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April 5, 2014

Flixster, Rhapsody and AutoCast are the newest apps to get the Chromecast Treatment

by John_A

Flixster, Rhapsody and AutoCastWith each passing week, more apps are added to the pile which have added Chromecast support which is making the little streaming dongle look like a more and more formidable investment. The latest apps to add Chromecast support are Flixster, Rhapsody and AutoCast, the last of which is actually a new app.


Flixster, Rhapsody and AutoCastThis could be a pretty important addition to your list of Chromecast capable apps depending on what service you have your UltraViolet movies saved on. Flixster has today added Chromecast support which will allow you to watch all your purchased content on your bigger screen. Note though that Chromecast support in Flixster is currently restricted to the U.S. only, which is kind of a bummer but presumably global support will roll out in the near future.

The update to Flixster also adds some other fixes such as movie download support for HTC phone users and SD card download support for KitKat devices, which is always nice.

Application: Movies by Flixster

Play Store Link

Price: Free



Flixster, Rhapsody and AutoCastRhapsody has also announced that their app now supports Chromecast streaming for its subscribers allowing you to play your music on the big screen. Rhapsody’s 2011 acquisition, Napster, also gets Chromecast support too; the two apps are very similar, however Rhapsody is available in more markets than Napster.

If you’re wanting to try Rhapsody out, the app offers a 14-day trial after which a subscription will cost $9.99/month; links are below.

Application: Rhapsody

Play Store Link

Price: Free



Flixster, Rhapsody and AutoCastThis might just be the most amazing Chromecast-enabled app to date; sorry AllCast. AutoCast, created by João Dias, is a new Tasker add-on app which gives you a breadth of new abilities to access and manipulate your Chromecast homescreen and functions, allowing you to viewing useful things like notifications or battery life all from the “default” homescreen to multitasking and running two apps concurrently like music and a slideshow, and even enabling multi-user activities too. It’s a really impressive effort, and although its still in its early days, it looks to be one of the more useful options out there right now, and all for free. Check out the video below to see AutoCast in action:

Application: AutoCast

Play Store Link

Price: Free


Source: Droid-Life, Android Police, engadget

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