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October 28, 2018

These cases are the best for traveling with the Oculus Go

by John_A

Since it is named the Oculus Go, you’re going to want a way to travel around with it while also keeping it safe. The best way to ensure that you Oculus Go doesn’t get harmed while you’re on the go is to keep it safe in a traveling case. These are the best travel cases for your Oculus Go that will fit most needs.

Heavy duty

Hermitshell hard shell travel case


This is another great option for a hard shell case, and this one can fit just about anything in it. You can fit in your headset, headphones, cables, and so much more inside of this case, and it will all be secure with the hard exterior. You will never have to worry about your headset getting bumps or bruises with the protection from this case.

$24 at Amazon

Extra large



This traveling case is one of the largest traveling bags I’ve seen, it can hold almost anything. It’s TSA-approved as well, so the size is perfect for your carry-on for all your flights. Not only will it fit your headset, but you can fit every other necessity you need inside this bag.

$26 at Amazon

Custom fit

Zadii protective carrying case


This case has customized compartments for the Oculus Go headset and the motion controller. The bag features two layer protection with the inside having padding to keep our device in place and the outside being a harder shell. The case also has enough room for your cables and straps so you can take your entire setup on the go.

$20 at Amazon


Navitech water-resistant case


The Navitech water-resistant case has some added protection to keep your Oculus Go in top condition. It has a rugged rucksack design that’s water-resistant. And while it’s not waterproof, it’s always nice to have some added protection. It’s a larger case that’s big enough for the Oculus Go, as well as cables and some accessories.

$25 at Amazon

These cases all provide protection for you Oculus Go, but they have different strengths and weaknesses. If you want a snug fit, you should look at the Zadii protective carrying case but if you want extra rugged protection you should look at the Hermitshell hard shell travel case.

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