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June 20, 2017

PureEarth wants to liven up your wallpaper game

by John_A


PureEarth is a wallpaper app that focuses mainly on pictures from exotic locales from around the world, and interesting camera angles and picturesque scenes. It is a simple, easy app that offers some excellent wallpapers for those who are interested in visually impressive wallpapers.

Developer: Daniele Orlando

Cost: Free


PureEarth is similar to Google Wallpapers, except without the enhanced exploration features that let you see more info on the location and the photographer. What it lacks in those geographical features, however, it makes up for in the ability to alter the photos with filters and other editing tools before you download, to make the image more unique or visually different.

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Also, you can upload your own pictures to the app to share if you happen to have your own excellent scenic photos. You just have to make an account and upload them, and you can let everyone enjoy your favorite photos.

One thing I definitely think needs improvement in PureEarth is an organization system for the pictures. While it does have a search function, the pictures are just organized into a continuous scroll that can’t otherwise be sorted in any way. I wish there was some option to sort with filters, maybe by name or location, or scene type to make it easier to find something you like.


I like PureEarth Wallpapers. It offers a lot of quality, visually interesting wallpapers for your devices and is ad-free and easy to use. I have been cycling through a few different wallpapers all week and have been very happy with the selection of images. If you’re looking for a good wallpaper app, definitely check out PureEarth.

Download PureEarth from the Google Play Store

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