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July 3, 2014

“OK Google” on every screen still not there for you? Try this little Trick

by John_A

The Moto users out there are all too familiar with the “OK Google” hotword from anywhere. Many of us are aware of it, but never had it. In a more recent update to the Google Search app, the hotword has been brought to many devices. It enables you to say “OK Google” on any screen, even the lockscreen, and do a voice search or command. However, it has been rolling out stupidly slow and many are getting impatient. So much so that we are uninstalling the app and re-installing it, clearing cache and any other trick in the book in hopes that the hotword detection settings will pop through for us. Do any of them really work, or is it all a placebo effect? I don’t think we really care so long as it shows up after an attempt. A new trick has appeared and it seems to help some gain the function, hell, it helped one of my devices even.

The trick is pretty silly really. You will want to open up the search app and type or speak, “OK Google Everywhere” and search. It will pull up articles about the new addition, including this articles source, AndroidPolice. Head into the settings > voice > “ok google” detection and you should have all the options available.

OK Google DetectionOK Google DetectionI checked to make sure the settings hadn’t appeared before I did the little typing trick and they still weren’t available before but are now afterwards. This was done on a T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z running a stock Sony Android 4.4 firmware build from overseas. I did the same thing on the T-Mobile Xperia Z1s with stock Android 4.3 and no dice. If you go to help&feedback you can read the documentation and the availability. It does state that you need Google Search 3.5, Android 4.3+ and Audio History turned on. So the Z1s should have it, or at least be able to get it.

OK Google Everywhere Hotword

Maybe it worked, maybe it didn’t. Others seem to claim it appears right after the search though, and it certainly did on one of my devices, so why not give it a shot, even if just for giggles.

Source: Reddit Via Android Police

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