worse than your phone, tablet, smartwatch, or any other mobile device dying. It prevents you from doing important things like tweeting, taking selfies, and playing Flappy Bird. Why not reclaim your right to power your rotation of hardware with chargers from Tronsmart? The accessories maker is currently hosting a Black Friday promotion on Amazon where you can choose among seven chargers that all support Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 technology.

Happy charging!


Wall chargers:

  • Tronsmart 4.8A 2-Port Wall Charger for $13.49
    • Promo code: MTVFSFZC
  • Tronsmart 6.8A 3-Port Wall Charger for $9.99
    • Promo code: 2ECBRH5G

Car chargers:

  • Tronsmart 4.8A 2-Port Car Charger for $10.50
    • Promo code: PD72FZJH
  • Tronsmart 7.2A 3-Port Car Charger for $13.49
    • Promo code: 9XQCVY3A
  • Tronsmart 9.2A 4-Port Car Charger for $11.49
    • Promo code: 4PORTCAR

Desktop chargers:

  • Tronsmart 90W Titan Desktop Charger for $27.99
    • Promo code: 53E8EJCI
  • Tronsmart 5-Port Desktop Charger
    • Promo code: IJQS6WCJ

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[Deal] Need an activity tracker? Fitbit devices discounted by multiple retailers


Time to shed the pounds! Retailers including Best Buy, Amazon, and Woot are selling Fitbit activity trackers for a lower price in honor of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Fitbit itself, too, is taking between $10-$50 off of the Zip, Flex, Charge, Charge HR, and Surge.

Explore your different options through the links below.

[Fitbit] [Best Buy] [Amazon] [Woot]

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9 gifts for animal lovers

I nose best, seems to be the opinion of Charlemagne's SignetWinter is coming. And with it also comes the need to show the loved ones in your life just how much you care for them by spending, spending, spending on gifts. Trouble is, there are just so many options to choose from. What you really need is someone, some outside force to hold your credit card-holding hand. And boy, do we have some suggestions for you. Happy Holidays! You’re very welcome.

Because pets (and the people who love them) deserve presents, too.


Image credit: NY Daily News via Getty Images

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