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October 5, 2018

Game of the Week: Beat down endless waves of zombies in Kung Fu Z!

by John_A


Update October 5, 2018: This week, we’re recommending the action-packed idle game Kung Fu Z!

Kung Fu Z

So, it happened again. I’ve gotten sucked into another idle clicker game that just hits you with a one-two punch of addictive grinding and a retro-cool look and soundtrack.

Kung Fu Z is an action-packed idle clicker game that combines the gameplay of a classic beat-em-up brawler with the endless addictive nature of an idle clicker, with a dress-up element that’s full of fighting game easter eggs that’ll keep you coming back for more.

If you’ve never played an idle clicker game, the way it works is you progress through the levels collecting coins and upgrading your gear until you reach a point where you can’t progress further. You then have the option to become a “master”, which resets your progress and gifts you a ton of gems which you can spend on permanent upgrades to your fighter’s power, HP, or other attributes that will help you progress further on your next outing.

It’s a really casual style of game that will quite literally play itself while it’s closed, allowing you to return to the game to fight against bosses and spend your coins. Kung Fu Z features a ton of awesome outfits for you to unlock and dress your fighter up in, along with cool special moves to unlock along the way. It’s a mindless distraction but it sure looks cool as hell as you’re punching and kicking your way through hordes of zombies, with subway and frenzy sections offering a bit more of a structured challenge.

You can check out Kung Fu Z for free, with in-app purchases available for exclusive character upgrades and the option to watch ads in exchange more in-game gifts.

Download: Kung Fu Z (Free w/ads, IAPs)

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