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October 11, 2018

The Brydge G-Type keyboard was made exclusively for the Google Pixel Slate

by John_A

This full-sized wireless keyboard is another great option for Pixel Slate owners.


If you’re a fan of the Google Pixel, you’ve likely already heard of yesterday’s announcements regarding the next versions of the smartphone: the Pixel 3 and 3 XL. That wasn’t the only unveil however, as Google also took the wraps off the Pixel Slate, a high-end tablet which offers the option of a detachable keyboard at an added price for even more versatility.

Having the ability to add on or remove a keyboard from your tablet at will is a great feature, but Google is charging an additional $199 for the keyboard on its website, with the Pixel Slate itself ranging in price from $599 to $1599. Depending on its configuration, this could get a bit expensive. Thankfully, third-party keyboard options are already starting to be shown off to give you a few more choices, such as Brydge’s G-Type keyboard.

Priced at $159.99, the G-Type comes in at nearly $40 below the price of the official keyboard. It was designed to offer three modes of use, from the standard laptop mode to tablet mode which allows you to flip the keyboard to the back of the Pixel Slate. It’s full-sized and equipped with Bluetooth 4.2, backlit keys with three levels of lighting, and the ability to last six months on a single charge. Brydge includes a limited lifetime warranty with its purchase, too.

With built-in Chrome OS shortcut keys and the largest trackpad ever found on a tablet keyboard, you should have no trouble whatsoever navigating the Pixel Slate. This keyboard was designed especially for the tablet after all, and it shows. It works with Google Assistant and charges via USB-C so you won’t need a separate charger to power it up.

Though the G-Type isn’t available for purchase yet, you can head to Brydge’s website and join the waitlist to be notified when it becomes available.

See at Brydge

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