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October 7, 2017

It feels good on your face! [#acpodcast]

by John_A

Daniel Bader, Jerry Hildenbrand, Russell Holly, and Andrew Martonik convene for a detailed breakdown of all the announcements from Google’s Pixel hardware event this week.

They get the bezel bashing out of the way quickly before moving on to Google’s Home Mini and Home Max, followed by a look at the Pixelbook. Besides Jerry, who is the target audience for Chrome OS on such a high end piece of hardware? Are the specs simply overkill for what can be accomplished on the device? It’s a computer that’s far more capable than your might think.

The second half of the episode is devoted to Pixel 2 as the crew discuss the specs, colors, and features of each model. The camera is a major change from the original Pixel. It bucks the recent trend of dual cameras by offering a single rear facing camera. They also talk about the Pixel Buds and their potential usefulness for translation.

Show Notes and Links:

  • Google Home Mini
  • Google Home Max
  • Google Pixelbook
  • Google Pixel 2: Everything you need to know!
  • Google Pixel 2 preview: Act two is great
  • Google Pixel 2 specs
  • Google doubles down on the single camera
  • The Pixel 2 ships with an eSIM for Fi
  • Pixel Buds
  • Google Clips

Podcast MP3 URL:

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