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May 7, 2015

JXE Streams: Klei indoctrinates us into ‘Invisible, Inc.’

by John_A

Klei Entertainment has been building up its bonafides since 2010, pumping out a steady stream of deeply cool two-dimensional games. Shank had the old-fashioned action, Mark of the Ninja blended that action with stealth and Don’t Starve took the world by storm with its Edward Gorey-an survival strategy. Invisible, Inc., its brand new game out on May 12th, blends all of those elements into a turn-based spy game with a patina of sci-fi style on the surface. How does it work? Designer James Lantz will join us on today’s stream to walk us through Invisible, Inc.‘s world.

Starting at 3:30PM ET on, and right here in this post, we’ll be streaming a whole heap of Invisible, Inc. At 4PM ET, we’ll have Klei’s James Lantz on to talk about the game and answer your questions about the studio.

Like the stream? Follow us on Twitch and bookmark to keep an eye on what we have coming up on the show.

[We’re playing Invisible, Inc. on PC streamed at 720p through OBS.]

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