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October 11, 2018

C by GE is the first ‘Made for Google’ bulb, available October 22

by John_A

Here’s a bright idea!

Smart bulbs are great to have around, but one of the pain points of them can be the requirement to have a hub and setting them up can sometimes be a stressful process. GE hopes to solve both points with its C by GE bulb, which happens to be the first and only Made for Google bulb. With these, you won’t need any additional hardware like a hub, and the setup process is literally as simple as a single tap within the Google Home app. To make things even simpler, you’ll be able to purchase a starter kit that includes a Google Home Mini and a bulb that are pre-paired, so all you need to do is take it out of the box, plug it in, and you’re good to go.


You’ll be able to set up schedules and routines, as well as control the bulb even when you aren’t home. The bulbs will be available starting October 22 and will sell for $25 for a two-pack of the regular ones, or $35 for a two-pack of the Sleep version. The Google Home Mini bundle will run $55, which is only about $6 more than the Home Mini regularly sells for. When you consider the cost and convenience, these C by GE bulbs easily beat out much of the competition.

Other lights, like Sengled’s smart bulbs and those from Philips Hue require you to use their own Hub to connect the lights to, and then you connect that to your other smart home gear like the Home Mini or Echo Dot. You do get a bit more versatility with these, as they offer additional styles of bulbs and light strips, but the added convenience of the GE bulbs will make smart lighting more accessible and easier to use for everyone.

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