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March 21, 2017

Cloud coverage: Adobe debuts its system of cloud software for marketing

by John_A

Why it matters to you

Accessing analytics and collaborating as a team is getting simpler with Adobe’s system of clouds designed specifically for marketing and enhancing customer experience.

If cloud storage was actual clouds in the sky, Adobe would be brewing up a storm. On Tuesday, the company announced Adobe Experience Cloud and Advertising Cloud as well as enhancements to the existing Adobe Cloud Platform during the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas. Together, the cloud network works as integrated business tools for streamlining advertising and customer experience efforts. Of course, the latest cloud system works with Adobe’s Creative Cloud too, pulling assets from Photoshop into the Marketing Cloud and accessing analytics and social data right from Premiere Pro, for example.

Adobe Experience Cloud is designed specifically for businesses by putting multiple customer experience tools into one platform. Experience Cloud actually isn’t a single cloud storage system but a big collection of smaller clouds. The system includes Adobe Marketing Cloud, Advertising Cloud, and Analytics Cloud, with all three systems working together as a sort of multi-software hierarchy to help businesses enhance customer experience overall.

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Adobe Marketing Cloud is designed for managing, personalizing, optimizing and orchestrating advertising campaigns, the company says. The system uses five individual software programs but integrates information between them using the cloud, including Adobe Experience Manager, Target, Campaign, Social, and Prime.

That marketing platform joins the Adobe Advertising Cloud, a system designed for managing traditional TV advertising as well as modern digital campaigns. Adobe says this cloud system helps to simplify the delivery of video display and search ads across multiple channels as well as optimizing for different screen sizes. This cloud-within-a-cloud system includes capabilities from TubeMogul, a video advertising platform Adobe acquired late last year, and Adobe Media Optimizer.

The third smaller cloud within Adobe’s big advertising storm is for analytics. The artificially intelligent Analytics Cloud pulls together insight and data into how ads perform across multiple channels and pulls information from the other clouds.

The new cloud system also comes with a number of improvements to the existing Adobe Cloud Platform, the system that manages all those smaller cloud systems. Thanks to Sensei, the company’s artificial intelligence and machine learning framework, the cloud system has a number of new tools as well as more seamless integration between the separate software.

“At Adobe, we believe experience is the great differentiator, the make-or-break attribute to ignite life-long customer advocacy and growth,” said Brad Rencher, the executive vice president and general manager of digital marketing at Adobe. “Leveraging deep customer intelligence, Adobe Experience Cloud gives businesses everything they need to deliver a well-designed, personal and consistent experience that delights customers at every touchpoint.”

Adobe says both the top 10 retailers and top 10 media companies are Creative Cloud subscribers and the latest cloud system allows more seamless integration between popular CC software and marketing tools and data.

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