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What is the perfect Android smartphone?

Technology is infiltrating every aspect of our lives. The majority of us would agree that it’s a great thing. Advances in technology and automation have made tasks easier and more cost effective. Technology brings us together by making it easier and cheaper to communicate across short and vast distances. A short time ago it was incredibly costly to talk to a family member in another country on the phone, and just a little before that, it wasn’t all too uncommon to write letters by hand. Heck, I bet some of you remember paying extra money just to talk to relatives in another state – on a landline.

We’ve moved into a time of where you don’t need to keep as much information in your head. Memorization becomes less of a necessity when you can pull a computer out of your pocket, ask it a question, and it returns the answer you’re looking for in seconds. Only a few years ago we were relying on dictionaries, maps and encyclopedias for guidance or answers to important questions.

Today, our central hub is the mobile phone. It’s always with us. It contains the information we need, and it connects us to those we care about. But, it seems that no matter how good a particular model is, we tend to find a flaw, two or worse more. It’s too big, it’s not big enough. The speakers are too tinny or it can’t hold enough of our pictures and videos. There’s too much bloat. The screen quality isn’t good enough or the brightness isn’t bright enough.

We’re here to tell OEMs that we want a phone with no compromises. We want a phone on our terms.

We put together a poll asking our readers and followers to help understand what it is that might constitute a perfect smartphone. Thanks to you, we received a lot of feedback and some great data. Below are the results of what our community feels are the most important aspects of a phone. We’ll try to match up your answers to current market phones and come up with our perfect phone at the end.

From the data we’ve collected, we’re going to figure out what the perfect phone is. Maybe our friends at Samsung, HTC, LG, and Sony (among many others) will listen. And, just maybe, we will get the perfect smartphone.



The first pillar in our perfect phone is going to be the screen. It’s our main source of interaction with the device. Not only does it show information and entertainment, but it’s also the main input now that physical keyboards have gone out of style (Help us Blackberry Priv! You’re our only hope!).

In the graph below, we see that 44.6% of respondents prefer the modern day “phablet”. For the purposes of this discussion we’re going to define a phablet as anything  5.5″ or larger.

The Samsung Galaxy Note line has pioneered this space since the original Note came out in 2011. The rest of the market has finally caught up, and pretty much every manufacturer offers a phablet device now. Even Apple who famously demanded that their phones be small so you could easily touch the top of the screen now with one hand has one of the largest phones on the market. Samsung has definitely pushed the market in not only display size but also quality. Their displays are renowned for their deep blacks, saturated colors, and high brightness.

Display results

What’s clear from the results is that Samsung phones are hitting the sweet spot with their flagships.The 5.2″ display has tied the 5.7″ display in our results. So users prefer either a phablet or a device that is easier to manage in one hand with a 5.2″ display. The Samsung Galaxy S6 (5.2″) and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 just so happened to be those sizes and are widely considered the best displays on the market. Samsung probably helped define these categories as they were the pioneers in larger screen sizes. What’s interesting is that our respondents prefer a 1080p display on the 5.2″ screens instead of 1440p like on the S6.

We’re going to pick the 5.7″ 1440p display for our perfect phone screen. The highest number of people responded that they’re comfortable with phablets, and that is where the industry appears headed. We tend to agree with the data and think the Super AMOLED 5.7″ AMOLED display is absolutely fantastic and would want nothing less


Storage is a tricky one. It’s a balance of on-board and expandable avenues that give and take. If your on-board storage is lacking, it’s nice to be able to throw a microSD card into your phone and expand it to suit your needs. There are few examples when expandable storage won’t play nice with the Android Operating System, but with Marshmallow being released, you will now be able to treat your microSD card as internal storage.

storage minumum answers


Study after study have told us that 16GB of on-board storage should no longer be the standard for base models. Phones now shoot video in 4K, have burst mode photography, and tend to be our main media players. Apps are becoming much more useful but that means they require more space than in years past.

With the ability to download videos from YouTube for offline consumption, space is becoming ever more valuable. The real question here is how much do you really want expandable storage? Not only does your microSD card give you more space to store your pictures and video, but it also makes it incredibly easy to move them back and forth between devices. In the age of data caps and throttled data, the cloud isn’t always an option.

storage deal breaker answers

For our perfect phone, we’re going to pick a minimum of 32GB of storage with a microSD card slot. The potential price and design compromises are worth it in our eyes.

Battery and Charging

android charger


It’s no secret that we’re moving more toward embedded batteries. There are still champions of removable batteries like LG but major OEMs like Sony, Motorola, and even Samsung – champion of the removable battery – are sealing their batteries inside. Like everything else, there are tradeoffs to be made. Sealing your battery inside the phone normally means better build quality, and in some cases, bigger batteries.

A removable battery means that you can swap out batteries when yours goes dead or if it becomes faulty. True power users generally prefer this feature due to using their phone so much. But, with the rise in quick charging, bigger batteries, more power efficient screens and processors and smaller portable battery packs, are removable batteries still needed? The answer may surprise you.

removable battery answers


To be honest, I’m a little surprised it’s this one-sided. There was a LOT of chatter around the time of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s release about the lack of removable battery. The Note has always been the power user’s phone. Expandable storage and removable batteries were supposedly the biggest selling points for the Note series. But maybe Samsung was right to eschew those features for a more sturdy design.

perfect phone charging responses

In these two graphs, we’re seeing a shift in how people view charging technology. Quick charging only hit the scene in the past few years, but it is becoming mandatory to almost half of the respondents. Even those that said they didn’t need it in a phone did express some interest in it. Only about 6% of those who responded don’t care about rapid charging at all.

On the other hand, Qi wireless charging is a bit of a different story. While a lot of people either had to have it in their phone or were interested in it, almost a third of those who responded didn’t care at all about the wireless charging technology. That’s a much bigger percentage than I thought we’d see.

In our perfect device, we’re going to employ both quick charging and wireless charging. Quick charging is a must, and while wireless charging might not be to most, it could be a feature that puts a phone over the top for some. So we can get the best build quality possible, we’re also going to go with an embedded battery. Since we have both Quick and Wireless charging, staying charged up should be relatively easy.

Buttons and Fingerprint Scanner

Galaxy-Note-5- buttons

One of the biggest advances in smartphones today are fingerprint scanners. I truly feel like I’m using a futuristic device when I place my finger on a sensor and it immediately unlocks the phone. We really do live in the future. But how important is that really? Are fingerprint scanners a passing fad or here to stay?

I tend to stick in the “here to stay” camp. Android Pay is a huge advancement mobile payments since it can be used on almost any Android phone. But you need home screen security for that. Google is going to push the market forward again. Nexus imprint is a brilliant technology that all future OEMs are going to have to integrate into their phones. It’s better than every other fingerprint scanner on the market, even TouchID on Apple’s devices.

Buttons and fingerprint scanner answersThe on screen vs. physical button debate has been going on for a long time. I’m personally one of the 27% who don’t care which I have. I adapt to either based on the device I use. I do prefer the physical home button of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 but it’s very easy to knock yourself out of whatever media you’re watching by accidentally pressing a button.

Generally when you have physical buttons, they take up the space where you could have front facing speakers. While many of you said you didn’t really care about the placement of your speakers, if you can fit in front facing speakers, you probably should.

Since this is our perfect phone we’re going to go with on screen buttons, Nexus imprint on the back and front facing speakers. Almost seems like the new Nexus line nailed it.

Speakers and NFC

speaker placement answersThis is another question I was genuinely shocked to see the results. I assumed that most people would fall into the “Yes, but I don’t have to have front facing speakers” category. A larger number of people who HAD to have front facing speakers showed up, and with as much as we consume media on our devices, it shocks me that almost 21% of you don’t care about speaker placement at all.

One of the biggest debates around the OnePlus 2 was the lack of NFC. OnePlus claimed they listened to their customers and left the radio out of their device.

Many people didn’t appreciate that decision. NFC is vital to wireless payments. The popularity of the new payment method is exploding with the introduction of Android Pay and Samsung Pay. But, was OnePlus right? Do people care if they have NFC?

nfc answers

An astounding 88% of respondents want NFC. For over half, they don’t HAVE to have NFC on their phone to make the purchase, but the interest is there. According to those who answered our survey, OnePlus got it wrong. We’re definitely going to include NFC in our perfect phone.


Build Quality and Price

nexus imprint


Build quality and price are another category where trade-offs are seen much of the time. There’s a reason that the LG G4 dropped in price so rapidly while the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has stayed so expensive. Samsung has been famous in the past for making phones with cheap plastic bodies. This is a double edged sword because they could stand up to falls a little better than most, but they didn’t feel premium. There’s a large segment of the population that wants a premium device when they spend $600+ on a device or sign a 2-year contract.

I think our graph bares out what we’re seeing in the market today. The iPhone is a huge seller. The Galaxy line has switched over to more premium materials. How your phone feels in your hand and how it looks matters. We’ve gotten to the point where every phone can perform, now most people want one that looks good while doing it.

build and price results


And people are willing to pay for it. In the graph we definitely see a segment of the population that is going to stick to cheaper phones. That makes sense. With phones like the Motorola Moto G, Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3, Asus ZenFone 2, and others, the mid-range market is exploding.

But, this is about a perfect phone, not the best value. We all have our limits, but we’re going to get the best build and materials that we can for the standard flagship price of about $650. Metal frame? Glass front and back? Or maybe you prefer an aluminum body like the Nexus 6P or HTC One? Our perfect phone is built like a tank but feels perfect in the hand.

The Perfect Phone


So, what does our perfect phone look like? To begin, we’re going to take the 5.7″ 1440p screen from the Galaxy Note 5. It has fantastic color saturation, beautiful blacks due to it’s AMOLED technology and gets very bright. It’s a fantastic size, and even though for some it may not be a one handed device, this size is the new normal for most. Our desires for beautifully displayed media trumps most one handed use desires.

Continuing down the media thought process, we’re going to put Boomsound speakers on the front of our perfect phone. You were split, almost evenly about placement and importance of speakers. On screen buttons and front facing speakers that can shake a few windows make for an immersive media experience that won’t be rivaled.

Some power users may tell have responded that 64GB of storage should be the minimum but to keep our costs low, we’re going to go with 32GB of storage and 4GB of RAM to push anything we can throw at it. Fear not, because we’re adding a microSD card slot so you can add as much storage as you see fit. If you’re anything like me, I use my phone to watch movies all the time so I want plenty of space to hold them and continue on with my daily activities without the phone yelling at me that it’s full.

To satisfy our power users, we are going to beef the phone up a little bit. We’re going to trade the slim and sexy bodies of say a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or Huawei Nexus 6P for a few extra millimeters to pack in more battery. Our embedded battery must clock in at at least 3,500mAh. Not only do we need a big battery, but we are going to build in support for quick charging and wireless charging.

Samsung has proved that you can have wireless charging and premium materials and we’re going to continue that trend.


moto x moto maker2To shake it up a little bit, our perfect phone is going to employ a Moto Maker type system so you can customize your colors. Do you want a red metal band and a white front with a black glass back? You get it. Do you want leather instead of glass on the back? Yep! Order it up. Our perfect phone isn’t just one phone for everyone. It’s a perfect phone for each person. The fingerprint scanner will take the place of the dimple on the back of most Motorola phones, much like the Nexus line does now.

We’re going to need to see USB Type-C so we’re future proofed, water resistance, Bluetooth 4.1, the latest Wifi standards and a Sony IMX240 sensor on the back of our phone for the best possible pictures. To top it off, it’s going to cost $650. Companies have proven before that they can make phones with very few compromises, but will any of them step up to make our perfect phone?

What are the real world examples of phones that come close? After carefully pouring over your responses and the choices we’ve made thereafter, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, HTC One M9, and Huawei Nexus 6P most closely resemble our perfect phone. We’ve also taken elements of the Motorola Moto X Pure and Sony Xperia Z5 to round out this perfect device.

If you’d like to see our raw data, feel free to click here to check out the answers. There are a few more question and answers that we didn’t address in this article so definitely check that out if you’re interested. Did we miss anything? Have any qualms about our choices? Make your case down in the comments.

And all of this, of course, is just the hardware side of things. Software is an entirely different subject… for another day.

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US prisons allegedly record more inmate calls than they should

A prison phone call in 'Orange is the New Black'

It might not just be everyday people who’ve been subject to illegal surveillance — prisoners may be victims, too. An anonymous hacker has given The Intercept phone records showing that prisons have recorded “at least” 14,000 calls between inmates and lawyers through software from Securus. As you might imagine, that potentially represents huge violations of both the attorney-client privilege and Sixth Amendment protections against interference with your right to counsel. Prosecutors could use these recordings to cheat at trial by getting case details that they’re not supposed to know. In fact, a recent Austin lawsuit accuses Securus of contributing to just that kind of trickery.

Source: The Intercept


Google’s ‘About me’ is your all-inclusive profile for the company’s apps

In its on-going quest to strip Google+ down to its frame, Mountain View has spun yet another feature from the sputtering social network as a standalone item. A new “About me” page is Google’s one-stop shop for updating your profile details across the company’s arsenal of apps. Changes made here will update how your personal information is display in the likes of Google+, Photos, Drive and more. In terms of what’s included, About me displays all of your contact info, education, work history, places, gender, birthday and more. If your Google+ profile is listed as public, the information here, and across Google’s apps, will be as well. Not to worry, you can lock down individual cards as private should you choose to do so. The company says it’s also working on a way for users to see what their profile will look like to those ogling it. If you’re unsure about your security settings across Photos, YouTube and other apps, there’s a handy link to Google’s Privacy Checkup tool at the bottom of the page. Ready to check it out? You can do just that via the source link below.

Via: SlashGear

Source: Google


Apple is reportedly working on peer-to-peer payments

220,000 Stores Start Accepting Apple Pay

Apple is reportedly in negotiations with US banks to create a mobile personal payment platform that would compete with PayPal’s popular Venmo app. The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources close to the talks, states that discussions are currently ongoing though there’s no confirmation that any banks have actually signed on yet. Chase, Capital One, Wells Fargo and Bank have all been named as potential partners.

Source: Wall Street Journal


Apple Working on Mobile Person-to-Person Payment Service

Apple is in talks with U.S. banks over a potential person-to-person mobile payments service, reports The Wall Street Journal. Such a service would perhaps be positioned as an expansion to Apple Pay, and it would allow people to send each other payments, much like PayPal’s Venmo or Square’s Square Cash service.

apple pay wwdc 2015

Little is known about the talks at this early date, but The Wall Street Journal says communication between Apple and the banks is ongoing and it’s not known if Apple has inked any concrete deals. Apple is said to be speaking to Chase, Capital One, Wells Fargo, and U.S. Bank, but key details “remain in flux” and the technical details still need to be worked out.

It isn’t clear how Apple intends to make money from the service. Indeed, the company may view a person-to-person offering mostly as a way to get more consumers to convert to its phones.

Under the current discussions, Apple wouldn’t charge the banks for participating in its person-to-person payment service, said the person familiar with the talks. That is different from Apple Pay in which the banks pay Apple for each transaction

Person-to-person services like Venmo and Square Cash are used for personal payments and are useful for things like paying back a friend who bought dinner or splitting a rent payment. With Apple’s system, iPhone and iPad owners could perhaps use Apple Pay to send secure payments to one another from a checking account.

A launch date for the service is unclear as of yet, but Apple may be targeting a 2016 debut.

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Black Friday 2015 – best deals

best black friday deals

The holiday shopping season has already started for many of us, though a number of consumers wait anxiously for the arrival of Black Friday – the day of the year where you push, shove, and combat your way into savings, or you go online and save a bunch without nearly as much effort (though arguably with more risk that the item you covet will already be out of stock).

Figuring out what all is available on discount during Black Friday can be nothing short of a pain, so we’re attempting to make the process at least a little easier by listing out a number of great deals that caught our eyes here at Android Authority. While not all of these deals are Android-related, they are the kind of stuff that our fellow tech lovers should appreciate.

At the bottom of this roundup of deals we’ll also include links to all the retailer’s ads in case you want to dig even deeper on your own.

Editor’s Note: This list will continue to evolve in the days and weeks leading up to Black Friday, so be sure to check back if you want more help in planning your Black Friday war plan this year.


samsung galaxy note 5 review aa (10 of 32)

There are several great deals for phones this Black Friday, including several promotions where you get gift cards when you sign up for monthly installments with your carrier. There’s even several prepaid deals, such as the Moto E for as low as $10 from Verizon.

  Discounted Price Original Price Retailer When deal starts
Samsung Galaxy S6 – Verizon $400 Visa gift card with every purchase Standard Verizon Wireless monthly plan Staples Buy online starting Thursday, in-stores on Black Friday at open
Moto E – Verizon Wireless $10 $70 Best Buy In-store 5PM on Thanksgiving, online all day
Samsung Galaxy S4 – Boost Mobile $230 $330 Best Buy In-stores Black Friday at open, all day Friday online
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – Sprint/Verizon Wireless $50 (with 2 year contract) $250 (with 2 year contract) Best Buy Now, while supplies last
ZTE Maven – AT&T GoPhone $40 + $45 worth of free airtime $40 Target In-stores at 6pm on Thanksgiving, online all day
Moto E – Boost Mobile $30 $100 Target In-stores at 6pm on Thanksgiving, online all day
Samsung Galaxy S6 (32 GB) $0.01 with contract
$0 down + $250 Target gift card
$600 Target In-stores at 6pm on Thanksgiving, online all day
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (32 GB) $0.01 with contract
$0 down + $250 Target gift card
$800 Target In-stores at 6pm on Thanksgiving, online all day

Best tablet deals


Maybe it is just me, but it seems like there are way more Black Friday tablet deals this year than in the past few Black Fridays. With the tablet market slowing down a bit, perhaps all the manufacturers are hoping that significant discounts will get the ball rolling again? Regardless, there are some great deals here on brands including Samsung, Amazon, and some lesser known “cheaper” players as well.

  Discounted Price Original Price Retailer When deal starts
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0 $80 $140 Staples Buy online starting Thursday, in-stores on Black Friday at open
Fire HD 8.9 $150 $269 Staples Buy online starting Thursday, in-stores on Black Friday at open
Fire HD 10.1 $229 $260 Staples Buy online starting Thursday, in-stores on Black Friday at open
Galaxy Tab 4 7 $120 $180 Staples Buy online starting Thursday, in-stores on Black Friday at open
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 $229 $300 Staples, Best Buy Buy online starting Thursday, in-stores on Black Friday at open
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8 $349 $400 Staples Buy online starting Thursday, in-stores on Black Friday at open
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 $400 $500 Staples Buy online starting Thursday, in-stores on Black Friday at open
NuVision 10.1 Android tablet $80 $180 Staples Buy online starting Thursday, in-stores on Black Friday at open
Fire Bundle $55 $80 Staples Buy online starting Thursday, in-stores on Black Friday at open
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 $180 $230 Staples, Sam’s Club Buy online starting Thursday, in-stores on Black Friday at open
Dell Venue 10 5000 series $150 $250 Dell Doorbuster 2PM EST Friday 11/27
Fire 7-inch tablet $35 $50 Best Buy In-store 5PM on Thanksgiving, online all day
DigiLand 10.1-inch tablet 16GB $60 $100 Best Buy In-stores Black Friday at open, all day Friday online
Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 16GB $200 $250 Best Buy In-stores Black Friday at open, all day Friday online
Samsung Kids tablet $100 $150 Best Buy In-stores Black Friday at open, all day Friday online
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 $120 $180 Best Buy In-stores Black Friday at open, all day Friday online
RCA 8-inch Android tablet with 8B memory and HD screen $40 $100 Target In-stores at 6pm on Thanksgiving, online all day
Polaroid 9-inch tablet with wireless keyboard, quad-core processor $50 $80 Target In-stores at 6pm on Thanksgiving, online all day

Smartwatches and fitness trackers

moto 360 2nd gen review aa (21 of 27)

Looking for a new smartwatch or a fitness tracker? There’s some pretty solid deals here, including a $50 Best Buy gift card rewarded when you buy the new Moto 360 and Fitbit pricing down as low as $40 for Zip, and $90 for the Charge.

  Discounted Price Original Price Retailer When deal starts
Fitbit Charge HR $120 $150 Best Buy, Target In-stores Black Friday at open, all day Friday online
Fitbit Zip Tracker $40 $60 Best Buy In-stores Black Friday at open, all day Friday online
Fitbit Charge $90 $130 Best Buy In-stores Black Friday at open, all day Friday online
Fitbit Surge fitness watch $200 $250 Best Buy, Target In-stores Black Friday at open, all day Friday online
Moto 360 (2nd Generation) $50 Best Buy gift card $300 Best Buy In-stores Black Friday at open, all day Friday online
Pebble Time $130 $200 Target In-stores at 6pm on Thanksgiving, online all day

Media Players

chromecast 2015 review aa (6 of 26)

Despite the prevalence of smart TVs on the marketplace, media players still make great gifts for those with older TV sets, or for those with Smart TVs that have come to realize that the built-in interfaces on most sets are slow, clunky and not nearly as good of an experience as you’ll get with a Roku, Fire TV, or the simple and affordable Chromecast.

  Discounted Price Original Price Retailer When deal starts
Roku SE $25 $50 Best Buy In-stores Black Friday at open, all day Friday online
Amazon Fire Stick $25 $40 Best Buy In-stores Black Friday at open, all day Friday online
Google Chromecast 2 for $50 $70 Staples Buy online starting Thursday, in-stores on Black Friday at open
Amazon Fire TV $75 $99 Staples Buy online starting Thursday, in-stores on Black Friday at open

Headphones and speakers

Beats Wireless By Dre Review Hands On AA-22

Looking for a good deal on a new pair of headphones, earphones, or a bluetooth speaker? While we haven’t run into tons just yet, there are deals to be had, especially for those that are a fan of the Beats line.

  Discounted Price Original Price Retailer When deal starts
UE Boom Bluetooth $100 $200 Best Buy In-stores Black Friday at open, all day Friday online
Bose SoundTrue On-ear headphones $60 $150 Best Buy In-stores Black Friday at open, all day Friday online
Beats Powerbeats 2 wireless bluetooth earphones $100 $200 Best Buy In-stores Black Friday at open, all day Friday online
Beats Solo headphones $97 $200 Target In-stores at 6pm on Thanksgiving, online all day
All other Beats headphones 25% off Varies Target In-stores at 6pm on Thanksgiving, online all day

Television sets


What do television sets have to do with Android? Well, there’s Android TV, there’s tablets with HDMI out, there’s… okay, not a lot, though we’re pretty sure that our readers will appreciate some of the low-priced TVs on this list, with 4K televisions going for as low as $500. Wasn’t that long ago that a “discounted” 4K TV would cost you thousands, but that’s the speed of tech for you.

  Discounted Price Original Price Retailer When deal starts
Samsung 60-inch smart 4K Ultra HD TV $800 $1500 Best Buy In-store 5PM on Thanksgiving, online all day
LG 49-inch smart 4K Ultra HD TV $500 $800 Target In-stores at 6pm on Thanksgiving, online all day
Samsung 55-inch smart 4K Ultra HD TV $798 $1200 Target In-stores at 6pm on Thanksgiving, online all day
Vizio 58-inch smart 4K Ultra HD TV $700 $999 Sam’s Club Buy online starting Thursday, in-stores on Black Friday at open
Toshiba 49-inch 1080p HDTV $150 $429 Best Buy In-store 5PM on Thanksgiving, online all day
Insignia 40-inch 1080p HDTV $160 $280 Best Buy Now, while supplies last


Lastly, we’ll include a bunch of stuff that caught our attention but didn’t fit into any of the other categories, stuff like wireless chargers, battery packs, memory cards, and so forth.

  Discounted Price Original Price Retailer When deal starts
Samsung wireless charger $30 $50 Best Buy In-store 5PM on Thanksgiving, online all day
PNY Turbo Performance microSD- 64 GB $18.99 $30.99 Staples Buy online starting Thursday, in-stores on Black Friday at open
PNY 6,600 mAh power bank $10 $30 Staples Buy online starting Thursday, in-stores on Black Friday at open

Looking for more great deals?

While there’s quite a few great products listed above, there are many more tech deals to be found in addition to those we highlighted, and plenty of non-tech related savings as well. With that in mind, we are including links to all the retailers found on this list:


T-Mobile plan changes, price hikes follow Binge On announcement


As the dust settles from T-Mobile’s announcement yesterday that a new, unlimited video streaming option is being created on their network called Binge On, more details about other changes T-Mobile is making to their business have started to emerge. Among the changes, T-Mobile is going to be hiking the price of their unlimited data plans while expanding the data cap before the plans kick down to a slower speed.

Currently T-Mobile customers with an unlimited data plan pay $80 per month, but they will see that price jump up to $95 per month. To help smooth things over a bit, T-Mobile is doubling the data limit from 7GB to 14GB for hotspot data before connections get throttled down. Clint Patterson, a spokesman for T-Mobile, says, “delivering unlimited LTE plans is expensive as data usage skyrockets, so we’re updating Simple Choice to reflect today’s usage patterns.”

The changes are not limited to the unlimited plans either. A current two person family plan which includes 10GB of data per line will see a price hike from $100 per month to $120 per month. Individual plans like the 3GB plan for $60 per month is going up to $65 per month, but data is doubling to 6GB. The $70 per month 5GB plan will remain at the same price, but see data doubled to 10GB.

Analysts looking at T-Mobile’s new Binge On offer noted a couple issues related to the service. First, T-Mobile is only making Binge On available to customers who have 6GB or higher plans, which may help entice customers to upgrade. The Binge One offering is also limited to video quality of 480p, which uses about a third of the data that current 1080p high definition video consumes. This should help ease network demands for T-Mobile even with more users accessing video content.

Share your thoughts about T-Mobile’s latest moves in the comments below.

source: CNN Money

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JJ Abrams jumps into gaming with ChAIR to launch ‘SPYJINX’


Although many may think JJ Abrams would be busy right now with a major movie getting ready to open, he took some time to announce a new partnership his Bad Robot studio is entering into to launch a new computer game. SPYJINX will be a new espionage genre title for computers and smartphones launching in 2016. To get it into the hands of gamers, Bad Robot has teamed up with ChAIR, the development team behind Infinity Blade.

According to an interview with JJ Abrams and Donald Mustard, SPYJINX will combine elements of action, role-playing, strategy and some world-building into the title. In the interview, Abrams describes elements of the game as being a “brainstorming session” with developers, which may hint that the game will evolve over time using a somewhat open platform.

ChAIR and Bad Robot are currently seeking gamers who want to participate in a closed beta of SPYJINX as the developers work toward their release date. If you want to try to get in early by being a beta tester, hit the source link below to sign up.

Click here to view the embedded video.

source: Epic Games

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[TA Deals] Save big on a PureVPN lifetime subscription (88% off)


Using a virtual private network (or VPN) has its benefits. The most important of them is being able to browse the web privately and securely. Don’t care about privacy or security? A VPN can still be useful to you if you’re traveling to a location that blocks access to select services. On Talk Android Deal, we’re offering a lifetime subscription to PureVPN for hundreds of dollars less than its value.

Here’s what you can do with PureVPN:

  • Connect w/ up to 5 devices at once at top speeds
  • Access a gigantic 550+ servers in 141 countries across 6 continents
  • Unblock Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, and more anywhere in the world
  • Encrypt data w/ proprietary software, a self-engineered network & absolutely no third-parties
  • Secure your connection on public Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Utilize unlimited bandwidth & one-click functionality

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Spreaker Podcast Radio now available for Android in the Play Store


Podcast listeners who use Android devices have a new option to access content, the Spreaker Podcast Radio app. Spreaker developed the podcast listening app to help listeners find new and popular podcasts and then keep track of them all by organizing playlists and favorites. Part of the benefit of the Spreaker Podcast Radio app will be the curated channels and lists compiled with the help of sponsors and partners working with Spreaker’s editorial team.

The main content available through Spreaker is organized into two areas. First there are channels, which can be thought of as stations, where content is organized around a topic or theme. Spreaker says the Comedy Fun channel is a good example, where listeners can find content like If I Were You, WTF with Marc Maron, or The Adam Carolla Show. Users can skip forward or backward through content or switch to a different channel using on-screen controls. The content on any channel will be updated automatically when the sources release new material.

Unlike Channels, the Explore function provides a fixed list of podcast content, although these too are organized around specific themes or topics. If a user wants to access a specific podcast and go through episodes of just that podcast, the Explore function would be the way to go.

To customize the experience for users, Spreaker provides a favorites list so users can keep track of the content they enjoy. Using those favorites, along with the history of content listened to or downloaded, Spreaker will also generate Playlists so users can revisit content.

Spreaker Podcast Radio is now available in the Play Store, so hit the download link below if you are a podcast listener that wants to give it a try or if you want to check out what podcasts are all about.


Play Store Download Link

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