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Apple: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion coming 20 October?

Apple has been sending invites out for an event on 20 October.

So, what has the Cupertino contingent been cooking up over at Infinite Loop that it wants to show off to the world?

A 7-inch iPad? A Verizon iPhone? A touchscreen iMac?

The answer is probably “none of the above” at the invite hints at a Mac-event, and the lion looming at the side of the Apple logo could be a clue.

Chances are that the event could be in aid of the latest Mac OS X incumbent – 10.7. And chances are Apple is going to be continuing the big cat theme with something lion-related.

It’s only been just over a year since Snow Leopard hit the shops, but Apple often announces its new platforms a while before they go live.

So, expect Mac OS X 10.7 Lion to be announced on 20 October.


CTL 2goPad SL10 with Windows 7 starts shipping for $499, arrives looking better than expected

We’ve been keeping an eye on CTL’s 10-inch 2goPad SL10 since we saw it chilling out at Computex back in June, but as of today it’s no longer just another elusive Win 7 slate: the company’s finally boxing up and shipping the Atom-powered tablets. Compared to some of the other Win 7 Home Premium slates we’ve seen lately, the 2goPad has an impressive array of specs for the price — it packs a Atom N450 processor, 2GB of RAM, an 250GB hard drive, and a front facing VGA camera all for $499 (though, it will go up to $599 on October 20). However, it’s the touchscreen experience that’ll obviously make or break the SL10, and from what we’ve seen so far, it may just be one of the better ones out there right now. We just got our review unit yesterday, but we’ve been finding the capacitive display to be very responsive to finger swipes and light taps. Our major complaint about the screen is actually its distracting glossy coating, but at least it packs an accelerometer, which rotates the orientation at a decent pace. As for software, CTL’s preloaded something called QuickBits, which is really just a menu with large shortcut buttons, but it’s certainly better than nothing.


LG Optimus 7 Review

LG officially announced the LG Optimus 7 at the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 launch on Monday and Pocket-lint was there to grab a hands-on play with the new handset – just to see how it matched up against the competition from Samsung, HTC and Dell. In the UK the Optimus 7 is the only smartphone LG is currently offering and the new smartphone will be exclusively available on Vodafone. It is an all touchscreen affair with the QWERTY variant – the LG Quantum – destined for the US and elsewhere.

Dominating the overall design of the handset is the 3.8-inch, 800 x 480, capacitive touchscreen display that is both bright and crisp when viewed inside. Outside and, as our pictures show, you will start to suffer from that reflective screen – as you do for most phones. Most Windows Phone 7 handsets come with devices in this ball park (3.7 to 4.3 inches), but the AMOLED screen found on the new Samsung Omnia 7 wins out if this is important to you. Read more »


HTC 7 Trophy Review

With HTC slicing the pie three ways, Vodafone has its hands on the HTC 7 Trophy as one of its Windows Phone 7 offerings. The other handset that Voda will offer is the LG Optimus 7. With Microsoft keeping a tight handle on things by defining the hardware specs and restricting the level of customisation that manufacturers can do, there is little to pick and choose between the phones on offer. We spent Monday at the launch event playing with the various handsets on offer and this is what we thought of the HTC 7 Trophy.

We’ve seen the HTC 7 Trophy before at a behind-closed-doors preview, but we didn’t get much time with the phone. This time however, we spent a little more time mulling over what this phone has to offer. Naturally, for the full low down on the performance and the quirks the new operating system throws up, we’ll wait until we have a review handset before passing any sort of definitive judgement.

Of the other HTC handsets, the HTC 7 Mozart goes to Orange, the HTC HD7 – the 4.3-inch bad boy – goes to O2. We’re already seeing disquiet about what looks like the flagship model, the HD7, being exclusively tied to O2, but that’s the reality of the Windows Phone 7 landscape at the moment. Read more »


Microsoft announces Windows Phone 7 sync software for Macs due this year

Even though we kind of saw this coming, it’s still nice to hear. Microsoft has gone and done the (nearly) unthinkable, announcing this evening plans for a Mac compatible sync client for its soon-to-be-launched Windows Phone 7 devices. According to a statement from the company issued late in the day, beginning some time “later in 2010” Mac users will be able to live the dream along with their PC counterparts by downloading a beta OS X application which will allow you to sync “select content” from a Mac of their choosing to a Windows Phone. The company was short on details, but hopefully we can pry more info out the big M in the coming days. For now, we can all bask in the shocking open-mindedness of this news, and give the folks in Redmond a golf clap for finally acknowledging that yes, some Mac owners may actually want to get in on the Windows Phone party. As for Hell, there haven’t been any reports of recent temperature changes, but we’ll keep you posted as we get more information. For your perusal, the full statement:

Later in 2010 Microsoft will make a public beta available of a tool that allows Windows Phone 7 to sync select content with Mac computers.

iOS 4.2 beta 3 released

People familiar with the latest iOS beta said it is known as build 8C5115c.

The beta contains several significant changes, including an updated version of the modem firmware. Noticeably missing from the beta were AirPlay features from previous builds. The AirPlay button has disappeared from the Photos, Videos, and YouTube apps on the distribution for the iPad.

Developers have noticed a bug with the AirPrint functionality. When printing from an iPhone, the image sometimes prints as just the size of the iPhone’s screen, not the original image size.

The beta also packs a number of smaller additions. According to fscklog, the new beta adds “a larger number” of tones  for receiving text messages on the iPhone 4. The 17 new SMS ringtones include tones such as “Calypso,” “Choo Choo,” “Sherwood Forest,” and “Tiptoes.”

In a minor change to the iPad, the Connect to iTunes recovery screen now uses the controversial new iTunes 10 icon.

The iTunes 10.1 beta released alongside the iOS 4.2 beta continues to support printing.

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