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Apple Store App Gains Postmates Integration With Same-Day Delivery

Apple appears to be offering same-day delivery of certain products in its Apple Store app, through a partnership with Postmates. In cities where Postmates operates, the Apple Store app is offering a same day delivery option on products that are available in local Apple Stores.

For example, ordering an Apple TV in the San Francisco Bay Area results in a four-hour same-day delivery window, as does an order for a Lightning cable. In some areas, like San Francisco, delivery turnaround times are as fast as an hour, but for some products, delivery times can take up to a day.

Customers who have Postmates delivery options available to them will see same-day delivery options listed whenever they search for a product that is available for purchase in a nearby Apple Store. After an order is placed, the Apple Store app offers live tracking options that let customers know where an item is and track it as it progresses from the Apple Store to the delivery location. The app also delivers notifications with estimated delivery times and tracking information.

Customers who do not live in an area where Postmates delivers will not see same-day delivery options for Apple products, instead receiving only standard shipment delivery times without an option for Courier Delivery.

Apple products have long been available for order through Postmates’ own iOS app, but this is the first time that Apple’s offered same-day delivery on orders in its own Apple Store app. All deliveries carry a $19 fee, regardless of item price.

Postmates operates in several major U.S. cities, including San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta, Denver, San Diego, Orange County, Portland, Phoenix, Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Minneapolis, and Charlotte.

It is not clear if all of the areas where Postmates operates offer Apple Store app item delivery, and we have reached out to Apple for clarification.


Google Spotlight Stories makes its way to the Play Store with support for more devices

Google Spotlight Stories

Back when Motorola’s Moto X first launched, we got our first taste of the Motorola Spotlight Player app – an immersive application built by ATAP engineers that brings interactive short stories straight to your mobile device. That app is still only compatible with the Moto X, but since the ATAP team is now under Google’s ownership, a new version has just been published to the Play Store that brings support for many more Android devices.

It’s called Google Spotlight Stories, and it aims to bring more interactive content to many more Android smartphones. It’s not a huge departure from the original Motorola version of the app, though the UI is a bit more refined this time around. Here’s the full description if you’re interested:

Immerse yourself in a world of storytelling made just for mobile. Engineers and critically-acclaimed filmmakers are bringing stories to life using the latest advances in mobile technology. Using 3D and 2D animation, 360° spherical cinema-quality video, full-sphere surround sound, and sensor fusion techniques, the screen is now a window into a story that unfolds all around you. Look anywhere, follow individual characters, watch it over again and again. It’s a little different each time. Google Spotlight Stories is your mobile movie theater.

Along with the launch of the new app, Google has launched “HELP”, the very first live-action Spotlight Story, which is free for a limited time. It comes in at a massive 1GB in size, though there’s an option in the app’s settings that lets you download new stories via Wi-Fi only.

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Since the new story is marked as “free for a limited time”, that’s a pretty good indicator that Google will begin charging for these stories sometime soon.

The app is only compatible with a few different devices at the start, but Google says it’s working to bring support to more devices in the future. If you’re interested in checking it out, head to the Play Store link below.

Get it on Google Play


Pantech is on the road towards liquidation


Over the past few months, we’ve heard countless rumors regarding Pantech’s struggling finances, but now the reality that the company is actually winding down is sadly just around the corner.

Pantech was once the second largest smartphone manufacturer in South Korea, but it accumulated a massive debt, which resulted in the company having to place itself on the open market in 2011.

However, it failed to find a buyer and, consequently, the handset manufacturer was placed under court protection in August, but to date still hasn’t found a purchaser to cover its financial obligations; meaning it will more than likely have its assets sold in order to pay back some of the millions it owes.

According to data held by the Financial Supervisory Service, Pantech’s total assets are worth 268.3 billion won (US$242.52 million), as opposed to its total debt of 996.2 billion won(US490.48 million) as of end of Dec 2014.

Here is what Pantech had to say on the matter:

“Despite our 10-month long efforts, we could not find an appropriate bidder with a right evaluation of Pantech … Being unable to take our duty and role as a company, we have decided to apply for the end of the normalization procedures.” 

The firm has now applied to the Seoul Central District Court to end its receivership. If the court accepts the application, it will consult parties of interest on how to proceed, which will likely result in Pantech being served with a liquidation order.

That’s all we know for now, but be sure to check back as we’ll update you with the latest news on the matter as and when it breaks.

Source: KoreaTimes

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Motorola’s testing a trio of new smartphones with Quad HD displays and Snapdragon chipsets


A couple of weeks ago a Redditor shared some information on a trio of Quad HD smartphones that Motorola was in the midst of testing internally. Now the same person is back on Reddit with more details to impart.

We now know that two of the devices are pretty similar and carry the model numbers XT1578 and XT1097. Both pack a Snapdragon 801 chipset. Whilst the the third unit’s model number is XT1585 and appears to be the flagship of the bunch with a Snapdragon 810 processor on board.

Unfortunately, it’s still unclear at this stage what exactly these new handsets are, but we believe that we could be looking at a new series of DROID-branded smartphones.

What do you think Motorola has planned? Be sure to let us know down below.

Source: Reddit

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Samsung’s patent application reveals big future plans for Gear VR


A new patent application filed by Samsung has surfaced, revealing its plans to expand usefulness of the Gear VR that was launched last year. Samsung released high-end handsets such as the Galaxy S6, the S6 Edge and the Note 4, but the VR headsets have not been used to their full strength.

However, all of that is about to change according to Oculus CEO John Carmack. The company is planning to use Samsung’s marketing might during the next major release of the Gear VR due in September. Now, new USPTO documents have revealed a road map of what the upcoming Gear VR headsets will be capable of.

Filed in Q4 2014, the patent application revealed that the new headsets will feature more hardware components including a hologram display, a sensor module, a camera module, RAM, storage and other forms of wired and wireless connectivity options. Additionally, there will be a settings that will let users to adjust the focus according to eyesight.

The Gear VR will be compatible with a variety of devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, gaming consoles, computerss, e-book readers, and tablets.

Source: Patently Mobile


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Microsoft launches Office Lens app for Android

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 20.45.35

Today, Microsoft launched its Office Lens app for Android. For those unaware, this application enables users to scan written, printed or electronic matter and then convert it into a Word document, a PowerPoint presentation or a PDF.

All the applications features, together with a video of them in action, can be seen below:

  • Converts images of paper documents, electronic screens and whiteboard notes into Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and searchable PDF files for easy storage, editing and reformatting.
  • Enables images to be sent via email, making it easy to share whiteboard notes with work colleagues, submit scanned business expense receipts or ensure family and friends have copies of important paper documents.
  • Captures business cards and generates contacts, which can be sent to OneNote and added to your phone.
  • Recognizes the corners of a document and automatically crops, enhances and cleans up the image.
  • Identifies printed text with optical character recognition (OCR) so that you can search by keyword for the image in OneNote or OneDrive.
  • Inserts images to OneNote or as DOCX, PPTX or PDF files in OneDrive, providing options to save, export and share the image.

If you’d like to install Office Lens on your Android smartphone or tablet, hit the link below. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code to initiate the download.

qr code

Play Store Download Link 

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Mi Store officially coming to the U.S., UK, Germany and France on June 1

Xiaomi’s online accessory shop will officially arrive in the U.S., UK, Germany and France according to a banner on the company’s official site. We must note that the company only intends to sell its accessories such as headphones, power banks and the Mi Band wearable through this store and you still won’t be able to purchase their phones in any of the aforementioned markets.

The company launched the store in Beta form earlier this month and it seems like they’re finally ready to make the big push. Keeping up with the stocks will be a major concern for Xiaomi as its products are often sold out in no time.

The cheapest item on the site will be their 5,000 mAh power bank which will only cost $9.99, while the Mi Band fitness wearable will set you back by $14.99.

Any takers?

Source: Mi Store

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Zillow for Android update brings some new changes to the Android Wear app


Thanks to Google’s new ‘ambiactive’ mode introduced with Android Wear, app developers can have their apps running in the background while using lesser amount of battery. Zillow is now making full use of this feature with a new update to its Android app which brings changes to the Android Wear app as well.

Zillow has announced that users will now be provided with median values of homes that are up for sale when they enter a particular neighborhood. This is depending on whether you have location turned on your device of course, so it might be a little heavy on your phone’s battery. But if you’re willing to look over that, this is quite a handy feature for people hunting for a new house.

Users will also find homes for sale from the nearby listing and even get all the essential details about a given house right on their wearable, which will further help you narrow in on your search. The update to the app should be rolling out anytime now, but if you don’t see it yet, make sure you head over to the Play Store to get it manually.

Source: Zillow Blog

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XIaomi Mi Store to officially launch June 1st and 2nd

Earlier this month, Xiaomi ran a beta test of their online store, where they opened their online store to everyone for a short period of time. Today, Xiaomi announced that the Mi Store will officially launch in the US on June 1st at 7 PM PDT, and in the UK, Germany, and France on June 2nd at 1PM CEST.

Something that should be noted is that you will not be able to purchase Xiaomi devices from the Mi Store. Instead, you will be able to purchase Xiaomi accessories, as you were able to during the test run. The Mi Store will offer the following products at the official launch:

  • 5000 mAh Mi Power Bank $9.99
  • 10000 mAh Mi Power Bank $13.99
  • Mi Band $14.99
  • Mi Headphones $79.99

During the beta test run, the inventory of the Mi Store sold out almost instantaneously, which was a bummer to a lot of people. However, with the Mi Store going up, and presumable staying around for awhile, the inventory stock should be higher than what was available during the test run.

Sure you can grab headphones, and Power Banks from Amazon, but why would you pass up on these great prices, and get some quality products from a well known company? Did you register for the test run and were able to get anything before everything sold out? Let us know in the comments below.


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Facebook Messenger’s pay-your-friends feature reaches New York City

Facebook Messenger payments

Facebook has been cautious about rolling out Messenger payments in the US so far, but it just opened them up in a big way. The feature now works for anyone in New York City and the surrounding areas, so you can cover your share of that SoHo pizza when a chat buddy brings it up. The software itself is a little more helpful, too — it’ll automatically link dollar amounts to help you pay them faster, and you can pay individual friends within group discussions. It’ll be a while before you can sling cash to any Facebook user you like, but that day is at least getting closer.

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Source: Facebook Messenger

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