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October 14, 2010

Nokia N900 PR 1.3 Update Coming Soon With Dual Boot to Meego

by John_A

Don’t forget about the Nokia N900! Word on the net (the Meego blog to be specific) is that PR 1.3 update is coming soon and that you’ll be able to dual boot between Maemo and Meego. The last update, PR 1.2 was released last May.

Here’s a quote from the official Meego blog:

On the Maemo side, there have been interesting, supporting developments going on, as well. The PR 1.3 update is quite close now, and with that you can easily dual boot between Maemo and Meego on your N900. There is also a possibility of developing applications supporting both operating systems, based on Qt and Qt Mobility APIs on the Maemo side. It means that you can develop once in PC with Qt Creator, and test your applications on both Maemo and MeeGo, directly on your N900 device!

This is exciting news since a lot of Nokia fans are looking forward to the new Meego OS. We also love getting firmware updates on our devices, so Maemo fans are going to be happy. Dual booting different OS sounds great too. That means we can change the user experience if we don’t like one of them. We’ll keep our eyes open for updates on this development.

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