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New Urban Armor Gear cases are now available for Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8

New Urban Armor Gear casesWe’re huge fans of Urban Armor Gear here at AndroidSPIN; quite a few of us have rocked a case from the accessory manufacturer at some point and been completely satisfied with the case’s quality and protective credentials. Well, there are now new Urban Armor Gear cases available now for the two newest smartphones to the Android family, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8, which adopt Urban Armor Gear’s trademark military look and protective protrusions. The cases will be available in 5 colours for both the Galaxy S5 and One M8 versions and will cost you $34.95 USD a pop. Oh, and by the way, there is free worldwide shipping.

As a previous owner of an Urban Armor Gear case, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 version (which we reviewed here) to be precise, my favourite thing about the case is that it doesn’t compromise on protection but still looks good and doesn’t obstruct the device’s functionality. Case in point for the HTC One M8 version is the way the dual cameras are housed; some cases on the market make the dual cameras look like a dog’s breakfast, and don’t look to provide too much protection. That could just be subjective preference, but there’s no doubting Urban Armor Gear’s commitment to making sure all their cases meet military drop-test standards.

Either way, if you’re interested in picking up an Urban Armor Gear case for your brand-new Galaxy S5 or One M8, make sure you hit the links below:

Urban Armor Gear case for Samsung Galaxy S5

Urban Armor Gear case for HTC One M8

Let us know if you pick one up or want to share your experiences with an Urban Armor Gear case in the comments.

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Hear Palmer Luckey explain why Oculus VR joined Facebook

Nov. 14, 2011 - Irvine, California, U.S. - Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey, 20, right, is the inventor of a virtual reality gami

Last month’s news that Facebook bought startup Oculus VR for $2 billion spurred many loud and often furious reactions from gamers and especially those who participated in the project’s initial Kickstarter. If you’re among those wondering what’s next for Oculus and haven’t been convinced by the written words of founder Palmer Luckey and others (including John Carmack and Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida), perhaps hearing them will make a difference. tracked down Luckey at the PAX East event today and got him on camera talking about Oculus and Facebook. As he’s expressed before, Luckey says the plan is to “promote the long-term adoption of virtual reality, not short-term financial returns.” In his words “the games industry is the only industry that’s really well equipped to build interactive immersive 3D worlds,” so don’t expect the focus of Oculus to suddenly change now that it’s in cahoots with Zuckerberg and company. So, after a couple of weeks to think about it — and the addition of notable former Valve / iD software employee Mike Abrash to the Oculus team — how do you feel about the acquisition now?

(Iribe/Luckey Photo:Ana Venegas/The Orange County Register/

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Cloudflare Challenge proves ‘worst case scenario’ for Heartbleed is actually possible

Symbol der letzten Tage. #heartbleed

Many already thought that the “Heartbleed” security flaw in OpenSSL could be used to steal SSL keys from a server, but now there’s proof. This is important because if someone stole the private decryption key to servers used by any of the many web services that used OpenSSL, then they could spy on or alter (supposedly secure) traffic in or out until the key is changed. The Cloudflare Challenge asked any and all comers to prove it could be done by stealing the keys to one of their NGINX servers using the vulnerable version of OpenSSL, and it was completed this afternoon by a pair of researchers according to CEO Matthew Prince. Fedor Indutny tweeted that he’d done it earlier this evening, which the Cloudflare team later verified, crediting Indutny and another participant Illkka Mattila. Indutny has promised not to publish his method for a week so affected servers can still implement fixes, but according to Cloudflare his Node.js script generated more than 2.5 million requests for data over the span of the challenge.

Confused by all the programming and security terms and just need to know how this affects you? It means that while you definitely need to change your passwords, but wait until affected services announce they’ve not only fixed their OpenSSL, but also swapped out (potentially compromised) security certificates for new ones.

Image credit: snoopsmaus/Flickr

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Source: Cloudflare Challenge, Fedor Indutny (Twitter), Matthew Prince (Twitter)


Sprint customers might get discounts on Spotify music subscriptions

Spotify's new design on an iPhone

Just because AT&T has Beats Music in its corner doesn’t mean that other carriers can’t offer a few audio-themed deals of their own. Case in point, Sprint: Recode claims that the network is announcing a partnership with Spotify that will offer discounts on the streaming service’s Premium tier, including group bargains for Framily plan customers. Naturally, Sprint would continue to offer carrier billing; there would also be free Spotify trials to persuade fence-sitters. Neither of the companies are commenting on the rumor, but we’ll reportedly get the full scoop at an event on April 29th.

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Source: Recode


Wondershare PDF Editor Pro Coupon and Review

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In addition, by using this software application, you can also convert your PDF files into Hypertext Markup Language, EPUB, PowerPoint, Excel and Word. It’s really an advantage to have Wondershare PDF Editor Pro handy at your workplace because it can easily help you manage and convert all your PDF documents in no time at all.

What Users May Expect from Wondershare PDF Editor Pro

There are many helpful features a user may expect from using Wondershare PDF Editor Pro. With this software package, you can perform PDF exportation to various file formats that are editable. Additionally with Wondershare PDF Editor Pro, you can effortlessly edit PDF files that went through scanning. Moreover, you can perform adjustment, removal or deletion and insertion of images in your PDF documents.

Wondershare PDF Editor Pro lets you take advantage of these features:

  • PDF to diverse formats exportation
  • Easy editing of scanned PDF documents
  • Effortless modification process of PDF files


Operating System You Need for Wondershare PDF Editor Pro

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Microsoft tests Live Tiles you can use without leaving the Start screen

Even Microsoft knows that Windows Live Tiles have so much potential to be a lot better, especially on touchscreen devices. In fact, a group of the company’s researchers in Asia have apparently been working on making Live Tiles interactive. As you can see in the videos after the break, the experimental tiles expand when touched, showing you its contents right on the Start screen instead of launching the app. For instance, touching the mail app automatically shows a list of your emails in an expanded view, which looks very similar to an Android widget.

That’s not all, though: the team has also designed a feature called Desktop Interactive Tile, which lists the programs open on desktop mode, making them easily accessible from the modern UI. This tile can be accessed from the sidebar on desktop mode, as well, providing an easy way to launch programs or attach files to emails. Alas, Microsoft took down the project’s page after briefly showcasing it on its website, but not before ZDNet managed to grab a copy of its official description:

This project features an Interactive-Tile UI system that enables users to access and manipulate Live Tiles in an interactive way with touch gestures. Interactive Tile’s UI is responsive and flexible to an app’s content and function. Users can provide quick input to the Interactive Tile on the Start screen. With a perception of Start as an entrance page, Interactive Tiles were introduced to empower the start screen with an intermediate access level to applications.

As one of the company’s experimental ventures, this might not make it to production at all. But if it does, we’d love to see how it’ll play with Windows 8.1′s upcoming classic Start menu.

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Source: ZDNet


TiVo update lets you set recording defaults, when it isn’t creating chaos

Default recording options in TiVo's spring DVR update

TiVo has been rolling out a firmware update that has given some DVR users a lot more than they were bargaining for. Officially, the refresh supplies Mini, Premiere and Roamio units with a very helpful page for default recording options as well as a host of bug fixes. However, that’s when it’s working — quite a few subscribers have been dealing with glitches instead. Some Mini users have received an error that prevents installing the update without unplugging the set-top box for up to three days. Meanwhile, others have seen some of their gear roll back to older code, which can wipe out customizations and break multi-device setups. There are reports of spontaneous reboots and other hiccups, too.

The device maker is aware that the update hasn’t exactly gone as planned, and notes that the rollbacks aren’t intentional. It’s not clear when everything will be straightened out; we’ve reached out to TiVo for more details. For now, viewers who’ve encountered rough spots in the new firmware will just have to sit tight.

[Image credit: Zatz Not Funny]

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Via: Zatz Not Funny

Source: TiVo Community Forum (1), (2), (3), (4)


Branding Agency CEO Karl Heiselman to Join Apple’s Marketing Team [Mac Blog]

karlheiselmanKarl Heiselman, Global CEO of branding agency Wolff Olins is set to leave his position to join Apple in a marketing communications role, reports Ad Age. The move comes as Apple works to double the size of its in-house creative design team as competition from Samsung and Android heats up.

Mr. Heiselman confirmed by email that he accepted “an exciting new role at Apple after 14 fantastic years at Wolff Olins,” but referred further questions to Apple. An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment.

Wolff Olins describes itself as a “brand and innovation firm for the future,” specializing in helping leaders reinvent their business or category. The company claims multiple high-profile clients, including AOL, Mercedes-Benz, Target, DoCoMo, and Apple’s charity partner (Product) RED.

Heiselman’s expertise in brand innovation could come in handy at a time when Apple is aiming to bolster its brand image. The company began working to boost its in-house design team numbers back in September and has also recently partnered with four new advertising agencies.

Apple has faced increasing pressure from competitors like Samsung over the course of 2013, with the company reportedly being unhappy with Samsung’s “The Next Big Thing” advertising campaign. Its growing in-house design team and its new partnerships come as it prepares to release a multitude of new products later in 2014, including the iPhone 6, the iWatch, revamped MacBooks including a new ultrathin 12-inch MacBook Air, a lower-cost iMac, updated iPads, and a new Apple TV set-top box.

Heiselman previously worked for Apple as a design contractor in the early 1990s, before Steve Jobs took over the company. It’s unclear what his exact role will be at Apple after his return.


Sir David Attenborough’s latest wildlife show is coming to VR headsets (updated)

Exploring Borneo with an Oculus Rift VR headset

Ever want to get immersed in a wildlife documentary? Like, really immersed? You’re going to get your chance soon. Atlantic Productions has revealed to Realscreen that its upcoming Sir David Attenborough project, Conquest of the Skies, is destined for Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets. The studio is shooting all of its footage using an eight-camera rig that will give VR viewers a chance to catch the action from every possible angle.

Just when we’ll get to watch the VR edition is up in the air. However, Atlantic commercial director John Morris is eager to get Conquest out the door. He sees VR video as a lot of creative potential — the same as at the dawn of the film era, in fact. There’s also a potentially huge audience of “millions.” Given that Facebook just threw the market wide open with its acquisition of Oculus VR, he might be on to something.

Update: Atlantic has dialed back expectations a bit. It’s using the Oculus Rift and is looking at using it for two to three projects, but it’s currently focused on computer-generated graphics. Any immersive video will likely require crowdfunding to get started — the production house suspects that 360-degree recording could be rather expensive.

[Background image credit: Rod Waddington, Flickr]

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Source: Realscreen


Laboratory-grown vaginas offer help for girls born with rare genetic condition

We’ve seen all kinds of regenerative medicine transplants over the past few years, including windpipes and the larynx. Now, a research team at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina has reported that it implanted laboratory-grown vaginas in patients born with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome: a rare genetic disorder that results in the vagina and uterus being underdeveloped or missing entirely.

Girls ranging in age from 13 to 18 underwent surgery during the trial and eight years after, the organs continue to show normal function. “This pilot study is the first to demonstrate that vaginal organs can be constructed in the lab and used successfully in humans,” said Anthony Atala, M.D., who led the research team. “This may represent a new option for patients who require vaginal reconstructive surgeries.

The structures of the lab-grown organs were built using cells taken during a biopsy of each patient’s external genitals. From there, cells were extracted, expanded and then hand-sewn into a vaginal shape, uniquely made for each person. After about six weeks, the organs were implanted during surgery, with the body gradually replacing the engineered structure with a new organ. What’s life like for the patients? Well, they’ve reported normal sexual function following the procedure, with desire and pain-free intercourse now being part of their lives. Researchers say that the same procedure could be used to treat those with vaginal cancer or other injuries. NewScientist has an interview with one of the patients, which you can read here.

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Via: BBC

Source: Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

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