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The Nokia X has already been hacked to load Google Apps, Now and access the Play store

There’s a theory that if you make Android look enough like Windows Phone, that users will grow accustomed to the interface, and when it comes time to upgrade, seek to scratch that tile-shaped itch. That’s the view Steven Elop gave us in our recent interview at MWC at least. There is another theory: finally Nokia Android handsets are here, and no matter how you dress it up, users want all the apps that come with it — not Nokia’s curated store. Enter xda-developers, the forum that works tirelessly to bend wonky Android interpretations back into unmodified shape. This time it’s user Kashamalaga who has figured out how to make the freshly minted Nokia X play nice with Google Apps, Google Now, and even the Play store. Could free and easy (no sideloading) access to the full gamut of Android apps actually work against Elop’s “gateway drug” approach? It’s hard to say. Though once again, the dev community provides an answer for those that play fast and loose with their OS loyalties.


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Source: XDA-Developers


For the record: the Samsung Galaxy S5 actually has 10.7GB free on the 16GB Version

samsung galaxy s5Despite not even being official for a week, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has already had its fair share of criticisms, ranging from its appearance to the fact that people think it hasn’t innovated enough from its last iteration. One particular sticking point that has caught everyone’s attention is the fact, as discovered by Android Central, that the devices seen at MWC 2014 only had 7.86GB of its total 16GB available for use. Understandable, the community was slightly outraged: having less than half the available space available for use is slightly ridiculous, even by Samsung‘s standards, and for most people was just another nail in the coffin for the Galaxy S5. Well, you can put your hammers away, for not anyway, as the record is about to be set straight.

samsung galaxy s5While the devices at MWC 2014 did indeed only have 7.86GB free, quite a lot of the space being taken up was content that was only there for MWC and the Unpacked event. What this means is that the device will actually have quite a lot more free space on the 16GB model, 10.7GB in fact, and while this still pales in comparison to the amount of free space available to other device, least of all Nexus devices, this amount is still much better than the 9GB left by the Galaxy S4.

So there you have it: the Galaxy S5 isn’t as much of a storage hog as we previously though, so there shouldn’t be any more reservations with getting the 16GB version. Are you more convinced to get the Samsung Galaxy S5 now that you know you actually have internal storage space to play with? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Telekkom-Presse, Android Central via SamMobile (1), (2)


Bing search gets a scientific calculator almost two years after Google

If Bitcoin currency conversion is too trivial a use for you, loyal Bing user, perhaps the addition of a calculator will help solve the equation of your unhappiness. Simply type a math problem into Microsoft’s search engine and, as Windows Phone Central has noticed, an interactive scientific calculator will pop up with the answer. From there you can do as much math within a browser tab as your non-Googling heart desires. WPC also notes that while the calculator interface won’t be making its way to Windows Phone, entering a math problem into the mobile flavor of Bing will still return the answer to your query. It’s no graphing calculator, to be sure, but Mountain View wasn’t built in a day, either.

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Source: Bing


Fresh Tips That Can Make A Good Impact on Your Marketing Efforts

Succeeding in a competitive world with latest marketing ideas requires you to put more efforts in a comprehensive manner. Make complete use of a source in different ways in order to generate multiple impacts so that you benefit in an extensive way.

Fresh Tips That Can Make A Good Impact on Your Marketing Efforts

1.      Have a Perfect Marketing Strategy

Focusing upon your situational requirements in order to maintain perfect quality standards is something that is best possible as per the exact ideas you plan to implement. Different situations lead you towards unique circumstances based upon which you will be able experience diversified results for sure.

  • Prefer SEO to an optimum extent for that online advantage
  • Organize simple presentations for better understanding
  • Direct mail access along with the supply of pamphlets
  • Sales calls should go along with a perfect timing

 2.      Pounce upon social media alternatives

Enhance your marketing boundaries by identifying new channels of marketing in order to realize best results. Expecting results early is never suggested and is never possible as well because you require a lot of time in order to develop relations and market your products and services in an exemplary manner.

  • Welcome new visitors to your marketing programs
  • Try liking and reposting the ideas of others
  • Always be first to communicate
  • Fit in the best place to market

Channeling your ideas and plans across the right paths is something that is most important in order to realize best results. Maximum online success is not possible until and unless you are active across the social media networks and advanced SEO channels

3.      Implement White Hat SEO techniques

Publicizing your concepts online is a good idea but you need to form a potential market base as well. There is no point in having products and services without focusing upon the exact selling concepts. Eventually, you will be able to maintain perfect marketing standards because of the advanced strategies considered as per the requirement.

  • Keyword research in order project your ideas clearly
  • Content formation in such a way that the customers understand easily
  • Market the features so that the most comprehensive results are obtained

Apart from the above features, you need to focus upon all those that are available as part of your regular business requirements in an exceptional manner. It is not possible to discover new ideas without implementing and improving the existing ones as per the given situation.

4.      Deploy your best strengths

Venture out in the open thinking about what you could do best. Irrespective of the existing market conditions, you need to deploy your maximum strength across the best channels that you consider for marketing on an overall. This will be helpful for you in maintaining perfect quality features as per the situation.

  • Improve your capabilities for enhanced performance
  • Identify your core areas through which best results are obtained
  • Initiate the best marketing plans you got for obtaining maximum benefits

Taking marketing as a challenge by consistently improving your marketing ideas is something that is needed the most in order to ensure that the best results are obtained for sure.

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Amazing Facts About Facebook

Face book is a social networking site that has become part and parcel of many people’s life today. In the span of ten years, it has become quite effective tools of communication between the groups. Many of us start our day with face book status update. With the Face book turning to 10 recently, I would like to list out 21 amazing facts about Face book.

Amazing Facts About FacebookWishing happy birthday to face book, let’s look into the amazing facts about the Face book that will stun you.

  1. Though Face book is existing in the world since 10 years, it home page underwent massive page design in the year 2007. A man’s partly obscured face behind color of the binary code was seen in the back ground of the home page. The face that reflected on the back ground of face book home page raised curiosity among many. This curiosity was later addressed with the fact that relived in the Face book “The Face book effect”. It was manipulated photo of the  actor AI Pacino
  2. The share of Face book in the initial days of its listing on NASDAQ (may 18 2012) was $38 which means that the company was valued over $100 billion. The worth of the social networking site was more than eBay, Yahoo, Groupon, LinkedIn, Net Felix, IAC and AOL.
  3. Corporate partnership of Face book was launched in the year 2006 with the companies Apple, Microsoft along with Intel, EA and Amazon.
  4. Face book was actually a collage project of Napster co-founder Sean Parker and it was later transformed into the company with the purchase of Domain  The domain was purchased for $200,000.
  5. 42% of 18-34 year olds check their Face book account as soon as they get up every morning. 28 % log in their Face book even before they get out of the bed.
  6. The face book users are exposed to 1500 pieces of potential content every day.
  7. In the internet world, 7.5 million websites contain Face book like or share button.
  8. California tops the list of social states with15, 267,160 Face book users. Texas fallows the next with 9 million users and the New York occupies the third place with 8 million users.
  9. China holds 95 million Face book users in spite of being blocked.
  10. Face book users have the facility to use 70 different languages on the social networking site.
  11. The average person spends 18 to20 minutes on their Face book account.
  12. For every 20 minutes, Face book has 1 million links shared on it, 2 million friends are requested and 3 million massages are sent.
  13. Face book users increased by 22% between 2012 and 2013.
  14. Since its inception, face book is having 150 billion friend connections, 1.13 trillion likes and 250 billion photos uploaded.
  15. The second most visited site after Google was only available to students of Harvard University when it was launched in 2004.
  16. The face book in fact biggest photo album of the world with the 250 billion images.
  17. Most of the divorce filing in the world contain the word Face book
  18. Iceland used Face book to re write their constitution with users suggestions
  19. Adding 4 at the end of the Face book URL will take you to mark zuck berg wall.
  20. 30% of the Face book users have more than 100 friends in their account.
  21. The numbers of people who work on the Face book app across the world are more than the people that are actually recruited to work for the Face book.

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[RUMOUR] We could be seeing the LG G3 as soon as June 2014 according to Source

lg g3We’ve heard of rumours surrounding another LG flagship emerging early in 2014 to replace their current flagship, the LG G2. This device, presumed to be named the LG G3, was said to be announced in May 2013, but according to another source that spoke with, we can expect the follow-up to the G2 to come in June 2014. The source, who wanted to remain anonymous, also mentioned that the device would be equipped with a new device; whether this means a different screen-size, screen resolution or screen-type is up for interpretation.

While it’s hard to say whether this or previous rumours are correct, but seeing as even Sony has announced its mobile strategy to comprise of bi-annual flagships, it’s entirely possible for us to see LG launching a new flagship sometime in the middle of 2014 in an effort to catch up to Samsung. The general theory of this would be to release another flagship device with mostly the same design by with updated hardware, and with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 on the horizon, that doesn’t sound like a bad strategy to try and catch that train.

What do you think about this rumour? And do you think launching flagships in such close proximity to each other will help or hurt LG’s position in the market? Let us know your opinion.



Nokia X gets rooted bringing custom ROM and Google Services

One of the best things about Android is the customisation options available. So when the Nokia X was announced only for it to be confirmed there would be no Google services integration, developers everywhere simply took that as a challenge.

Nokia still make arguably the best hardware out of all smartphone manufacturers, and fans have been longing for a Nokia running Android. However, given the integration with Microsoft, Nokia chose to remove the Google services (Gmail, Play Store etc.) and go with Windows services instead.

Luckily, developers have already rooted the Nokia X and ported a custom ROM to it bringing across Google services in the process.

Using a tool called Framaroot, the guys over at XDA Developers managed to obtain root access to the device and port over a custom ROM, so now you can enjoy the full Android experience complete with Google services on the Nokia X.

The Nokia X as standard comes with its own store whereby developers would submit their Apps to the Nokia Store, which Nokia says can be done without rewriting any code. Whilst not a huge deal, cutting out Gmail and the Google Play Store is a big loss.

Nokia X devices are currently only shipping to developers, but this news means for those wanting a full Android experience can now have it.

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Game Insight’s Cloud Raiders Game Review

Being a massive fan of strategy games, when Game Insight recently released their Cloud Raiders game for Android, I had to play it.

You are required to battle armies of sky pirates to defend your base, as well as other players in the game in the PvP mode. You’re able to form clans in Cloud Raiders to cooperate attacks in raids for devastating effect.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 10.15.42

Cloud Raiders very much follows the same layout and progression as the popular Clash of Clans, but it’s different enough to stand out on its own. The graphics are brilliant, and it is very responsive, with the gameplay being addictive to want to come back and keep playing.

Cloud Raiders includes bosses and pirate overloads which will test the strength of your base defences and army which can be made up of cannons, troops, and special powers. The game also features an upgrade path, so you can develop your units and builder larger armies for increased attack and defence.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 10.15.57

The Aoo is available for free from the Google Play Store for Android, and will soon be released on other mobile and social platforms.

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Steam Family Sharing exits beta, lets your borrow all of your friends’ games

One of the inherent drawbacks of digitally distributed games is that you can’t loan them out to friends, but Steam has rewritten the rules a bit. Now that Valve’s Family Sharing feature is out of beta, pretty much anyone can authorize another user — that they trust with their account and its attached reputation/information — and their device to “borrow” a game from their library. It’s taken a few months to happen, but if your best Steam buddy owns Rust, you should finally be able to give it a shot before plunking down the cash for it yourself.

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[Download] Get the Sony Xperia Z2 wallpapers here now!

Sony Xperia Z2 wallpapersWe’re in a very wallpaper mood here today at AndroidSPIN. The Samsung Galaxy S5 wasn’t the only flagship device to be announced at MWC 2014 earlier this week; Sony also announced their Sony Xperia Z2 device which replaces their previous flagship, the Xperia Z1 after only 5 months at the top of the roost. The new flagship boasts an updated Snapdragon 801 processor, a larger 5.2-inch display, and crucially, the Triluminos display has been tweaked to address all the viewing angle issues that were reported on the Xperia Z1.

Sony Xperia Z2 wallpapersWhile many people liked the wallpaper that they saw on the Galaxy S5 at its announcement, less noise was made for the Xperia Z2, despite the fact that the Sony Xperia Z2 wallpapers also happen to be quite beautiful; while they haven’t deviated much from Sony’s standard artistic flavour, these wallpapers will be standard on Sony’s Android KitKat builds when it finally rolls out to all its devices, and they really do make for some nice backdrops.Thanks to XperiaGuide, we have access to the full collection of wallpapers that will be on the Xperia Z2 when it launches; download the collection from the link below:

Official Sony Xperia Z2

Let us know what you think of the wallpapers or if you’re considering getting a Xperia Z2 when it releases.

Source: XperiaGuide

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