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Carved Nexus 5 Case: Review



In the world of cases for your phone many companies try to stand out from the rest. With an abundance of colors, shapes, sizes, and even waterproofing it can be hard to choose. Carved takes phone cases to a new level of style. Carved cases are hand made in the USA, in Elkhart Indiana and come in a wide range of different types of wood.

The Nexus 5 reconstituted ebony is jet black in certain light. A little turn in the light and the wood grain appears. Cases also come in many other wood options and as well as other phone options. The case has a beautiful wood finish and you can tell right away it’s built with quality. No rough edges and a perfect fit for the Nexus 5. You can tell there is a passion put into the product. All wood back with smooth rubber edges makes this case feels very good in the hand. The ebony wood on the back looks great and makes your phone feel more luxurious.


Carved cases start at $29 and go up to $49 depending on what type of wood and design you get. They are available for the Nexus 5 and Galaxy S3, S4, and S5. You can get these American made cases in the U.S.A. with free shipping, however shipping charges apply for outside the U.S. With a multitude of colors and designs carved cases give more than just basic wood to choose from. The cases are durable and perform well when dropped. With expert craftsmanship and a great feel these cases are a must have phone accessory.



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Experimental stem cell treatment causes woman to grow parts of a nose on her spine

Stem cells are seen as one of modern medicine’s most promising magic bullets, but that doesn’t mean that we understand them. A paralyzed woman from the US has learned this the hard way, after an experimental treatment caused her to grow a nose-like tumor on her back. The unnamed person took part in a trial whereby stem cells from her nose were applied to her spine in the hope that it could repair the nerve damage that led to her paralysis. Unfortunately, the treatment was unsuccessful and, eight years later, the subject found worsening pain in that same area. When surgeons operated, they found a tumor comprised of nasal tissue that was producing a thick substance that was remarkably close to mucus.

Anyone who could be put off a life-saving treatment should probably relax, at least for now. The procedure used by the Hospital de Egas Moniz in Lisbon was unorthodox and bypassed a process that would have grown specific cells in a lab before implantation. Instead, the clinic simply inserted parts of the nasal lining straight into the spine, which is most likely why the tumor was able to form. Despite this, a 2010 report on this same trial found that there may be benefits to the procedure, with some subjects actually seeing positive results. Either way, now that the problem has come to light, the University of Iowa’s Brian J. Dlouhy, who removed the tumor, has suggested that all stem cell trial patients should be given much more attention after their surgery to ensure this is a one-off event.

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Source: New Scientist, Journal of Neurosurgery, Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair


Senate passes a bill that legalizes cellphone unlocking

Phone unlocking on the street

The US is now that much closer to a law that makes it legal to unlock your phone. A few months after the House of Representatives passed a bill that would authorize unlocking, the Senate has passed its own measure accomplishing mostly the same thing. The biggest difference is their attitude toward bulk unlocking; unlike the House, the Senate has no major objections to resellers unlocking devices en masse. Both legislative branches still have to harmonize their bills before the President can sign something into law, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the volume unlocking issue holds things up. However, it’s good to know that the government is largely on the same page — and that you might not have to rely on the kindness of carriers to get more control over the phone you bought.

[Image credit: Mondo3, Flickr]

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Source: Ars Technica


Paul McCartney banks on apps, not albums

Paul McCartney In Concert - Chicago, Illinois

Paul McCartney went through a rift with streaming services, but the former Beatle has been always been keen to keep his albums available on iTunes. Now, Sir Paul is following a growing trend for releases and reissues: apps. Five of McCartney’s classic albums (Band on the Run, McCartney, McCartney II, RAM and Wings over America) are now available as iPad apps, complete with bonus material. On top of the extra videos, photos, interviews and remastered tracks, the standalone downloads are priced at $7.99 — $5 less than the regular deluxe versions. Of course, you’ll have to contend with streaming the tracks through each app rather than hopping around the complete set in your mobile library. The move is nothing new though, as Lady Gaga, Björk and others have taken a similar route with companion software and added content. It’s no secret that artists are having a hard time paying the bills from record sales, so packaging music as paid apps seems a tactic to fill the void.

[Photo credit: Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images]

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Source: iTunes (1), (2), (3), (4), (5)


DirecTV’s ‘NFL Sunday Ticket’ Offered as Standalone Subscription, Available on Macs/iOS Devices

NFL Sunday Ticket, a popular sports package provided by DirecTV, will be offered as a standalone subscription for the first time in 2014, letting users who do not subscribe to DirecTV service access NFL Sunday Ticket games on their Macs and iOS devices.

Though no announcement has been made, a promotional page noticed by AppleInsider details DirecTV’s new standalone plan, which provides full NFL Sunday Ticket access starting at $199.99.


Introducing NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV. NFL football for all.

Now you can access live, out-of-market NFL games without a DIRECTV satellite TV account–no matter what team you follow! NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV lets you stream games on your computer, tablet, phone, or game console. All while keeping up with real-time player stats and your fantasy teams.

NFL Sunday Ticket has long been accessible on iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices, but in prior years, it has required a monthly subscription to DirecTV’s satellite cable service and a satellite dish. Now users can get access on a variety of devices with three separate plans.

The lowest tier plan, available for $199.99, allows NFL Sunday Ticket access on computers, tablets, and phones, while a $239.99 console plan allows access on console devices.

MAX, the highest tier priced at $329.99, offers access on computers, tablets, phones, and consoles, plus access to Red Zone Channel, which shows every touchdown from every game, and access to DirecTV Fantasy Zone, offering live looks at fantasy plays. All three plans also offer real-time stats and scores along with the ability to track favorite players. Standard NFL Sunday Ticket plans for DirecTV subscribers begin at $240, going up to $324 for a MAX subscription.

The website does not mention Apple TV access, but a 2010 rumor pointed towards an NFL Sunday Ticket channel on the device, which could come to fruition this year following the announcement of the standalone subscriptions.

While DirecTV previously offered a streaming package for subscribers unable to get reliable DirecTV service and tested a console-based subscription plan last year, the new NFL Sunday Ticket standalone offerings expand the service to a much wider range of cord cutters who still want access to live sports.

The changes to NFL Sunday Ticket come following DirecTV’s pending acquisition by AT&T, which is awaiting regulatory approval. DirecTV is also set to renegotiate its NFL contract later this year.

Sunday Ticket for iPad [Direct Link]

Sunday Ticket for iPhone [Direct Link]


T-Mobile to Offer Accessories on 24-Month Payment Plan With $0 Down [iOS Blog]

T-Mobile today announced plans to begin offering accessories under its equipment installment plan, allowing users to purchase various iPhone and iPad accessories and pay for them over 24 months.

The equipment installment plan is available for accessories priced between $69 and $250 and does not require a downpayment for qualified customers. Customers must have a T-Mobile Simple Choice plan and if T-Mobile service is cancelled, the remaining accessory payments are due upon cancellation.


This means you and your family could walk out the door not only with new smartphones and tablets but also with your choice of the latest audio and mobile accessories–all for $0 down and 24 monthly payments with a Simple Choice plan.

For example, you could pick up the state-of-the-art LG Tone Pro hands-free headset for $0 down and just $2.91 a month for 24 months with absolutely zero interest. You can find more information about T-Mobile’s new EIP payment option for accessories at your nearest participating T-Mobile store.

On its website, T-Mobile offers a wide array of accessories, including Jawbone Jambox speakers, Beats By Dre headphones, Mophie charging packs, and more.

T-Mobile is also currently offering a deal that includes a $100 MasterCard with the purchase of both an iPhone and an iPad. T-Mobile will begin selling accessories via payment plan on Sunday, July 20.


6 best new Android apps you might want to take a look At [SP]

There are hundreds of thousands of apps out there that you can get for your phone, tablet, and even your desktop computer. However, some of the best apps available are Android-based. This is because of the open market and code-sharing available to Android developers. If you’re looking for the hottest new Android apps, look no further.

Android Apps via Siddartha Thota

Android Apps via Siddartha Thota

Image via Flickr by Siddartha Thota


Have you ever wanted to make your phone look just a little different than the standard? Themer allows you the ability to really customize your phone so that it looks how you want. This is one of the features of Android mobile phones that you simply don’t get with iOS smartphones. With Themer, you’ll be able to find different wallpapers, widgets, and icon packs. It’s extremely easy to set up and revert if you decide that you don’t like the theme you’ve come up with.

Find Themer on the Play Store.


Getting your phone automated is one of the best ways to ensure that you never go into a business meeting with your phone blasting your favorite song. You can use Fences to create virtual areas around different locations. These areas allow you to automate what happens to your phone while you are inside or outside of them. Do you go to the same theatre every week? Create a fence around the theatre so that your phone automatically goes to silent when you enter the building, and returns to normal when you leave. The great thing about this app? It’s completely free.

Find Fences on the Play Store


Sharing music with friends is one of the best ways to get your favorite bands heard and appreciated. With PingTune, you can share your favorite music and chat with your friends at the same time. The app is being marketed as the go-to music and messaging platform. On top of being able to send songs to your friends, you can send just a snippet of a song. You can use different tabs to keep all your shared music in one place.

Find PingTune on the Play Store


Are you dying to know about the biggest secrets in the tech industry? Does gossip from the latest celebs, or even the guy next door interest you? If so, you need to check out Secret. This app is now available on Android, and is garnering a lot of buzz. The problem with Secret is that not everything that is posted is true. However, you’re likely to find some insider tips that will make you salivate. Gossip from Silicon Valley posted here doesn’t have any names attached to it. Because of this, it’s hard to verify what is real and what is not. In the long run, when you’re using Secret, you’re likely to be one of the first to know what’s coming out soon.

Find Secret on the Play Store


Consider this – you have a vacation planned and have booked your hotel room in advance. However, for one reason or another, you can’t make it on your trip. It’s past the cancellation date, and now you’re out of luck. If you have Roomer on your Android phone, you’re not dead in the water yet. This app allows you to sell your previously booked hotel rooms. If you’re on a trip and need a room, use Roomer to help you find the perfect hotel. You can use the app or the desktop version to get a room nearly anywhere.

Find Roomer on the Play Store 


Do you have an event coming up in the near (or distant) future? Have you ever wanted to know exactly how long it is until your event? Downcount allows you to count down the days on your phone. You can set up multiple different events, and see them all in one clear, simple design. On top of this, you can even count up with the app. How many days have you been alive? Find out with Downcount. You need to keep in mind, however, that this app doesn’t count seconds, minutes, or hours. It only shows you the days.

Find Downcount on the Play Store

There are a ton of new apps coming out every month. Android offers great new apps all the time that can help you stay social, get organized, and more. When you browse the Google Play Store, you can find the newest apps in any category.

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T-Mobile officially confirms EIP for accessories starting July 20th

T-Mobile EIP accessoriesWe caught little nuggets of information here and there, along with some images, that let us know that T-Mobile was gearing up to offer accessories on their EIP (equipment installment plan) options. Today T-Mobile let some of the news of this new EIP for accessories be known through a blog post on the company page.

Starting July 20th, you will be able to charge nearly any accessory that ranges from $69 to $250 to your account and simply make monthly payments for it over 24 months on your bill. T-Mobile uses the LG Tone Pro Bluetooth headset as an example in the posting placing the $69.99 headset at a small $2.91 per month for 24 months. Math wise though one of those payments would  be a few cents higher though. If you are shooting for an accessory that climbs past the $250 range then you should be prepared to put the difference down upfront. ie.. $300 speaker will need $50 down to get to the $250 marker. Much like the EIP on handsets and tablets, if you cancel your account before it is paid off you gotta pay the balance. Pretty straight forward. However, the full details aren’t laid out entirely just yet. We still need to know if the accessory price tag is tied to the allotment you are allowed on your account for devices or if it is a secondary limit. Obviously it will have to have some barrier per line. When the full details make their way out on July 20th we will do some digging.

T-Mobile certainly has grown their accessory and device offerings quite a bit.I remember a day when it was about earbuds, cases, chargers and batteries. While there are still plenty of those to be had, there are a lot of speaker options from Jabra, Jambox and JBL. Not to mention headphones from JLab, SOL Republic and Sony. It is pretty good to see the selection that is being offered and that soon you might be able to actually grab something you have been wanting but didn’t have the cash up front for.

So, are you getting your wishlist all in order?

Source: Tmonews

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FBI sees self-driving cars as ‘lethal weapons’ for criminal ‘multitasking’

Google stirred up quite the buzz a few weeks back with its latest self-driving car design, but the FBI isn’t convinced the tech advancements are in the public’s best interest. In a report procured by The Guardian, the bureau warns that the autonomous vehicles even more of a “lethal weapon” than they are today, thanks to the capacity for felonious “multitasking.” The argument is that criminals can deter their pursuers without the need to watch the highway. It’s worth noting that the massive fleet of automobiles already on the road are pretty dangerous themselves. It’s not all doom and gloom though, as the FBI’s report sees easier surveillance of suspects and a reduction in the amount accidents related to distracted drivers or poor judgement.

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Source: The Guardian


Apple agrees to $450 million dollar settlement in e-book antitrust case

Apple has resisted settling with the government over charges that it conspired with publishers to fix e-book prices. While its alleged co-conspirators have already opted to pay up and move on, Cupertino has been steadfast in maintaining its innocence. Though, it seems the tech giant has grown weary of the constant court battles and is ready to settle. The Department of Justice and Apple have a agreed to a preliminary settlement of $450 million, $400 million of which would be set aside and returned to consumers. There is still an appeal pending, however, which could either reduce the penalty or eliminate the payment entirely. But if Apple loses the appeal (and its success in court has been mixed at best in this case) it will be on the hook for the entire $450 million.

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Source: Reuters, US Department of Justice

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