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March 11, 2017

These outrageously awesome Lego machines will knock your block off

by John_A

Legos aren’t just children’s toys. The plastic bricks also serve as building blocks for some of the world’s most inspired architects, who combine thousands of small pieces to craft incredible things. The Lego Group — which overtook Ferrari in 2015 as the “world’s most powerful brand,” according to Brand Finance — never stops innovating, introducing new themes and products each year in an effort to satisfy its fanbase.

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In 1999, Lego introduced Mindstorms, a line of software-laden robotics toys that allowed the bold to create programmable machines using Lego products. Since then, the range of mechanical and electronic parts has grown enormously, and today, Lego Robotics teams are commonplace in schools. Across the globe, enterprising builders have constructed elaborate machines, composed of thousands of moving parts, made to tackle tasks both large and small. Without further ado, we’d like to show you some of the coolest Lego machine ever created.

Paper Airplane Factory — Arrow Electronics and Arthur Sacek

Apparently, no one at Colorado-based Arrow Electronics — a Fortune 500 company — was capable of properly folding a paper airplane. So instead of learning, they decided to hire Lego wunderkind Arthur Sacek out of São Paulo, Brazil, to do it for them.  Sacek, of course, built a ridiculous machine (comprised entirely of Lego bricks) that feeds a sheet of paper along a conveyor belt while simultaneously folding it into a picture-perfect airplane. At the belt’s end, two spinning gears effectively “launch” the airplane off its runway.

The project was all in service of a commercial, which shows the airplane slowly making its way through the machine while snippets of inspirational voiceover — including choice excerpts from one of JFK’s most famous speeches — and music play in the background. It’s a slick composition, and it’s worth checking out. Arrow also released a “Behind the Scenes” video featuring commentary from the Arrow team and Sacek, which you’ll probably like if you found the first video interesting.

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