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October 7, 2017

Action Launcher gains Pixel 2-style search bar with latest update

by John_A

The latest Action Launcher update brings the Pixel 2’s newly designed Google Search bar to any of your devices.


Chris Lacey’s Action Launcher received a massive update this summer that made the already great Android launcher better than ever with a ton of new Android O-themed features. Just a couple days after Google’s unveiling of the Pixel 2, Action Launcher has already been updated to bring one of the phone’s most noticeable software changes to your device right now.


With this year’s Pixel phones, Google decided to move the search bar to the bottom of the home screen below the dock. The idea here is that this makes accessing search easier than having to stretch your finger all the way to the top of the screen, and it’s a subtle change that actually makes a lot of sense. With the new v29.0 update for Action Launcher, you can get that Pixel 2-style search bar without having to hand over $650 or more for Google’s new hardware.

Once you’ve got the new v29.0 update, go to Settings -> Quickbar -> Style. From here, you can select “Search box (dock)” to get the Pixel 2-style search bar right on your home screen.


Since this is the Quickbar after all, you can do much more than change its position. All of the same Quickbar controls are here, including the ability to round the corners of the bar, customize its color, and even add/remove shortcuts for apps and settings. Also new with the v29.0 update, you can now swap out the full “Google” logo in favor of a much simpler “G” design.

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