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Download and Install the Android 5.1.1 OTA update for the Nexus 4


The Android 5.1.1 update is now rolling to Nexus 4 devices, but who the hell wants to wait 2 to 3 weeks for it? You can manually download the actual and official over-the-air (OTA) update from Google and flash if yourself.

I know what you’re thinking. You think you need to be a rocket scientist or you need a rooted device. Well you don’t. If I can do it, you can do it. Just hit up our very extensive guide that will walk you through each and every step. If you happen to be a seasoned pro and don’t need the guide, just grab the OTA update from the link below.

Nexus 4 (ossam) From LMY47O to LMY47V (5.1.1)

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Apple’s Streaming Music Negotiations in Russia Confirm Plans for Multi-Country Availability

iTunes-RadioApple’s Beats Music and iTunes Radio streaming services are available in a limited number of countries, but Apple is working on launching its upcoming music service in a number of countries around the world. Previous rumors have suggested Apple’s upcoming music service will launch in multiple countries when it debuts in June, and a new report from Billboard confirms that Apple is seeking to establish deals in Russia.

According to Russian newspapers, leading Russian record labels have hinted at the negotiations and have suggested that Russia will be among the first countries where the new music service will launch. Apple is said to be working on deals with local labels that would expand its digital rights to streaming services. Currently, Russian iTunes users have access to music, movies, apps, and books through iTunes, as well as iTunes Match.

Beats Music is only available in the United States, while iTunes Radio is available in Australia and the United States. When iTunes Radio launched in 2013, Apple promised to bring it to additional countries, with iTunes chief Eddy Cue saying a worldwide launch for iTunes Radio was a “top priority” and service was planned for “more than 100 countries.”

It is not clear why Apple’s iTunes Radio expansion plans fell through, but the intricacies of establishing contracts in many countries around the world likely played a part, as did iTunes Radio’s lukewarm reception.

iTunes Radio is set to receive a major revamp alongside Beats Music, and while today’s report doesn’t state whether or not the Russian negotiations cover content for both streaming services, previous rumors have suggested that the new version of iTunes Radio, like the new streaming music service, will launch in multiple countries around the world.

The new version of iTunes Radio may feature improved curation and exclusive radio shows hosted by notable DJs. Apple hired BBC Radio DJ Zane Lowe earlier this year, along with a handful of other radio content producers. Exact details on Apple’s new iTunes Radio service are not known, but Apple may attempt to make the service more palatable to users through better tailoring towards regional markets.

As for the upcoming streaming music service, it’s rumored to be similar to the existing Beats Music service, with a focus on curated content and artist exclusives. While iTunes Radio will remain free, the new Beats-based streaming service will reportedly cost $9.99 per month.

Both the revamped iTunes Radio and the new streaming music service may debut in June, at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, and both will be integrated into Apple’s redesigned music app, introduced with iOS 8.4.


Motorola Camera receives manual exposure control in newest update

new moto x first look aa (9 of 21)

Motorola has just pushed out an update to its Motorola Camera application in the Google Play Store that brings manual exposure control. Changing exposure on the fly is easy and helps produce much clearer photos. To lighten or darken your photo, make sure that your camera app is in tap-to-focus mode, then simply drag the slider on the screen left or right to add or take away light. The Moto X’s camera certainly isn’t the greatest on the market, so perhaps the addition of manual exposure controls will help out a little.

Motorola Camera update

Motorola has also included a few bug fixes along with this update, which is always nice to see. The update is now live in the Play Store, so be sure to head to the link below to grab the latest version if you’re the owner of a Motorola device.

Get it on Google Play


Twitch brings on-demand video support to its Android app

twitch tv logo

Twitch users will be happy to hear that video on demand (VOD) is finally making its way to mobile. Now users of the mobile application will be able to view highlights and past broadcasts from their favorite streamers as well as an increasing number of broadcasters whose videos are HLS enabled.

If you’re interested in checking out VODs for yourself, you can find them in the channel’s Activity Feed. If you happen to be watching a live channel, simply tap the Activity Feed icon located on the bottom left side of the player. If you’re on the Search page or Directory, though, just tap any offline channel to go directly to the Activity Feed.

Unfortunately for Android users, this update may be a little more difficult to download. The Twitch team has addressed some possible security vulnerabilities with this new release, so users will have to download a completely different version of the application, rather than updating the current version from the Google Play Store. To get version 4.0, you’ll need to delete the old version that’s currently on your device (version 3.2.3), then proceed to download the new version by following the Play Store link below.

Obviously this isn’t ideal for users, though having a more secure platform is much more important than causing users a bit of an inconvenience. If you want to grab the newest version, be sure to delete your current app then head to the link below.

Get it on Google Play


Hydrogen-powered drone will fly for hours at a time

The Hycopter drone

Even the nicer drones you can buy typically last for just minutes in the air, which isn’t much help if you’re delivering packages or shooting movies. Horizon Unmanned Systems (HUS) thinks it has a solution, however: hydrogen power. Its recently unveiled Hycopter drone runs on a lightweight hydrogen fuel cell that should deliver up to 4 hours of flight time unloaded, and 2.5 hours when it’s carrying 2.2 pounds of cargo. That still may not sound like much, but it makes long-distance flights practical — it’s the difference between flying across the city and staying within the neighborhood. HUS won’t even fly the Hycopter’s prototype until later this year, but patience could well pay off if you’re tired of piloting robotic aircraft in half-hour bursts.

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Source: Horizon Unmanned Systems, BusinessWire


3D printing your own clothes just became (kinda) a reality

Unless the technology, somehow, proves to be drastically limited, 3D printing is likely to the genesis of a manufacturing revolution. Now, a team in San Francisco believes that it has taken another leap towards our utopian future by building a “3D printer” for our clothes. The team behind Electroloom hope that, a few years down the line, instead of trips to H&M, you’ll be ducking into your basement with a set of drawings the next time you need a new outfit.

Essentially, the Electroloom is a plastic box that can hold a thin metal template, for instance a crudely crafted tank top. Then, a customized mix of liquid polyester and cotton is passed through an electrically charged nozzle and spun into nano-fibers. These fibers are then drawn towards the 2D template, where they bind to each other to form a very thin, but very strong fabric. Even though they’re quite crude, the resulting “clothes” have no seams or stitching, making them much stronger than your average t-shirt. If there’s one downside, it’s that the terminally impatient will have to wait between eight and 16 hours for their clothes to form. Of course, given the various ethical and environmental issues that surround fashion providers, on-the-go clothes manufacturing seems like an easy win.

The company is looking to raise $50,000 in funding on Kickstarter, and much like Oculus and some other high-profile startups, Electroloom isn’t offering this as a consumer product. Instead, it’s offering Alpha versions of its hardware for designers, inventors and creators in the hope of improving the system. If you’re prepared to chip in $4,500 (told you), then you’ll get a prototype, complete with 1.5 liters of solution that, the company promises, is enough to produce 7 beanies, 4 tank tops or 3 skirts. You’ll be able to buy more liquid when you run out, but Electroloom doesn’t yet know how much it’ll cost you.

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Source: Kickstarter


Twitch brings on-demand video streaming to its mobile apps

Twitch video on demand for mobile

Missed out on a live game tournament stream when you were at home, but want to catch up when you’re on the road? As of now, you can. Twitch is pushing out updated Android and iOS apps that include video on demand, giving you highlights and past broadcasts when you’re stuck on the bus. Both releases are available today, although it’s important to note that you can’t simply update the Android version — a security fix requires that you install a brand new app, and the old one will stop working as of today.

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Netflix’s slicker web interface launches worldwide in June

Netflix's new web interface

Netflix on the web is about to get the sleeker, more polished design you’re used to in its native apps. In the wake of a report that some viewers were already seeing a redesigned interface, the streaming service has confirmed to Engadget that it’s officially launching its new front end worldwide in June. Teased as far back as January, the design scraps the old, store-like concept in favor of a more visual layout that helps you learn more about videos without diving deep. While it’s not as densely packed as before, it should be easier to browse — and it’s arguably overdue when the web interface has remained largely untouched since 2011, which is practically a lifetime in the tech world.

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Epic Games challenges VR devs to make sense of big data

We’ve seen a handful of neat ways to visualize big data and make it useful, and the folks behind Unreal Engine, Epic Games, think virtual reality is the next step for that. Currently a half-dozen international teams are taking part in the Big Data VR Challenge, and hope their expertise with games and VR will help ’em “find new ways to manipulate and interrogate” the massive amounts of info generated by science studies. As of now, projects include putting together a digital edition of one of medical history’s largest collections of patient consultations (some 80,000 participants) from the 16th and 17th century and a cohort study of kids born between 1991 and 1992.

Perhaps the one best suited for VR is The Genome Browser, however, which aims to aid scientists working with genomes. The big idea here is to give data context and make it usable – after all, numbers without information to describe them are kind of pointless. The prize? A cool $20,000 and the winner will be announced at Develop:Brighton this July.

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Source: Unreal Engine (YouTube), Epic Games


Xbox One Digital TV Tuner hits the US and Canada today

The Xbox One is already an entertainment powerhouse. But, starting today, those of you in the US and Canada will have the chance to get even more out of it. Microsoft has announced that the official TV tuner for its Xbox One, which lets people watch over-the-air channels directly from the console, is now available in these two countries. As a refresher, this feature first hit Europe last year, so it’s taken a decent amount for it to arrive in North America. You can get the Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner for $60, though you’ll also need an HDTV antenna for it to work as intended.

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