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Apple MacBook Air

Unveiled at the company’s “Back to the Mac” event, the new MacBook Air is said to be Apple’s lightest and most portable notebook ever, owing much to the decision to scrap a hard drive for the same flash storage technology used for the iPad which is said to deliver an impressive battery life of up to seven hours.

Apple MacBook Air Specs

The 13-inch weighs 2.9 pounds and boasts an 11.6-inch high-res LED-backlit display.

There’s a full-sized keyboard and a glass Multi-Touch track pad, mic, speakers and notably a built-in FaceTime camera to make video calls between the iPhone, iPod Touch and now Macs which Apple also announced at the event. Read more »


Samsung Focus review

Even though we’ve seen a torrent of Windows Phone 7 devices, we couldn’t leave you hanging on a review of the Samsung Focus. In the last few days, a flurry of new Microsoft-powered devices have hit the market, boasting slight differences, but all looking and acting largely the same. We’ve taken a deep dive on the operating system itself, the Omnia 7, Optimus 7, Mozart, HD7, and Surround (phew!) — now it’s time to focus on the, er… Focus. The device itself has a lot in common with its European brother, the Omnia 7, boasting the same 4-inch Super AMOLED display, 8GB of internal storage, 1GHz CPU, and 5 megapixel camera. The device will soon go on sale in America for $199.99 on AT&T’s network — in fact, it’s the only Windows Phone 7 device you’ll be able to buy on the network when they go public on November 8th. But is it really worth your hard earned cash when there are so many other options in the market? Read on for the full Engadget review to find out! Read more »

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