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Buyer’s Guide: 4th of July Discounts on iMac, MacBook Air, Apps, Accessories, and More [Mac Blog]

There are some solid deals on Apple-related software and accessories this week due to the Fourth of July holiday in the United States, as well as some decent discounts on the iMac, MacBook Air, and Retina MacBook Pro.


Best Buy is running a four-day 4th of July sale offering $120 off of Apple’s entire lineup of iMacs. This drops the price of the new entry level 1.4Ghz iMac to $979.99. Similarly, B&H Photo is also offering the new iMac for $979.99. Best Buy’s educational discounts are still ongoing, offering an additional $150 off the iMac or any other Mac, making it the best choice for students with an .EDU email address.

While Best Buy is also offering discounts on the rest of Apple’s iMacs, there are better deals to be had from both Adorama and B&H Photo. The older 2.7 Ghz 21.5-inch iMac is available for $1,149.99 from Adorama, a discount of nearly $150. The 2.9 Ghz 21.5-inch iMac is available for $1,349.99 from both B&H Photo and Adorama. The lower-end 27-inch iMac is available for $1,659.99 from B&H Photo and Adorama, while the higher-end model is available from B&H Photo and Adorama for $1,879.99.

MacBook Air

There are also good deals on the current-generation MacBook Air, which was updated in April. The higher-end 11.6-inch model is available for $999 from Adorama and B&H Photo, a discount of $100. Adorama is offering the lower-end 13.3-inch model for $899, also $100 off. Finally, Amazon, Adorama, and B&H Photo are all selling the higher-end 13.3-inch MacBook Air for $100 off at $1099.99.

Retina MacBook Pro

As for the Retina MacBook Pro, several retailers are offering $100 to $150 off most models. The 13-inch RMBP with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage is $1,399 at Amazon, Adorama, and B&H Photo. The lower-end 15-inch RMBP with 8GB of memory and 256GB of storage is $1,849.99 at Amazon, Adorama, and B&H Photo, while the higher-end model with 16GB of memory and 512GB of storage is $2,449 at Amazon, Adorama, and B&H Photo.

Buying from Adorama and B&H Photo gives the benefit of no sales tax in many states, as these two stores only charge tax in New York/New Jersey and New York, respectively.


As for accessories, Speck Candyshell cases for the iPhone 5 and 5s are available half off at $17.99 through Groupon, while Otterbox Defender cases are available for $14.99, a discount of $34. Select CaseMate cases are on sale as well for $6.99 to $12.99, as is the LifeProof nüüd case for the iPad mini ($39.99).


Many apps are on sale for the 4th of July. The original Infinity Blade is available for $0.99, for example, while Infinity Blade II is $1.99 and Infinity Blade III is $2.99. Journaling app Day One, normally $4.99, is free. Fantastical 2 for iPad is discounted to $14.99, and Scanner Pro is discounted to $2.99.

Before making a purchase of a Mac or iOS device, make sure to consult our Buyer’s Guide to find out if it’s a good time to buy. For example, because the MacBook Air was updated in April, the Buyer’s Guide indicates that now is a good time to purchase.

MacRumors is an affiliate partner with some of these vendors.


“OK Google” on every screen still not there for you? Try this little Trick

The Moto users out there are all too familiar with the “OK Google” hotword from anywhere. Many of us are aware of it, but never had it. In a more recent update to the Google Search app, the hotword has been brought to many devices. It enables you to say “OK Google” on any screen, even the lockscreen, and do a voice search or command. However, it has been rolling out stupidly slow and many are getting impatient. So much so that we are uninstalling the app and re-installing it, clearing cache and any other trick in the book in hopes that the hotword detection settings will pop through for us. Do any of them really work, or is it all a placebo effect? I don’t think we really care so long as it shows up after an attempt. A new trick has appeared and it seems to help some gain the function, hell, it helped one of my devices even.

The trick is pretty silly really. You will want to open up the search app and type or speak, “OK Google Everywhere” and search. It will pull up articles about the new addition, including this articles source, AndroidPolice. Head into the settings > voice > “ok google” detection and you should have all the options available.

OK Google DetectionOK Google DetectionI checked to make sure the settings hadn’t appeared before I did the little typing trick and they still weren’t available before but are now afterwards. This was done on a T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z running a stock Sony Android 4.4 firmware build from overseas. I did the same thing on the T-Mobile Xperia Z1s with stock Android 4.3 and no dice. If you go to help&feedback you can read the documentation and the availability. It does state that you need Google Search 3.5, Android 4.3+ and Audio History turned on. So the Z1s should have it, or at least be able to get it.

OK Google Everywhere Hotword

Maybe it worked, maybe it didn’t. Others seem to claim it appears right after the search though, and it certainly did on one of my devices, so why not give it a shot, even if just for giggles.

Source: Reddit Via Android Police

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Sprint circles July 18 for LG G3 launch


Sprint on Thursday announced that its version of the LG G3 will arrive on July 18. Priced at $600 outright, customers can purchase it with 24 equal payments of $25 each. Pre-orders for the device begin as soon as July; Sprint will give you $150 gift card if you do so before July 24. Order one from July 25 to August 14 and you can still earn $100 reward for yourself. Note that you’ll need to register for the gift card and have to wait a few weeks.

To help kick things off Sprint is giving away 20 of the LG G3s. If you’re interested in the smartphone and want to try your luck, head to Sprint’s website now.

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How To: Enable “OK Google” on all screens of your Android


Want to enable Google Now voice search from any screen of your Android? Of course you do. Thanks to a recent update to the search app you can now say, “OK Google” from anywhere you want on your Android smartphone or tablet. It’s quite easy to do, actually, and here’s how you go about it in five easy steps.

  1. Open Google Search
  2. Open Settings
  3. Tap on Voice
  4. Tap on “OK Google” Detection
  5. Check the box for “From any screen”

You’ll have to train the voice model, which really amounts to you saying “OK Google” three times. After that, you’re good to go!  Now, which commands are you going to use?


A couple of things worth noting: This works whenever the screen is on or the device is charging. In other words, you can’t wake it up with the command. Also, if you’d like, you can add the feature to your lock screen, too. Just look for the other check box below “From any screen”.

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Pebble 2.3 firmware delivers notification skipping

Pebble Logo 2

Just because Google Wear is stealing the show now in the smartwatch area, doesn’t mean Pebble is out of the game just yet. The company whose successful Kickstarter campaign pushed them onto the wrists of many iOS and Android users recently updated its firmware to v2.3.

While the update brings improved Bluetooth LE connectivity and stability to the platform, one of the major additions, as minor as it seems, is the ability to skip notifications with a double-click. As a Pebble user myself, this is a much needed feature especially when you have a bundle of notifications. Previously, you had to scroll through the entire notification to get to the next one. Now, you can jump to the next notification with a double click if the current requires scrolling to see all of its contents. Pebble notes that as before, if the notification is short and displays entirely on your smartwatch, a single click still takes you to the next one.

To update to the newest firmware, open the Pebble smartphone app then on the side menu, select Support then Check For Updates or Update Your Pebble.

VIA: Pebble


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Samsung Bashes iPhone Battery Life, Calls Users ‘Wall Huggers’ in New Galaxy S5 Ad

Samsung today released a new ad for its Galaxy S5 smartphone, which mocks the iPhone for having both an unchangeable battery and a short battery life. The ad depicts forlorn iPhone users sitting along walls in an airport as they charge their iOS devices, while Galaxy S5 users eschew battery charging with Samsung’s power saving mode and the Galaxy S5′s replaceable battery.

“There they are. Clustered around power outlets, near the recycling bins, stained carpeting, and bathrooms. Tethered to the wall. Denied the freedom to enjoy even the most basic things, like grabbing a drink, or sharing a laugh with your co-workers. Or sitting with someone you know. You’re stuck here until your battery says so.”

An iPhone user charging his battery looks up enviously at a Samsung user, asking “Are you changing your battery? Is that the new Samsung?” While another Samsung user turns on power saving mode to save battery. “Don’t be a wall hugger,” says the ad.

Unveiled in February, Samsung’s 5.1-inch Galaxy S5 is its newest flagship device, with a fingerprint sensor, a water resistant casing, and a heart rate sensor. One of the device’s most highly-touted features is an Ultra Power Saving Mode, which activates a black and white display with limited app access when the phone’s battery is low.

In power saving mode, users only have access to basic phone functions, such as making and receiving calls, accessing email, and browsing the web. It limits cellular connectivity to 3G, turning off LTE, and it also disables WiFi and Bluetooth. According to Samsung, this provides an additional 24 hours of standby time with less than 10 percent of battery left.

Apple does not have a similar power saving feature on the iPhone, nor does it have a removable battery like the Galaxy S5, but users do have quick access to settings like WiFi and Bluetooth, along with options to disable battery draining features like background app usage and location services. iOS 8 also adds a function that lets users see which apps are draining the most battery.

Samsung often turns to iPhone bashing to promote its Galaxy line of smartphones, with its most well-known commercial series depicting iPhone owners waiting in long lines for new iPhones while enviously eyeing Samsung devices.


Scientists create most efficient artificial photosynthesis yet

solar energy panels against sky

Many scientists now think that slowing down global warming isn’t enough anymore and that we now need to clear some of the CO2 already in the air. Existing solutions like carbon sequestration aren’t ideal, and strategies like vacuuming the sky are still a UN pipe dream. However, scientists at Princeton have come up with an artificial photosynthesis system that could one day turn CO2 into useful things. The idea was to create an electrolysis cell that transforms water and waste CO2 into formic acid, used in airplane de-icing salts and experimental fuel cells. To do that, they used commercial solar panels for energy, carefully matched the current to the cell and stacked the cells — resulting in a system with two percent efficiency. That may not sound like much, but it easily trumps the previous artificial photosynthesis champ, Panasonic, and is twice as efficient as actual plants. A practical application is still a ways off, though, so in the meantime maybe just go plant a tree.

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Via: Gizmag

Source: Princeton University


Sprint launching the LG G3 on July 18th, pre-orders July 11th

The LG G3 is a pretty hot device since its announcement. Slowly, but surely, the G3 is getting release dates and launch times on the various carriers. T-Mobile has it pegged for July 16th and Verizon only has a sign-up page available. Now Sprint has jumped in and is offering up a release date and the pricing for the new LG flagship.

LG G3On July 18th new and existing Sprint customers will have their chance to pick up the Quad HD screen toting marvel. If you can’t wait to spend your money, they will also be offering up pre-orders on July 11th. With Sprint Easy Pay you are looking at $0 down and $25 a month to pay it off over 24 months. You will have two color options according to their press release, an exclusive Shine Gold or Metallica black. We should also probably mention that it is also Sprint Spark enabled, if you happen to live in one of the few locations that it works in.

Now we just need to know what Verizon and AT&T are doing with it. Both are going to stock the device, we just don’t know on what date. A rumor pegs Verizon for July 17th. That would land right in the middle of T-Mobile and Sprint. Hopefully AT&T is right in there somewhere too.

Via Sprint


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Samsung slams iPhone users as “wall huggers” in latest commercial


You know you’ve seen these guys… the ones who plug in their smartphones at airports, coffee shops, bathrooms, and other places. Heck, we’ve all been there. Early Android smartphones were outright terrible for battery life. Samsung’s latest TV spot, “Wall Huggers”, takes aim at the iPhone and its internal battery. As they see it, these tethered folks are unable to enjoy the finer things in life, like grabbing a drink or sharing a laugh with co-workers.

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Apple Makes Gains in U.S. Smartphone Market Share

Apple continues to be the number one handset manufacturer among consumers in the United States and has also made small gains in operating system share, according to ComScore’s newest monthly survey of U.S. mobile phone users covering the February-May 2014 period.

Apple’s smartphone market share increased from 41.3 percent in February to 41.9 percent in May, allowing Apple to retain its position as the top handset manufacturer. Samsung also made small gains over the period, rising to 27.8 percent share. LG, Motorola, and HTC’s share fell slightly.

While Apple is the top handset maker, iOS has always fallen behind Android when it comes to operating system share, given the large number of Android-based phones on the market. Apple did make small gains during the period, however, rising to a new all time high of 41.9 percent, up from 41.3 percent in February. Android, in comparison, remained flat with a 52.1 percent share.

iOS continues to be the only platform to gain ground as Microsoft also experienced no growth and BlackBerry and Symbian each saw small drops in share.

ComScore’s data tracks installed user base rather than new handset sales, which means it is more reflective of real-world usage but slower to respond to shifting market trends than some other studies.

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