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Apple MacBook Air Review

It’s beautiful, it’s stunning, it’s thin, it’s like a supermodel. That is probably the best way to describe the MacBook Air to anyone asking. But should you be buying the thinnest MacBook on the planet? We’ve been living with the new model to find out.

Cast from aluminium, the MacBook Air is “cake cutting” thin with a design that tapers from 17mm at the back to just 3mm at the front, although you’ve got to also take into account the feet and general sitting on the desk form factor. If you’re wondering how that stacks up against a MacBook Pro – that 17mm is roughly the same height as the side of the bigger more powerful laptop, while the thin end when on a desk is the height of a CD jewel case. Read more »


Adobe Flash 10.1 coming to Windows Phone 7

It’s already available on Google TV and Android devices, but Flash 10.1 is soon to hit Windows Phone 7 handsets.

The announcement was, bizarrely, hidden in a press release about the company’s latest AIR development tools being available. However, Pocket-lint was eagle-eyed enough to realise that Adobe has plans to bring its mobile in-browser Flash player to a number of different operating systems, including Windows Phone 7:

“Flash Player 10.1 is available on Android and Google TV today”, it explains, “with BlackBerry platform, HP webOS 2.0, future versions of Windows Phone, LiMo, MeeGo, and Symbian OS also expected to support Flash Player 10.1”.

That essentially just leaves the, you guessed it, iPhone and iPad without Flash support. No surprise really, but more fuel, perhaps, to incite the Apple hate mob to gather their flaming torches and pitchforks and storm Château Cupertino once more.

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