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May 20, 2015

Twitch brings on-demand video support to its Android app

by John_A

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Twitch users will be happy to hear that video on demand (VOD) is finally making its way to mobile. Now users of the mobile application will be able to view highlights and past broadcasts from their favorite streamers as well as an increasing number of broadcasters whose videos are HLS enabled.

If you’re interested in checking out VODs for yourself, you can find them in the channel’s Activity Feed. If you happen to be watching a live channel, simply tap the Activity Feed icon located on the bottom left side of the player. If you’re on the Search page or Directory, though, just tap any offline channel to go directly to the Activity Feed.

Unfortunately for Android users, this update may be a little more difficult to download. The Twitch team has addressed some possible security vulnerabilities with this new release, so users will have to download a completely different version of the application, rather than updating the current version from the Google Play Store. To get version 4.0, you’ll need to delete the old version that’s currently on your device (version 3.2.3), then proceed to download the new version by following the Play Store link below.

Obviously this isn’t ideal for users, though having a more secure platform is much more important than causing users a bit of an inconvenience. If you want to grab the newest version, be sure to delete your current app then head to the link below.

Get it on Google Play

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