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July 3, 2014

South HAMerica update out for Angry Birds Seasons

by John_A

Angry Birds Seasons South Hamerica Uodate

Angry Birds games can be a touchy subject for many. It came out with a bang when it first hit and has since built a conglomerate of games, TV episode spin offs, and merchandise. Rovio has built quite the empire with a set of flying birds. Regardless if you are a huge fan, avid lover or down right refuse to install any Angry Birds game ever again, the fact remains that Rovio has released an update to one of the more longstanding versions of the gaming titles, Angry Birds Seasons.

Today’s update adds 24 more levels in what is called South HAMerica. See what they did there? Clever. This one takes you to South America, again, but this time with a bit of Aztec themeing thrown in.

Angry Birds Seasons South Hamerica Uodate

The download rings in at 48MB’s, so make sure you have room to store the massive game, of course if you have ABS installed already it is taking up most of that space already. Pop into the Play Store and snag the update, or if you don’t have Angry Birds Seasons, hit the links below. It is free-to-play and packs some 300 levels of pig bashing, hair pulling time-wasting entertainment. Now we just need Angry Birds Stella, this fall, and Angry Birds Transformers to be released.

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