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Why Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved is a Must-Play Shooter on SHIELD


The beginnings of the Geometry Wars series of demanding, fast-paced shooters are somewhat unconventional. With the signature 2D vector graphics and retro-style arcade gameplay, Geometry Wars made its first appearance in Project Gotham Racing 2 back in 2003. Originally designed by Bizarre Creations as a tech demo when they were working on the original Project Gotham Racing they decided to put it into the sequel as a minigame to be found in PGR2’s garage area. It proved so popular that they created a standalone version on Xbox Live Arcade. Its huge success has given rise to a number of updates and sequels on several hardware platforms culminating with Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved—the latest, greatest glorious HD iteration that NVIDIA SHIELD owners can now enjoy.

For a game with such a seemingly simple premise – shoot enemies, collect multipliers, get a high score – Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved presents players with an impressively epic package of options. It takes all the finest elements from the previous games in the series and brings them together in one place to satisfy newer players and shoot-‘em-up purists alike.


Starting with the visuals, Geometry Wars has always been a bit special: its neon-lit vector elements populating the screen in ever greater numbers, building into an eye popping firework display of assailants and gunfire. The flat 2D environments of previous games have been augmented with 15 3D geometric arenas adding an extra wraparound gameplay dynamic.


Players who like a beginning, middle and end to their games can dive straight into Adventure mode, a campaign of dozens of individual time limited levels punctuated by tough Boss encounters. As the game progresses, drones are unlocked which assist the player, helping to collect bonuses and adding extra firepower in the shape of mines, missiles and automated turrets.

Purists will want to stick to the Hardcore mode, which does away with all the power-ups and upgrades and enables them to challenge themselves and others to get as high a score as possible on a level playing field.


Players can also try out some of the other challenges on offer, with Classic Mode offering six different ways to play. Pacifism strips you of all weapons making your primary objective evasion rather that attack. The King option presents a number of fort-like strongholds called King Zones outside of which the player cannot fire, and they only have one life so it’s a case of scrambling between the Zones and defending themselves from enemy onslaught. 12 different play modes ensure there’s a nuanced variation of the gameplay to suit everyone.


Dimensions Evolved arriving on SHIELD is truly something to get excited about with the single proviso that anyone venturing into this colorful, chaotic environment should be prepared for a game that can eat up all your freetime with its addictive gameplay. Download Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved on Google Play for $9.99.

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Buy a Sony Xperia Z3+ smartphone or Z4 tablet, get $50 PlayStation Store credit

xperia z3 compact back colors

It looks like Sony is trying to leverage their success in gaming to increase their flagging mobile sells. The Japanese tech company is offering new buyers of the Xperia Z3 or the Xperia Z4 Tablet $50 in the PlayStation Store to gamers in the US. This limited holiday sale promo runs all the way through the end of December, but if you try to take advantage of it January 1st, you’ll be a day late and $50 short. Well, technically, as long as the device was purchased between November 1 and December 31, you have until the end of January to pick up your PlayStation Store credit.

xperia-z3-plus-aa (1)See also: Sony Xperia Z3+ review54

This offer is available to those buying either of these devices through Amazon or BHPhotoVideo. After making your purchase, you’ll be directed to the promotional website where you can redeem your $50 PlayStation Store credit.

If you bought an Xperia Z3+ or an Xperia Z4 Tablet earlier this month, it looks like you should still be able to take advantage of this offer. The redemption form on the website allows you to upload a picture of the sales receipt and your device’s IMEI number. Once they validate your purchase, that PlayStation Store credit is yours.

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet thumb

Both the Sony Xperia Z3+ and the Xperia Z4 Tablet have been well-received by users and reviewers alike. The Xperia Z3+ garnered praise for its integration with other Sony services, its high-quality audio, and its expandable storage space. It runs a little hot, and not everybody is a fan of the glass back, but it’s definitely a solid pick for a smartphone.

The Xperia Z4 Tablet also boasts some pretty high quality audio, but what really turned heads was its gorgeous, high resolution display, sturdy build quality, and awesome battery life. It is, however, a bit expensive, so offsetting your purchase with a promo like this one sounds like a great idea.

For more information about this offer, click the button below to head over to the promo website.

Xperia Offer

What are your thoughts? Tempting or a pass? Let us know in the comments!


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EA’s Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is out now on Google Play

EA has been teasing its upcoming Star Wars RPG for months now, and we’re happy to report that it’s finally here. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has made its way to the Google Play Store.

This is a standard turn-based RPG that features your favorite (and not-so-favorite) characters from the Star Wars universe such as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Ahsoka and many, many more. Characters in the game aren’t just from the original trilogy, though. You can collect characters from all six movies, as well as characters from The Clone Wars and Rebels, too. The aim of the game is to build up your team to win as many battles as you can across the galaxy on familiar planets such as Hoth, Bespin, Tatooine, Coruscant and more. You can craft both light and dark side teams with Jedi and Sith lords. You’ll need to make strategic choices to pick characters with abilities that compliment one another.

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You’ll win new characters automatically every once in awhile, but there’s a faster way to build your team: in-game currency. You’ll be rewarded with a certain amount of gems that can be used to buy new characters. If you don’t have enough gems, you can (surprise, surprise) buy more gems with real money. See how this works?

This is a free-to-play title from EA, so you can expect tons of in-app purchases. Maybe it’s just my love for Star Wars that’s clouding my vision, but in the short time I’ve been playing the game, the in-app purchases haven’t really been bugging me too much. If you’re interested, follow the link below for the download.

Download Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes from Google Play


10 best Thanksgiving apps for Android

best thanksgiving apps
Thanksgiving is a trying, but ultimately happy time of year for many people. You get a chance to see your family, eat a ton of food, and you finally get to whip out all those excuses you’ve been saving up on why you haven’t come to visit more often. The dominant opinion is that it’s a day to put your phone or tablet away and interact with your family, but we have a list of awesome Thanksgiving apps that can help make the day go by smoother.

allrecipes best thanksgiving apps for androidAllrecipes

[Price: Free]
There are people changing their diets all the time. Maybe your Aunt has a gluten allergy or maybe your Grandfather needs to watch his cholesterol. Whatever the reason, you may be looking for some new Thanksgiving recipes this year. Allrecipe is a pretty good app in that it lets you sort recipes based on a variety of factors including the ingredients you have to use. There are plenty of great ones, but this is a good place to start if you need recipes!
Get it now on Google Play!

evernote best thanksgiving appsEvernote

[Price: Free with subscription options]
Evernote is a powerful note taking application and one that you may need. During family gatherings, you may learn about new addresses and phone numbers, good Christmas gift ideas, or maybe this is the year your Grandma finally teaches you the secret ingredient to that awesome recipe she always uses. The app syncs to all of your various devices so you can find it easily on your computer or your various mobile devices and it’s all wrapped up in Material Design. You can even share notes with other family members if they also use Evernote.
Get it now on Google Play!

Google App best thanksgiving appsGoogle Now

[Price: Free]
Perhaps the most potentially useful app in all of Thanksgiving will be Google Now. It can do pretty much everything these other applications can do, including take notes, set timers, find recipes, and search the web for various things. It’s faster and easier than opening a Google Search and you can also use it for a variety of other tasks, including reminders and adding birthdays into your calendar when you forgot the date yourself.
Get it now on Google Play!

hangouts best thanksgiving appsGoogle Hangouts or Skype

[Price: Free]
One of the core experiences of Thanksgiving is getting together with family which isn’t always possible. Sometimes this can’t happen for various reasons and the Internet can help with that. Google Hangouts and Skype both provide real-time video calling so you can spend a little time with the loved ones who couldn’t make it this year. Both have free calls and both are rock solid services so really, you can use either one based on your preferences. You can get Skype by clicking here.
Get it now on Google Play!

groupon best thanksgiving appsGroupon

[Price: Free]
Groupon is a fun app that lets you find deals and coupons for businesses in your area. It’s Thanksgiving and, afterward, Thanksgiving weekend which means you’ll be doing a lot of shopping. It may be food, it may be Black Friday. Either way, you’ll be in a position to save yourself a bit of money and Groupon can help you do that. Who knows, you may even find a good coupon for a decent price off of your turkey.
Get it now on Google Play!
groupon best thanksgiving apps

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Pocket best thanksgiving appsPocket

[Price: Free]
Pocket is an application that lets you save things for later. You may be browsing your phone and see a neat article or a funny joke and at that moment, you’re chastised for being nose-deep in your phone and not spending time with people. With Pocket, you can put that stuff away for later consumption and spend less time hanging out with your eyes pointed at a screen. Then, after everyone leaves, you can return to that content and read it then.
Get it now on Google Play!

Timely best thanksgiving appsTimely

[Price: Free]
Whoever cooks the turkey in your household is going to spend a lot of time looking at a clock. It might as well be a really good looking clock, right? Timely is a beautifully done clock app that is entirely free and comes with a timer function so you can properly keep track of your turkey cooking times. It also comes with themes, alarms, and even a widget if you need those.
Get it now on Google Play!

tripadvisor best thanksgiving apps android appsTripAdvisor

[Price: Free]
If you’re the one doing the traveling this week, you have a lot of options for apps that can make that traveling easier. A good all-in-one solution is TripAdvisor. Using this app, you can find flights, hotels, and local entertainment during your trip to your family’s area. After all, you’ll probably be there a couple of days but Thanksgiving is only one of those days. You can find a lot of recommendations and be less bored.
Get it now on Google Play!
tripadvisor best thanksgiving apps

Yelp best thanksgiving appsYelp

[Price: Free]
Yelp is another great app for those of you who are traveling somewhere to spend time with family. Yelp focuses a lot more on general consumer businesses like restaurants, retail, and services and it allows you to see how those businesses are rated by its customers. The app also has exclusive deals for Yelp users and can help you find addresses and phone numbers for places you may want to get in contact with. It’s a good way to help get used to a city you don’t live in.
Get it now on Google Play!
Yelp best thanksgiving apps

YouTube best thanksgiving appsYouTube

[Price: Free]
Ah, yes, YouTube. You wouldn’t believe how many useful videos you can find for just about any holiday and Thanksgiving is no exception. First time turkey carvers can find tutorials on how to do that if needed. You can also find ways to prepare food, funny videos to show your relatives, and look up your favorite version of Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant or any other Thanksgiving-related music.
Get it now on Google Play!
YouTube best thanksgiving apps

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[Deal] Keep your eyes on the road with the ExoMount Touch Universal Mount

Living in a big city, I don’t drive much and take public transportation to most of my destinations. It’s not until I visit family in the Midwest and get behind the wheel of a car again that I quickly realize just how fragile every second on the road is. One moment with your eyes fixed on your lap to read your notifications could cost you the ability to ever walk again… or worse.

Driver-less cars are the wave of the future but they’re not here yet. In the meantime, it’s up to us to reconcile the power of smartphones in our cars with maintaining safety for all motorists. No need to give up GPS (come on, could you imagine life without it?); the ExoMount Touch is here to ensure you have a safe and connected commute.

  • Attaches & releases your smartphone with one touch
  • Mounts to any flat, smooth, textured, curved, or rounded surface
  • Attaches to more than just the car; use on a desk or wall
  • Easily rotates & swivels 360 degrees
  • Sleek & clean design
  • Installs in less than a minute
  • Washable & reusable suction cup
  • Works w/ a wide-range of devices

This mount attaches easily and securely using only one hand and puts you in perfect position to see the road, turning your device into something more along the lines of a heads-up display rather than a brick that slides onto your floorboards. It’s easily adjustable for optimum visibility with a 360-degree swivel. Its versatile design means you can use almost any handset (even with thick,protective cases) and the surface-friendly mounting means you’ll have plenty of placement options.

If you like this deal, and want to see more of these, let us know in the comments below. You can find this, and many other great tech bargains through our Deals Page. Backed by StackCommerce, there are daily promos, giveaways, freebies, and much more!

AndroidGuys Deals: ExoMount Touch Universal Car Mount

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Motorola dangles big discounts for Cyber Monday

If you’ve been eyeing a Moto device, your time to pounce may be fast approaching. Motorola has just revealed that its site will be holding a sale for Cyber Monday, starting at 11:00am CT on Nov. 30th. The deals will run through Dec. 7th until 11:59pm CT.

Specifically, you’ll be able to get the 2nd Gen. Moto X for 25% off ($299 instead of $399) and the 1st Gen. Moto 360 for 50% off ($149 instead of $299).


Additionally, there will be a one-day sale on the 2nd Gen. Moto G on Cyber Monday only (Nov. 30th from 11:00am CT until Dec. 1st at 10:59am CT), at 40% from $179 to $99.


If you were planning to pick one of these devices soon hopefully Motorola has just saved you some hassle.

Source: Motorola

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[TA Deals] Grab a pair of discounted touchscreen gloves for under $10

knitted touchscreen glovesThe weather is getting colder, which means many of us are going to start wearing gloves soon. Unfortunately, those gloves make it pretty tough to interact with phones and other gadgets, which is where these knitted smartphone gloves come in handy.

The gloves are double layered, so you won’t lose any warmth as opposed to normal gloves, but they have specially designed fingertips that will allow you to interact with a capacitive touch screen. Today, you can pick up a pair for 75% off, bringing the price down to a reasonable $9.99.

Not a bad deal if it means you don’t have to freeze your fingers to check Twitter.

[Talk Android Deals]

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Smart sprinklers only water your lawn when it’s thirsty

Automatic sprinklers watering lawn

Putting your sprinklers on a timer system is probably the best way to avoid under-watering your plants — but the “set and forget” mentality isn’t the most economical. What if it rains during the week and you forget to turn the timer off? Now you’re wasting water and drowning your lawn. A company called ETwater thinks it has a better automatic solution: a smart sprinkler that only waters your lawn when it actually needs it.

Via: Wired, TechInsider

Source: ETwater


3D-printed vascular systems help doctors practice for your surgery

3D-printed vascular systems

It’s safe to say that you want your doctors to know exactly what they’re doing when performing surgery. But how do they train for a vascular operation, which is both extremely tricky and unique to your anatomy? By using 3D printing, that’s how. MakerBot’s parent company Stratasys is teaming with physicians to create 3D-printed replicas of patients’ vascular systems, giving surgeons a way to practice before they poke around your blood vessels. The models use flexible photopolymers (that is, light-sensitive polymers) to recreate the feel of organic tissue, so you don’t have to worry that the surgery team is only used to working with hardened plastic.

Via: Computerworld

Source: Stratasys


Deal: Get NVIDIA’s Shield Android TV for $50 off this Black Friday (plus a free Shield Remote!)

Nvidia Shield Android TV-14

Just a few days ago NVIDIA announced that it has begun throwing in a free Shield Remote ($50 value) with the purchase of a Shield Android TV set-top box. That promotion is still going on, but on Black Friday this year, the company is planning on kicking it up a notch. This Black Friday, you’ll be able to purchase a Shield Android TV for $50 off from a number of participating retailers, including Best Buy, Canada Computers, Fry’s, GameStop, Memory Express and Micro Center. This makes the 16GB base model only $150, plus you’ll still get a free Shield Remote with your purchase. Not bad!

If you aren’t interested in heading out to a brick-and-mortar store on Friday, no need to worry. NVIDIA is offering the same exact promotion on Cyber Monday at participating online retailers, including, Amazon, and Newegg. To clarify, the deal is only available in brick-and-mortar stores on Friday, and available online on Monday.

NVIDIA is also offering discounts on a handful of games on its website, so head to to shop around. Want more Black Friday deals? Be sure to check out our big list of the best promotions available this Black Friday!

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