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April 12, 2014

Perks of being John Legere: T-Mobile CEO gets a HTC One M8 with 24 carat gold Finish

by John_A

HTC One M8 with 24 carat goldI’m sure most people envy John Legere; the CEO of T-Mobile is basically the coolest company figurehead you could ever ask for, and to top it off, T-Mobile continues to do some amazing things with their offered services which are making the other American networks feel a bit nervous. We’ve seen Legere repeatedly wear attire with Batman logos which most executives wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole while in public, but exactly how cool is Mr. Legere? Well, HTC America thinks he’s cool enough to be gifted their new flagship smartphone, the HTC One M8. But not just any ordinary, silver One M8 either; specifically a HTC One M8 with 24 carat gold finish, as pictured above.

I assume some of us will now want to re-evaluate our lives and plan the best way to become John Legere. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a gold HTC One M8 however; at the start of April, we got word that HTC would be bringing a gold-plated version of the One M8 to the Middle East. Suffice to say, the phone gifted to Legere is likely one of those gold plated devices, though the retail prices of these devices hasn’t actually been made known yet. Doesn’t stop me being jealous though…

Would you want a gold HTC One M8? Let us know what you think about the phone’s appearance in the comments.

Source: Twitter via Phone Arena

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