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April 2, 2014

Misfit Shine app Updates, Becomes More Useful Finally

by John_A

Back at the end of January we offered up our thoughts in a review of the Misfit Shine wearable fitness tracking device. It does its job, but the Android version of the app was lacking quite a bit compared to the iOS version. Since the review there have been a number of small updates that fixed a few bugs and made the app sync with the device much faster and more consistently. Up until late last night, the app hadn’t seen much functionality or changes to the UI.

Lastnights update brought quite a few things to table that may, or ma not have been a deciding factor in you buying one. The first major change with the app is a complete UI overhaul. Take a look at the previous UI look.

Misfit Shine App Misfit Shine AppIt obviously worked, but wasn’t the prettiest looking set up. Now take a look at the change in the new UI.

Misfit Shine App Misfit Shine AppYou can see a huge improvement, not just in how it looks, but also in the information that you are presented with. You can see a bar graph now that will show you when you were most active and corresponding to when you were sleeping. On the Sleep side you can see the times where you were in your deepest sleep and the times you were moving about.

In addition to the added information that is actually quite useful, there are also a number of new settings to adjust. One being your target sleep goal for the night. The biggest setting change, in my opinion, is one that solves my biggest irritation with the Misfit Shine. It can automatically detect when you are sleeping vs having to ALWAYS triple tap the device to let it know you are trying to go to bed.

Misfit Shine App Misfit Shine AppThey kept the triple tap setting for those that might like the manual mode better. I barely ever remembered to triple tap before bed so I hardly ever had any sleep pattern data.

The update is live for everyone in the Play Store. If you have a Shine and put it away, you should pull it back out and give it another chance. For anyone else who might be interested in picking up a Shine, you can do so through Amazon for $99.99 in black, grey, gold or blue. There used to be red one too, but we aren’t seeing listed anymore.

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