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June 20, 2017

Hasbro’s Gaming Crate delivers new board games every quarter

by John_A

There are a plethora of subscription boxes to choose from these days, including nerdy ones like Loot Crate and Minecraft, kid-friendly boxes like the one from Nickelodeon, science-based subscriptions from MEL Chemistry and makeup assortments like Birchbox. Now even venerable toy company Hasbro has decided to jump into the fray with a a subscription service of its own, called the Hasbro Gaming Crate. It comes in both kid-friendly and more adult-oriented flavors and will send you three games every three months for $49.99.

Both of the featured games this first month have something you wear while you play. The first Family Crate will have an exclusive VR board game, Mask of the Pharoah, which was originally titled Mask of Anubis in Japan. It comes with a board, digital app and VR mask; players explore a pyramid in ancient Egypt while describing what they see. The Party Crate features Joe Santagato Speak Out, where you have to wear a weird mouthpiece that keeps your mouth open while you try to say different adult-themed phrases.

There are other board game boxes out there, like Board Game Bento and Awesome Pack, but this is the first time a major company has offered such a service. Hasbro will also curate each three-month delivery to include a few themed items that complement the included games. The company is offering free shipping on the first crate, too, which could help convince you to take the plunge. You can sign up now and crates should ship this fall.

Via: TheVerge

Source: Hasbro

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