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May 7, 2015

At £199, could you see yourself picking up the Nexus 9?

by John_A



A lot of us are familiar with spending $300 or more on a big ticket item, and later feeling like it was a waste of time and money. At $399/£319, this feeling rings true for most who picked up HTC’s sub-par Nexus 9. However, would it be a waste of money to you if it were £199/$300?

That’s how much you can pick up the tablet for at UK-based retailers John Lewis and PC World. This is the biggest price drop we’ve seen since the tablet released, if not the only price drop. Even with the price drop, there’s still something you have to decide.

When purchasing a product, there’s a problem that you have to solve within yourself before physically paying for said product. You have to decide what will add more value to your life–keeping $399 in your wallet or trading that $399 for a Nexus 9. By going with the tablet, you’ve decided that the device will provide more happiness to your life than the money.

That decision is different for everyone. Some will find it worth trading the money for the tablet, and others will decide that there are better options out there and keep their money. With a price reduction, there is a much larger group that is willing to purchase the tablet, mostly because it is no longer a $400 risk.

In my opinion, a lower price should be implemented worldwide, as it’d not only benefit and value the consumer, but Google’s revenue and sales, too. What do you think?

source: Engadget

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