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October 24, 2018

The best Nokia 7.1 cases to protect your midrange monster

by John_A

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

The Nokia 7.1 is a sleek and powerful midrange phone with the Snapdragon 636 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of onboard storage. It’s good looking too, with a modern, bezel-less design and a glass back panel. It’s also a bargain at just $349.

But all that power, beauty, and value come to nothing if it gives up the ghost thanks to a fall or catastrophic shock. On the downside, the glass body is also a fingerprint magnet, and no-one wants their phone looking like a greasy, smudgy mess. Keep horrific accidents and fingerprints at bay with a protective case, and make sure your phone keeps on rocking well into your second year. Here are the best Nokia 7.1 cases.

Skinomi Dark Wood TechSkin ($16)

If you’re not a fan of the extra bulk a case can add to your phone, but you still want to grab some surface protection, it might be worth considering a skin. A skin will provide good protection against scratches and other sorts of surface damage that could otherwise mar your phone’s style. However, since it’s just a film addition attached to your phone, it won’t do much to protect against drops and other similar hazards. This skin is patterned to look like dark wood, adding a new design to your phone, and it’s made from quality materials. Best of all, it even comes with a free film screen protector so you can keep your display covered too.

Buy it now from:


Avidet Crystal Clear Case ($8)

Clear cases fill a good niche within the case market, providing decent protection without changing the outward look of your device. This case from Avidet is made from flexible but strong TPU, and it’s completely clear, providing a window straight through to your Nokia 7.1’s design. The soft TPU provides additional grip on the device, while also giving some great shock-absorption against minor drops and bumps. It’s thin and light, barely adding any bulk to your phone — but don’t expect it to absorb big hits like a larger case would. If you can’t bear to seal your Nokia 7.1 away behind thick plastic, then this is a great choice — and it’s a good price too.

Buy it now from:


Kugi Anti-Slip Case ($5)

Looking for something with a bit more protection? This case from Kugi is made from TPU as well, but it’s slightly stiffer than the variant you’ll find on most clear cases. It’s still as protective though, with great shock-absorbency that’s still fairly slim and light. It’s rocking a fairly basic style, but it’s still not a bad looking rugged case. The back panel of the case has been reinforced with extra scratch-resistance, and slashes up the side and along the back should mean that keeping a hold of your device is never a problem. It’s extremely cheap, provides great protection, and doesn’t look too bad either.

Buy it now from:


Official Nokia Flip Cover ($20)

No-one else knows the Nokia 7.1 like Nokia does, and it’s offering some great cases to complement your new midrange monster. There are a few cases available from Nokia, but we really like the executive style and all-over protection offered by this blue wallet case. It’s made from an outer cover of PU leather, combined with an inner core of hard polycarbonate (PC) that holds your device within the case. The PU leather cover contains a single pocket for spare cards or cash, and flips across the display, or can be folded behind the device when in use. The cover can even be folded to form a handy horizontal stand for watching videos on the go. It looks extremely stylish, and comes at a great price.

Buy it now from:

Amazon Mobile Fun

Sun Van Shockproof Rugged Case ($7)

If you’re looking for a case that’ll take a bit more punishment than most, then you’re probably interested in a case like this one. The style will surely divide opinion, but it’s still a great protective case, with extended bumper corners and non-slip grip. It’s made from tough TPU with a polycarbonate back plate, and this combination provides good shock-absorption with a strong backbone. There’s some additional utility too, thanks to a rotating kickstand that means the phone can be sat in both horizontal and landscape modes. It also comes with a tempered glass screen protector, giving all-around protection. It might not be the best looking case here, but it’s probably the most protective.

Buy it now from:


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